What does a frontend developer do?

What does a frontend developer do?

Definition "Front End Developer" What does a front end developer do?


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A front-end developer programs the parts of software that are close to the user. For example, they take care of the interface logic or the technical implementation of the design.

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Front-end developers create the client-side parts of software, that is, the parts that users will later encounter. Front-end developers mainly work on websites and apps or, generally speaking, deal with the visible part of software. They ensure that the designer's specifications are technically implemented and access servers and databases that backend developers provide for them.

What skills do you need?

As a frontend developer, you mainly deal with the technical realization of user interfaces. Accordingly, you need up-to-date and solid knowledge of CSS and HTML, but you also need to understand something about programming. Depending on the application, you come into contact with JavaScript or PHP, for example. C++ or Java can also be relevant in some cases.

What does a frontend developer do?

You should be familiar with database systems. Anyone who is interested in technology, works in a structured manner and also has a knack for design and layout has good opportunities in this profession. Ability to work in a team, communication skills and basic knowledge of image processing are also helpful.

How to become a frontend developer?

There is no special training that specifically prepares for work as a frontend developer. In principle, anyone with the appropriate skills can work in this profession as a career changer.

However, most companies are primarily looking for people who have relevant educational backgrounds. These can be trained IT specialists, information technology assistants or technology-savvy media designers. Anyone who has a degree in computer science or a comparable discipline also has a good chance of finding a job as a frontend developer.

What are the tasks of a frontend developer?

Frontend developers form the interface between design and technology. One of the tasks is to implement the design of web applications or apps according to specifications. In addition, interface logic often has to be implemented, for example the dynamic display of certain content on a website.

Depending on the company, front-end developers can also take on the role of web designer and possibly also that of back-end developer. Smaller companies in particular often do not have enough staff to permanently separate these tasks.

What groups of people does a frontend developer work with?

In this job, you work most closely with backend developers and designers. Backend developers provide the technical interface to servers and databases, and designers provide the specifications for the appearance of the interface. Accordingly, regular communication must be maintained with both groups.

Contact with the customer is also conceivable: Here, for example, it is about discussing the technical feasibility of a design. Internally, frontend developers often work in a team and take on smaller parts of a large application.