watchOS 8 › What's new in watchOS 8 for the Apple Watch

watchOS 8 › What's new in watchOS 8 for the Apple Watch

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In addition to iOS 15 for iPhone 6s and newer, iPadOS 15 for iPad Air 2 and newer, tvOS 15 for Apple TV, software version 15 for the HomePod and iTunes for Windows 10 and newer, Apple also released the update to watchOS 8 for the Apple Watch Series 3 and newer released. This article lists the full watchOS 8 release notes for the Apple Watch Series 3 and later. These were published by Apple on the official watchOS 8 update information page for the Apple Watch Series. The watchOS 8 update is compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 and later, and is available to download both over-the-air and through the Apple Watch app on iPhone 6s or later with iOS 15: Make sure your Apple Watch connected to Wi-Fi › Settings › General › Software update › tap Install and then follow the instructions. Visit Apple for more information on watchOS 8 for the Apple Watch.

What's new in watchOS 8 for Apple Watch Series 3 and later?

With watchOS 8, the Apple Watch becomes even more powerful and personal. There are now new ways to discover and share watch faces, new features like sleep tracking and automatic handwash recognition, and new types of workouts. Stay connected with loved ones by pairing a family member's Apple Watch with your iPhone using Family Setup. In addition, watchOS 8 includes the Memoji app, bike routes in the Maps app and a translation function for Siri. Some features may not be available in all countries or regions.


New Stripes watch face lets you choose the number of stripes, colors, and angle of rotation to express your unique style (Series 4 and later)

The styles available for the new Typograph watch face are Classic, Modern, or Rounded. The digits can be Arabic, Arabic-Indic, Devanagari, or Roman (Series 4 and later).

Created in collaboration with Geoff McFetridge, the new Artist watch face will animate and change at specific time intervals (or when you tap the screen).

The new Memoji watch face shows all of the Memoji you've created, as well as all of the Memoji figures (Series 4 and later).

An additional time zone is displayed on the new “GMT” dial. Inner 12-hour scale shows local time, outer 24-hour scale can be set to a second time zone (Series 4 and newer)

The new Chronograph Pro dial allows timekeeping on scales of 60, 30, 6 or 3 seconds and uses the new tachymeter to determine speed based on the time it takes to travel a set distance (Series 4 and newer).

With the new Count Up watch face, you can easily read elapsed time by simply tapping the edge of the watch face (Series 4 and later).

Share watch faces through Messages and Mail, or provide an online link.

Discover and download curated watch faces in your favorite apps on the App Store or from websites or social media platforms.

Complex complications are supported on the X-Large watch face.

New color filters are available for customizing the Photos watch face.

New complications include: world clock, moon phase, altitude, camera remote, and sleep


The new Sleep app helps you achieve your sleep goals. This includes sleep tracking, creating your own sleep schedule and an overview of your sleep trends over a period of time.

The app uses data from the gyroscope to determine when you are awake and when you are asleep.

Sleep mode reduces distractions by enabling Do Not Disturb and disabling Wake on Lift to keep the display dark.

You can wake up with different alarm tones or haptic impulses.

You can now get a reminder to charge your watch before your scheduled bedtime. And you'll be notified when your watch is fully charged.

Wash your hands

The watch's motion sensors and microphone automatically detect hand washing.

As soon as it is detected that you start washing your hands, a 20-second timer is started.

The watch motivates you to follow the recommended 20-second time limit when it detects you've stopped washing your hands too soon.

You can be reminded to wash your hands as soon as you get home.

You can see how often and for how long you've washed your hands in the Health app on iPhone.

Available on Apple Watch Series 4 and newer.

family configuration

Use your iPhone to pair and manage a watch for your family members if they have their own phone numbers and Apple IDs.

With Screen Time and Down Time on iPhone, you can manage: contacts, communication restrictions, and screen-free schedules.

Back to School mode enables Do Not Disturb, limits interaction, and replaces the watch face with a distinctive yellow clock.

Set your own back to school schedule and see the times the watch exited back to school mode.

Teens under the age of 13 can track exercise minutes instead of calorie consumption, and get more accurate metrics for activities like walking, running, and cycling.

Set one-time, recurring, or time-based notifications for family members' location.

Send money to family members and audit transactions for under-18s with Apple Cash for Families (US only).

Family members have the ability to share their activity and health data and are notified when you create automatic location alerts.

Requirement: family release, can be used by up to five other family members.

Available on cellular models of Apple Watch Series 4 and later.


The new Memoji app lets you create new Memoji or customize existing Memoji.

There are new hairstyles, more age options, and three new Memoji stickers.

Use your Memoji creations in the Memoji watch face.

Send Memoji stickers in the Messages app.


The detailed directions in larger fonts are easier to read.

In the Maps app, you can request bike routes on bike paths, bike lanes, and bike-friendly roads that take into account elevation changes and traffic volume.

Find places that are particularly relevant for cycling and add them to your route (e.g. bike shops).

Bike routes are available for New York City, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Shanghai and Beijing.


Dictation, which takes place locally on your watch, processes your requests faster, more reliably and offers better protection for your privacy (Series 4 and newer, for US English only).

Translate sentences right on your wrist with support for 50+ language pairs.

Added support for Announce Messages option.

Other features and improvements:

Goals for exercise minutes and standing or rolling hours can be changed in the Activity app.

The Training app features new specific algorithms for Dance, Functional Strength Training, Core Training, and Cool Down for accurate tracking of relevant activity data.

The redesigned and rebranded Fitness app on iPhone has streamlined Summary and Share tabs.

Manage Apple Watch health and safety features in the Health app on iPhone with the new Health Checklist.

The new mobility metrics collected by Apple Watch are available in the Health app. These include: VO Max, Stair Climb Up, Stair Climb Down, and Six Minute Walk Test.

The EKG app is now available on Apple Watch Series 4 or later in Colombia, Israel, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Irregular rhythm notifications are now available in Colombia, Israel, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Apple Watch Series 5 supports additional interactions without waking from sleep, including access to Control Center, Notification Center, and changing the watch face.

Create group conversations in the Messages app.

Use the possibility to write your replies directly in the original text of a specific message and see all related messages in a clear arrangement.

The new Shortcuts app lets you access and run shortcuts you've previously created.

Add shortcuts to your watch face as a complication.

Share your audiobooks with Family Sharing.

Search is now available in the Music app.

The Wallet app has been redesigned.

The Wallet app supports digital car keys (Series 5).

Listen to or watch downloaded media in the Music, Audiobooks, and Podcasts apps.

Current location is available for the World Clock and Weather apps.

Information on the security aspects of this update is available here.

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