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What is dropshiping?

Dropshipping is also referred to as the route business, direct trade, fulfillment, route trade or direct shipping.

This is how droppingshipping works: The online shop, in which buyers place the order, only takes over the order acceptance and billing in the route business.However, the goods are delivered directly by the manufacturer or wholesaler.This business model is used by shop operators who do not have their own warehouse.It is not always easy for buyers whether it is a direct trade or not, because there is no labeling.

What advantages and disadvantages does direct trading offer?

For customers, direct trading opens up a diverse offer, too often cheaper prices - so that one or the other "bargain" is possible.

At the same time, direct trading is affected by risks:

In this way, additional costs can come to the buyer, such as customs.If the goods come from a non-EU country, for example from the United Kingdom or China, import taxes have had to be paid since July 1, 2021.No tariffs still have to be paid for shipments below a value of 150 euros.However, import sales tax is due.

The acquired products can be of lower quality and not meet EU standards.They can be defective or defective.The price-performance ratio can also be unfavorable or there may even be counterfeits.

High return costs, for example in the event of a revocation, are also not excluded.You can even exceed the product value, for example if the product must be sent to a country outside the EU at the expense of the buyer.

There can also be delivery problems - such as very long delivery times, delivery bottlenecks or non -delivery.

Contacting can be difficult if there are any problems.

Some online shops or websites go offline after a short time and are then no longer available.

What are the rights of buyers?

Dropshipping is legal and is therefore subject to the same regulations, such as purchasing in any other online shop, regardless of whether the dealer is located in other EU countries or in Germany.The EU -wide right of withdrawal applies - that is, buyers can send the ordered goods back within 14 days of receipt and without giving reasons.

However, the dealer does not have to specify domestic return address.For example, it is possible that buyers should send the product back to the suppliers outside of Europe - which can be very expensive.Before ordering, buyers should therefore take a look at the general terms and conditions (AGB) or ask if in doubt.Because the dealer has to inform if the supplier is in a non-EU country and what costs can be used by buyers.

If extra costs are claimed for delivery, buyers can refuse to accept the package and request the purchase price from the dealer.

If paid in advance, it may happen that buyers have the right to return, but the amount of money is not or only slipped slowly.This can be avoided if you choose "purchase on account" or "Payment by credit card".If necessary, the money can be brought back via charging baking.

What to do if the product breaks?

In this case, buyers can request a replacement (exchange) or repair (warranty) from the dealer for two years.

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Within the first six months of the two -year warranty period, the so -called burden of proof lies with the seller, which means that the damage was already available when the goods were handed over.If the seller does not want to accept this against him, he must provide the corresponding proof.

After these six months, the buyer has to prove that the goods were already defective if they retained (reversal of the burden of proof).

Simply withdraw from the contract and request the purchase price back is not possible according to German law.

What to do when a damaged package arrives?

Buyers can refuse to accept if it is already visible from the outside that the goods have been damaged by the transport.Photos of the damage should be taken and the damage to the freight letter should be noted.The deliverer should hand over a penetration of the freight letter.

If the damage is only visible after unpacking, buyers should make use of their warranty rights.

What to do if the dropshipping order does not arrive?

You should contact the online retailer immediately if the agreed delivery date has not been met.Buyers can then request a replacement delivery (set a delivery period) or request the money back.

If the online retailer does not react within a reasonable period of time and have paid customers by credit card, you can arrange a charging back at your bank.Payments by direct debit can also be booked back.Some payment service providers also offer buyer protection.

All interested parties can find further information and tips for a successful drop-shipping shopping on the European Consumer Center.

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