Yeedi MOP Station: Good wiping robot officially starts today

Yeedi MOP Station: Good wiping robot officially starts today

At the beginning of July I introduced you to the wiping and vacuum robot Yeedi MOP station more precisely.This comes with a significantly improved wiping function and not only pulls a damp cloth behind it, but also has two rotating mop pads that deliver a significantly better result.

At the same time, suction function is also integrated, but the focus is clearly on the wiping function.Especially with smooth floors and tiles, the Yeedi robot can play out its strengths.And the cleaning of the wiping pads is automatically in the station.The fresh water is separated from the protective water.Manual cleaning should still be made from time to time.

Yeedi mop station: Guter Wischroboter startet heute offiziell

Feel free to click in my detailed test report for further details.You can buy the Yeedi MOP Station from today at Aliexpress.The introductory price is 505.04 euros (to offer), so shipping is from Poland - customs costs are not incurred.

The first 400 orders also get a few gifts.Unfortunately you cannot see exactly how many orders have already been given up.

Yeedi mop station

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