Press conference in front of Düsseldorf: "Good phases we have, use more for us"

Press conference in front of Düsseldorf: "Good phases we have, use more for us"

04.11.2021 /


Press conference in front of Düsseldorf: "Good phases we have, use more for us"

Fortuna Düsseldorf, the second: After the cup success against the Rhinelander.On Saturday (1:30 p.m. kick-off) there are again three points in the best second division of all time- before the game against Fortuna, Jan Zimmermann talks about the preparation for the league duel, the opponent and about success.Take a look at the press conference here in the video or read the most important statements from our head coach!

Press conference in front of Düsseldorf:

The most important statements in Jan Zimmermann summarized:

Zimmermann about the last games: I think we had enough chances against Regensburg to do the 2-2, maybe turning the game.We had enough chances for half an hour to choose the game for us and we just have to start again that we created very good situations, played very powerfully in some phases.Almost all second division games always have different phases.You just have to use your good phases for yourself.

Zimmermann about the sporting development: I take it positively and say: Four of the last five halves were good.The second against Regensburg, we played well against Düsseldorf and also the first half against Aue.We just missed the game to decide.Of course we also talked about the second half that was not good.We just have to see that we use these good phases we have more for us, that we do more goals and don't get any light goals as against Aue.

Zimmermann about the constitution of the team: well, first I have to say that it is also my responsibility whether the boys are in a good shape.It is also my job that the boys go on the pitch with a good feeling and a conviction.That's why I never take myself out of it.Of course it is the case that there is a great expectation.It's a tight league, we don't get anything and we have to see that we take one step after the other.If we had won 2-1 against Aue at the end, it would not have been a nice game, but we would have scored three points.First and foremost, we want to play football attractively, but it is still a matter of collecting points and getting results.

Zimmermann over the opponent: Of course I also look a bit of the situation of Düsseldorf.That's just like that.There are only a few teams in this league that are not subject to these fluctuations.So of course we observe what happens in Düsseldorf, but we are much more busy getting a clear line and continuity with us.Now of course you have also lost two games, don't know if you are now playing again at home in the same direction as you did in the last two games, whether you may start a little more offensive and a little higher, whether you are notchange.We look, we are definitely prepared for it.

Zimmermann about the success and setbacks: We still lack a little bit of assertiveness and determination and we are working on it, we worked on this week.We had a lot of good processes in training, I saw many good goal finishes and I am very confident that we can build on the cup game.

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