New entry requirements - what do I have to consider when I return from the autumn holidays?

New entry requirements - what do I have to consider when I return from the autumn holidays?

From Monday, September 20, a new single -time regime will apply to both tourists and locals.The answers to the most pressing questions.

I travel abroad during the autumn holidays.What do I have to consider when I return to Switzerland?If you are not vaccinated or recovered, you have to show a negative test when entering (PCR or anti-test).After four to seven days, you have to be tested again in Switzerland and report the result of the responsible cantonal body.In addition, all those who travel - whether tourists or locals - have to fill out a entry form that the so -called Passenger Locator Form Swissplf.

Does this new regulation also affect me when I am vaccinated?Partly.For vaccinated and recourse, the demonstration of a Covid certificate or another valid proof of vaccination or recovery is sufficient.A test is not necessary.However, vaccinated and recovered people also have to fill out the entry form Swissplf.

Does it matter whether I enter the plane or car?noHowever, as far as long-distance transport is concerned, the airlines and bus companies have to check whether entry-travelers have a SwissSplF and a covid certificate or a test certificate.

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What happens if I cannot provide any testing of the test or did not fill out the entry form?If you cannot show a test when you enter, you have to catch up in Switzerland immediately.In addition, order buses can be imposed.For a lack of testing tests, this buses are CHF 200, a missing entry form costs CHF 100.Even those who miss it to be tested again in Switzerland after four to seven days and report this to the canton, risk a bus.

Who controls whether I have been tested?The federal customs administration and the local police units are responsible for checking the border.They carry out risk -based controls.In addition, the cantons are encouraged to carry out random samples, whether you really had a second time.

How does the canton want to control that?If you enter, you have to specify your second test result on a website of the corresponding cantonal medical services together with the confirmation of the entry form SwissplF.As a result, the cantons receive all the completed swissplfs and the test results.

Who pays the tests?Tests that lead to test certificates must be paid for people aged 16 and over from October 1.

What if my test is positive?The person can enter, but must go directly into isolation and report to the cantonal medical service within two days.

Are there any exceptions to the test and form obligation?People who travel through Switzerland without intermediate are excluded from the test and form obligation, who transports professionally goods or people, as well as cross-border commuters and people who leave border areas.The federal government has defined regions that are considered a border region.This also includes Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria in Germany, Tyrol in Austria or Franche Comté in France.Children under the age of 16 can also enter without a test.

What about visits to nearby countries and shopping tourism?The form and test obligation is eliminated as long as you move in border regions.