Tikok as a career platform?New feature should help z with the job search

Tikok as a career platform?New feature should help z with the job search

How do you address young talents as a company that hardly drive around career platforms like LinkedIn or Xing?Clearly - on social media, because generation Z spends a large part of your time there.Many of the under 24 year olds are mainly active on TikTok and consumes informative videos about starting your career and applications in addition to entertaining clips.Tikok itself noticed this development and took a new pilot program as an opportunity: TikKOr Resumes.

Pilot program with time limit

TIIKTOK has his pilot program on 7.July launched and hopes to bring companies and gene together together.The whole thing is supported by well -known brands such as Chipotle, WWE, Target and Shopify.Users are called to create creative and authentic application videos and thus to present employers: to present the inside.You initially have the chance until 31.July.It is important that #titectocresumes is inserted into the caption.Under the hashtag or via the Tikocresumes website.com can the users find open job advertisements and tips for applying through the app.Nik Tran, Global Head of Marketing at Tiktok, explains:

Tikok reacts to current developments on the platform with the program.Because #careerertok is very popular.Under this hashtag, Creator share application tips, which in particular appeals to people from Generation Z who are still at the beginning of their career.Here is one of the examples of a video application that Tikkok recommends on the Resumes page:

New chance for social media recruiting?

The pilot program is currently only running in the USA.In the event of a success of the experiment, however, it can be assumed that Tikkok rolls out the feature globally.Because tictocresumes can be a useful addition to social media recruiting that allows companies to get in more contact with gen z and win valuable talents.At the same time, however, there is also a risk that both job posts and applications will disappear in the hashtag-Urwald, since #ttekocresumes will be used strongly in the near future.

The coming weeks will show whether the new pilot program of the short video app is successful.In any case, it can be assumed that many users will take the chance and post an application video.How many of them are really discovered by companies and can get a job remains to be seen.Nevertheless, Tikk's idea can help to counteract the shortage of skilled workers and to show young people again after the long corona period.

TikTok als Karriereplattform? Neues Feature soll Gen Z bei der Jobsuche helfen

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