Why Alibaba builds a logistics hub at Liège Airport

Why Alibaba builds a logistics hub at Liège Airport

Es war ein Auftritt ganz nach seinem Geschmack: Mit E-Gitarre, Lederjacke und lila Zöpfen stand Jack Ma zum 20. Geburtstag des Alibaba-Konzerns im September 2019 auf einer Bühne in der ostchinesischen Stadt Hangzhou, dem Firmensitz des Online-Imperiums. Es war Mas offizieller Abschied von der Firmenspitze, auch wenn der Mann, der es vom Englischlehrer zum reichsten Chinesen gebracht hat, weiter das Gesicht Alibabas blieb. Inzwischen scheint die große Show des Jack Ma jedoch endgültig passé. Seit Monaten hat sich Alibabas „Rockstar“ nicht mehr in der Öffentlichkeit gezeigt. Er twittert nicht mehr, erscheint nicht zu Terminen wie der Aufzeichnung einer TV-Show. Medien wie Aktionäre rätseln seither über die Hintergründe seines Verschwindens. Klar ist nur: Jack Mas Konzern ist der kommunistischen Parteiführung schon seit geraumer Zeit zu mächtig geworden. Die Folgen könnten über kurz oder lang auch Firmen in Europa und Deutschland treffen.Warum Alibaba am Flughafen Lüttich eine Logistik-Drehscheibe baut

Because companies such as BMW, Aldi, Adidas, Beiersdorf, Bosch or Haribo have long been represented on the platforms of the world's largest internet dealer.A construction project in Belgium shows how much Alibaba is growing and how much Western corporations have so far benefited from the "door opener" to the Chinese market.Near the Liège Airport, around an hour's drive from the German border, Alibaba's logistics division Cainiao is pulling up a huge hub for the freight shipping from European goods to China.The construction progress shows exclusive Liveo satellite images.220.000 square meters of usable space measures the area.An estimated 1500 trucks a day will in future transport those goods towards the airport that will later be sold to Chinese consumers via Alibabas Shopping platforms.

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Ordering through the Alibaba offshoots is finally Volksport in the People's Republic.With the most important platforms Taobao and Tmall, Alibaba holds around 60 to 70 percent of the total online trade in China.The group is one of its customers 757 million consumers.Every year the Singles Day-China's gigantic shopping festival for 11 shows what that means.November.74.1 billion dollars sales and 583.000 orders per second, Alibaba posted at the multi -day sales event.And German companies also benefited properly.They are said to have hit goods with a total value of around one billion dollars during the campaign.In the next few years, imports from Europe are likely to continue to increase and Liège will soon also help with the goods thrust.The location is well suited for this, as it is between Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam - and can therefore be reached quickly for many freight forwarders.

Until the end of October of last year, only the first steel struts of the building were to be seen, now the first part of the hall can also be seen as such.Because the first part of the shipping center should go into operation in the next few months and Liège to Hong Kong, Moscow, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur will become the fifth international logistics hub in Alibaba.After all, the group sees itself as a "gateway to China".Will something change now?

18.12.2020: In the meantime, part of the hall can also be recognized as such.Because the first part of the shipping center should go into operation in the next few months.

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Industry experts point out that Beijing's procedure has so far been directed primarily against Alibaba's financial daughter Ant, through which 1.3 billion people pay invoices and receive loans. AnfangNovember hatten Aufsichtsbehörden den Börsengang von Ant, der mit einem Emissionsvolumen von 37 Milliarden Dollar der weltgrößte geworden wäre, unmittelbar vor dem Debüt in Shanghai und Hongkong gestoppt.MA was ordered by the authorities and the AT group must now be converted its business model.For example, it is unclear whether the service provider may continue to grant loans.Insurance and asset management should also be regulated harder, experts expect.However, the Communist Party also has a direct impact on Alibaba's trading business to ensure more competition among the tech giants there.But that should not change the basic tendency: The number of online orders in China continues to increase-and thus also the demand for European products that will fly from Liège from Gen China in the future.

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