Your fans want to get to know you!

Your fans want to get to know you!

If you can write, you don't have to be able to market yourself.If you can get around it? To think that books without marketing are wishful thinking.Readers become aware of books when authors actively take care of visibility for their books and their person.The better author understand how your desired ones tick, where you are looking for books and what expectations you have, the better the books can be presented in the right places and advertised with the right content.And the more authors are ready to get in touch with the reader community, the faster a stable fan base can be built up.

Some think that self -marketing has something to do with an improper praise.What do you answer to them? It is not about self -praise, but about authenticity.The readers want to get to know the person behind the book.Many authors show no pictures or videos on their websites or on social media channels.They seem to be afraid that their readers get to know them.Showing yourself in a living or in a video looks more intense a thousand times than a mere photo.There is a flood of new releases and the competition does not sleep: many self -publishers put the latte very high.

How do self -publisher do best when you think about marketing your book for the first time? In the novel area you should first commit yourself to a genre. I often get to know authors who are planning between the genres or books in different genres. But readers want to know if they are dealing with a psychological thriller or a romantic thriller. Clichés are good and work in the novel area. In the non -fiction area I advise you to look at the books of other authors on your own topic at the beginning - and to consider the unique selling point with which you can stand out. In addition, you should think about your wishes: who are you and how do you tick? Where can you find? How do you communicate with them? What do you need to know about my book so that you buy it? Where would you buy my books and in what format? The better the target group is limited, the better marketing works later.

How much money should you put into marketing?Is there a rule of thumb? First you need a good product.Books first sell primarily through cover - and in the long term through quality.Author should have an appealing and coherent cover designed, invest in a professional book set and have the manuscript read at least correction.In addition, a website, a newsletter and maybe another channel, such as Instagram, are sufficient for the start.Before you spend money on advertising material or paid advertising, you should see whether the right readers have been reached with the previous efforts.

How much time should you invest? It is best to create a rough annual planning with a release date, events, special days such as Valentine's Day (love novels) or day of back health (non -fiction book on the subject) and so on.Experienced self -publisher report that they write two hours in the morning and take care of marketing for the rest of the day.You only have to write the book once.You have to market it continuously.

Should every self -publisher, every self -publisher set up a website?In any case!From the beginning, as soon as the book idea is there and you tell the first reader of the book.It looks far more professional if author is not only on Facebook, but have their own domain.Self -publishers in particular are suspected of publishing qualitatively inferior books.The perception changes the more professional the self -publisher appear.Apart from that, you can collect important readers from the start via your own website.