With these 5 tips, every video conference is successful

With these 5 tips, every video conference is successful

Some don't like them, the others find them great - video conferences split the opinions.And yet they are now part of everyday life, that will not change so quickly even after the pandemic.That is why we present five tips with which every video conference succeeds and show the example of Eyeo, like even a remote open space with 200 participants: inside has success.

Tip 1: The right technology

The first step is to create the basic requirements.A stable internet connection is the most important.A sharp picture and a clear tone are a prerequisite for all participants: concentrating inside and not being distracted by possible errors or dropouts.

A good camera and a powerful microphone help that no important information is lost.

Tip 2: Pay attention to the setting

As soon as the eye walks, it is difficult to continue to concentrate on what has been said.Participants: Inside the facility or you notice a crooked picture on the wall.So choose the background consciously and make sure whether things are in the picture that you may not want to share.A well -lit job rounds off the setting.

Tip 3: break the ice cream

The beginning of a video conference can be uncomfortable.Nobody knows when and whether he should say something.Use this moment to break the ice cream directly.

Ask the participants: Inside, according to your expectations for the video conference or ask a question that has nothing to do with the topic, for example which is the favorite ice cream.At the same time, you test whether the technology for all participants: works inside.

Tip 4: keep eye contact

Mit diesen 5 Tipps gelingt jede Videokonferenz

In personal conversations, eye contact is a matter of course, unfortunately not in video conferences.It is too tempting to look at yourself on the screen instead of looking directly into the camera.

So look directly into the camera to keep eye contact virtually.This means that participants are more attentive and feel addressed.

Tip 5: plan breaks

Often video conferences last longer than an hour.But only a few think about the breaks in advance.Therefore, plan directly breaks and communicate them at the beginning of the conference.

It also makes sense to make a simple sign with all participants: to agree on the inside as soon as a break is required.As a result, participants refuel: Inside and speakers: Inside new energy.

Remote Open Space: Video Conference with 200 people

Eyeo brought the topic of video conference to a new level in February 2020 and a remote open space with 200 participants: carried out inside.An open space is a method to enable cooperation and exchange in large groups.The participants: inside form working groups in which they develop solutions on various topics.

Often all participants are located: inside in the same place.Especially for very international companies with employees: Remote Open Spaces can be an ideal alternative inside around the globe to exchange ideas without greater effort for arrival.

That is why Eyeo organized the Open Space completely virtually.The planning and administration are the A and O.At the beginning, the employees were able to enter the sessions in real time in a digital form that select Time slots and digital rooms.

Based on the information, the organizers have put on individual virtual rooms with video calls and collected the access data in an overview document.This made it possible to jump between individual sessions without any problems.

You can find more tips on video conferences and information about the Remote Open Space directly at Eyeo.

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