Harvard Prof. sees zero link between vaccination and infection

 Harvard Prof.  sees zero link between vaccination and infection

Interesting comment, agree with you. And there are other aspects of the so-called Covid vaccinations that have not yet been sufficiently illuminated or researched. E.g. what it looks like with the condition or general effect on the immune system if you get vaccinated every 6 months (with so-called booster or refresher vaccinations). There is no serious data on this, as this is not yet possible, it will only be seen in the next few years. The human immune system is a relatively complex structure, if you intervene strongly, this can also have various long-term consequences and effects. That the so-called Covid vaccination is not a vaccination such as the measles or hepatitis vaccination should be clear. With a permanent "support" the system as a whole could be rather weakened. The Federal Council knows very well why it does not have a direct vaccination requirement, because then you would be liable. Ditto vaccine companies, liability is explicitly excluded, precisely because there is of course a certain uncertainty factor and the longer-term effects cannot be estimated with certainty. Personally, I still see no reasonable reason why healthy people with a well-functioning immune system and a healthy lifestyle should have this vaccination administered. The Covid viruses will remain, one way or another, you will have to deal with them and live with them, including our politicians, there is no simple quick fix, even if certain media and their thoughtless parrots suggest it.

Harvard-Prof. sieht null Link zwischen Impfen und Anstecken