Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus in the test: vacuum robot with suction station for less than 400 euros

Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus in the test: vacuum robot with suction station for less than 400 euros

Advertisement. There are really many different vacuum and floor mopping robots on the market. Recently, practical suction stations have been established that automatically empty the robot's dust container. And exactly this technology is also used in the Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus. I've been using the vacuum robot and station for almost a month now and would like to share my experiences with you.

Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus for only 344.22 euros (on offer)

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The Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus is only available in a white version, but has a few black applications. The suction station is of course included in the scope of delivery, and Roidmi also supplies five bags. In addition to an additional HEPA filter and a reusable wiping cloth, there are also ten disposable wiping cloths.

The station itself is 36 x 30 x 17.2 centimeters and leads the 130 centimeter long power cable with a German plug on the left side (from the front) to the back. On the front there is a display that shows the battery status of the robot as a percentage. A countdown is also displayed when the station empties the robot's dust box.

The robot itself moves backwards into the station and is emptied accordingly. In the Roidmi app (iOS/Android) you can set how often the automatic drain should be used. You can quickly set up your Eve in the app and then access the usual functions.

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Developer: 无锡睿米信息技术有限公司

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Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus im Test: Saugroboter mit Absaugstation für unter 400 Euro

You can edit your map, draw in virtual walls, define NoGo zones, create a schedule, adjust the suction strength and make other settings. The German translation is a bit bumpy in some places, which is why I use the app in English. The voice output of the robot in German, however, is error-free.

The Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus can suck up to 2700 pa - and that's a decent value. And the cleaning is reliable, your own apartment is measured and mapped using the laser distance sensor. As is usual with all such devices: the tidier the floor, the better the robot can work. Cables and socks are often the bosses, since the laser can only detect and avoid these objects with difficulty or not at all. Cupboards and larger objects are of course skilfully bypassed. By the way, you can save two cards.

Unlike many other robots, the Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus has two rotating brush heads on the bottom. The main brush is a combination of bristles and silicone that can be removed and likes to be regularly freed from hair.

The dust chamber is a combination of dust and water tank. The dust container almost 300 milliliters, the water box 250 milliliters. Since the dust chamber is automatically emptied regularly, the size is okay. The wipe has to be clicked on manually, after which the robot automatically switches to vacuum-and-wipe mode. NoGo wiping zones can then also be set up in the app. The working time is up to 250 minutes in quiet mode.

Automatic emptying makes noise

Once the Eve robot has done its job, it automatically drives back to the station and is emptied if desired. The emptying takes about 10 seconds and is really loud. At best, automatic suction happens when nobody is around. A dust bag holds up to 3 liters and can optionally be knocked out. If you have used up all the bags from the scope of delivery, 18 more bags cost 19.21 euros, for example. Additional accessories and spare parts can also be conveniently ordered from AliExpress. Good: The dirt in the bag remains free of mold and odors even after a month because it has sterilization.

And I have to say the auto drain is a relief. At home I still have to do without such a station and sometimes I forget to empty the dust chamber in time. The robot then continues to work, but distributes the dust instead of sucking it in. That definitely doesn't happen with the Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus.


The Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus has achieved a very good overall conclusion. The design is simple, the scope of delivery is lavish and the suction station is compact. The robot does its job reliably and well, although the wiping function is just a nice extra and cannot replace manual wiping. The Roidmi app is easy to use and very solid.

And in the end, the price is also very interesting: The Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus is available for less than 400 euros and costs just 344.22 euros on AliExpress – shipping is from the EU. The discount is applied in the shopping cart. And at this point I just have to say: The price-performance ratio is probably unbeatable if you want a good vacuum and floor mopping robot with a laser and a suction station.

Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus

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