Only partial success for LEGO: Lepin continues under a new name

Only partial success for LEGO: Lepin continues under a new name

I only got back to the stone building through Cobi.Lego is of course a childhood memory but what they are currently producing and at these courses: never.The many poorly made license sets alone.That they can keep the Star Wars license at all with such bad implementations.George Lucas probably just didn't see these bad models yet.Otherwise he would probably jump around at Disney tomorrow on the executive floor - since he could no longer prevent it himself.

Otherwise I have nothing to do with a war device, but now build some.Because the Cobi models are simply well done.Incidentally, we also played with tanks and cannons as kids.From my circle of acquaintances, nobody is written down in criminal or politically questionable directions.Rather the opposite.One has dealt with the story in a form.Otherwise a lot could not be replayed. Star Wars is nothing more than war toys.Says the name.I will never understand who is looking around here.Likewise, pirates were not cool boys under palm trees but simply severe criminals.Just like most knights in their castles, no noble men but criminals who were not shy away from worst physical violence.

Nothing is achieved by hiding or ban.The tanks and other war equipment of the younger wars cannot be kept by hiding or withheld from the history.It is hypocrisy and nothing else.But the trend of time.What we are not allowed to say, show or own was not.Problem solved.The fact that Germany is currently one of the largest war weapons exporters in the world is also popular.

Nur Teilerfolg für LEGO: Lepin macht unter neuem Namen weiter

I think it's good that the Lego Group, which is so sluggish today, gets fire with apparently very bad management.Was long overdue.There, no more people decide who have the slightest fun of their own products.You notice that about what they are currently offering.There is only one thing: profit.But even they don't get that baked.How can you use a marketing manager for German -speaking countries who do not speak a word German?This is just an example of hundreds that make the Danes and what you shake your head about.

I don't have this bad impression at Cobi at all.No matter what you ask them, you always get answers.Answers that also make their own enthusiasm sound through.Other customer service is also exemplary.And they are great in terms of price and that they offer a relatively large number of army models is also due to other circumstances: On the one hand, the Danish company would only sue everyone who somehow (in their eyes) is too close to their products.For an EU company like Cobi, one is a danger that should not be underestimated.The Danes are out for army models.

Otherwise, the profit greed of today's society has also led you to offer almost nothing more than model what there is as a model without having to buy licenses for it.20 years ago, for example, the automobile manufacturers still paid the stone manufacturers coal so that they would recreate and offer their cars.Today it is the other way around.Completely sick of this licensing craze for everything and everyone.

I haven't done much with the Chinese manufacturers so far.What I have seen so far usually doesn't really convince me.I'll order something for the next few weeks but in general I will stay with Cobi.The Danes have not managed a model such as the big Titanic in these details.And they will not be missing in their range as long as a corresponding newer, more modern component.

We'll see.Perhaps Cobi will take over the Danish company driven into the groats in a few years.