iPad mini 2021: tablet can be tablet again

iPad mini 2021: tablet can be tablet again

I bought the old iPad Mini once in the approach of a creative creative phase to learn better or to lead audio diary.In the end I sold it again.Because ultimately there was too little space for everything on the small screen, the Apple Pencil was always stupid in the area, my smartphone was simply more manageable for audio recordings.Apple claims to have improved all of these disadvantages in the iPad Mini 2021.

iPad mini 2021: should be fun

And that surprises because Apple clearly markets the iPad Mini 2021 as a creative fun machine.A opposite trend than last.Because it is not only since the pandemic to make Apple to make its own iPads with docking keyboards, multitasking options and power processors into productive machines.More homeschooling than creativity.Apple also goes in this direction with the new iPad, but not with the iPad Mini 2021.

On the one hand, there should be the dimensions: the iPad mini has shrunk in size, so now a little more handy than the old iPad mini from 2019 - and 7 grams lighter.

On the other hand, the screen has nevertheless increased: 8.3 instead of 7.9 inches and thus more space for drawing or to look at pictures more detailed.The screen housing ratio has grown from 71 to 77 percent.Apple calls it itself “All-screen design with elegantly rounded corners”.

The manufacturer did this with thinner edges, of course, but also with the fact that the home button has now also disappeared into the iPad Mini.The gesture control already known from new iPhones and other iPads has now also moved in here.

Nevertheless, Apple also relies on touchid in the ipad mini 2021 - which in my eyes was one of the killer functions in last year's iPad Air 4.

iPad mini 2021 vs 2019

Continuous improvements

Apple not only enlarged the screen, but also technically improved.Liquid retina instead of simply IPS is now the somewhat faster display technology.Apple has also increased the resolution and pixel density slightly and now reaches for a more modern 3: 2 form factor.

In addition to True Tone, which already mastered the 2019 mini, Wide Color Gamut and a fully supported P3 color space are added.Apple calls the smart HDR 3.

As with other iPads, the Apple Pencil is now also magnetically liable on the housing.The iPad Mini 2021 also finally supports the somewhat more versatile Apple Pencil of the 2.Generation that inductively charges you over the housing.

Cameras improved considerably

Apple has donated more megapixels and some more progressive techniques to both cameras (front and back).Apple relies on electronic gyro image stabilization in both cameras.The maximum aperture f/1.8 leaves more light on the 5-element lens at the back.The video camera can finally record up to a maximum of 4k and 60 fps.The predecessor had to be content with disappointing Full HD to 30 fps.

The fact that the front camera now uses an ultra-wake angle should primarily serve better FaceTime video telephony.Besides you, it makes more visible from the background.The following mode is also exciting, in which the camera always puts you in the center of the picture when you move, so they literally follow yourself:

It is interesting that Apple uses the A15 Bionic here-i.e. the same chip type as in the new iPhone 13.Earlier iPads of the cheaper variety often had to make do with older chips.The more expensive iPads, which we expect in autumn as a new editions, should get a chip of type A15X or a similar name.Apple has opted for the healthy middle ground in the new mini: not the fastest type, but the most modern at the moment.

The six-kernchip is expected to achieve 40 percent more power compared to the old iPad Mini, 80 percent faster graphics and 2 times faster machine learning.

iPad Mini 2021: Tablet darf wieder Tablet sein

Connections: USB-C replaces Lightning

In the case of the connections, Apple is now relying on USB 3.1 of the type C-which should allow ten times faster data transmission (5 GBbit/s) compared to the Lightning used so far.WiFi 6 and the 5G mobile phone version are also on new connections on board.

The operating system is ipados 15 - so not surprisingly the latest iPados.This also contains quick notes, which you can easily open up from the right bottom of the screen on the iPad from any place on the iPad.

Here is also interesting the "See together" function, which we have already presented to you for iOS 15.So you can watch Apple TV+ at the same time and call image-in-image by face time calling video.Of course, this is even more fun on the iPad Mini 2021 than on the smaller iPhones.

Conclusion: iPad mini 2021 - the creative machine

Basically, in the new iPad Mini 2021 we can put almost everything in favor of Apple.The latest chip is currently in there.More would have been possible, but not necessary.The dimensions of the housing and screen are now noticeably more application -friendly.Apple does not miss the comfort of Touch ID.The Apple Pencil (2.gene.) Dock directly, Ipados 15 gives the device many cleverly new functions.You can also dock a keyboard on it - but more than with other iPads you can get along with the Mini very well without.

If we had anything at all, then that even more brightness, memory and battery life would have been possible.However, the values in these disciplines are not bad.

You can pre -order the iPad Mini from Euronics in several colors and versions.

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