"Cancel Me": Monty-Python legend John Cleese examines Cancel Culture and Political correctness

"Cancel Me": Monty-Python legend John Cleese examines Cancel Culture and Political correctness

Das Phänomen der sogenannten Cancel Culture hat in den vergangenen Jahren in den Medien Einzug gehalten. Auch in Deutschland hat der ursprünglich aus dem angelsächsischen Sprachraum stammende Begriff inzwischen schon mehrfach Debatten ausgelöst. Kein Geringerer als der Brite John Cleese, bestens bekannt aus der legendären Komikertruppe Monty Python, will sich nun investigativ sowohl mit Cancel Culture als auch dem parallel zu beobachtenden Trend hin zu politischer Korrektheit befassen.

Cancel Culture describes the demolition of support for a person or a product because they do not agree to their statements or attitudes - often in connection with the accusation of sexism or racism.Most of the time, this practice in social networks is triggered by a shit storm and then taken up by classic media.In the most extreme case, this leads to the dismissal of the attacked person or to remove content from the program.Even fictional cartoon characters like the stabate Pepe from the

"Looney Tunes" are not safe from this (TV wish list reported).It is controversial whether it is only with the successful fall of the person Cancel Culture or whether the systematic endeavor to achieve this goal with different means must be assessed as such.

For the British broadcaster Channel 4, the now 81-year-old John Cleese is now producing the program "John Cleese: Cancel Me", in which the Monty Python star meets people with people who "for opinions or actions" in the mine field of the Cancel Culture "were publicly punished or even lost their job.Likewise, it should be explored why a new, so-called "woke generation" tries to set new rules about what may and what may not be said.The opposite side - i.e. activists who have publicly denounced the alleged misconduct of others - should also have their say and present their view of things.In addition, Cleese finally examines the effects of this development on culture, humor and comedy.

There is so much that I really don't understand, for example how the impeccable idea of 'Let's all be nice to each other' in some cases is led to absurdity

, says John Cleese.

I am very happy to get to know all aspects of the so -called political correctness in front of the camera.I would like to illuminate the various arguments so that people can make themselves clearer, with which they agree, with which they do not agree and what they have not yet decided on.

As early as July 2020, John Cleese said that the representatives of the Cancel Culture misunderstand the main goal of life that would be fun to have fun.

Every form of humor is critical.If you have someone who is completely nice and intelligent and always behaves appropriately, he is not funny.Funniness is about people who don't, like Trump.

The increasing political correctness had led to comedians starting to orientate themselves with their bar on what the most sensitive, emotionally unstable and fragile people in the country say (TV Wishlist reported).

Cleese itself was also a victim of Cancel Culture when the BBC emanated one of the most legendary consequences

"Fawlty Towers", the episode "The Germann", temporarily took the streaming offer because of the allegedly racist language.In this context, Cleese described the BBC as a coward.