Virus scanner for Mac: The best providers 2021 in comparison

Virus scanner for Mac: The best providers 2021 in comparison

Apple’s in -house operating system MacOS is far from being as susceptible to viruses as other operating systems.However, this does not mean that your Mac is completely immune to attacks.Since MAC users feel that Apple's operating system is pretty much the safest, it can happen that you overlook malware.This can be noticeable in the form of adware up to ransomware.Did you know that your Mac can also infect other systems unnoticed?That is precisely why it is important to have a good virus scanner for your Mac.

An antivirus on your Mac should count as a Windows user for basic equipment.Your Mac can catch malware and circulate them.Good virus protection can be discovered immediately, block ransomware from the outset and protect your Mac from being distributed viruses to other systems.

We looked at the best virus scanners for Mac for you and put it through its paces.What are the functions of antivirus software for Mac?How good is virus protection?Are there free programs too?We took a closer look at the whole thing!


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Schutz vor Malware:Adware, Spyware & Co.have no chance

Real -time protection: 24/7 protection for your device

Device maintenance: delete files, increase your RAM and get more storage space

Absolute security: surfing anonymously and safe thanks to your own VPN

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Security around MacOS

Mac users were misled for a long time.The myth that MacOS is not susceptible to viruses still lasts today.Many are still convinced that you do not need an antivirus with a Mac device.However, the reality is very different.Because every machine, whether this is a Windows PC, a Linux device or a Mac-they are all susceptible to malware.There are enough cybercriminals that specialize in Macintosh computer.And these not only aim at your device - but also on all your sensitive data.That is precisely why it is so important to have installed a virus scanner for Mac.This not only protects your computer from malware, but also from stealing your personal data.If you want to learn more about malware, we have reported in detail here.

Virus scanner for Mac - this is how you start

Before you choose a virus scanner, it is important to know what you need yourself.Do you need a firewall?Parental Control?Would you like to clean up your Mac at the same time and protect against viruses?In the meantime, more and more companies are offering antivirus programs for macOS.Therefore it is difficult to find the right software.And of course you also ask yourself the question: Is a free virus scanner enough?

Free VS.paid virus scanners for Mac

In our test we tested paid and free antivirus programs.However, the conclusion is sobering: if you want good protection for your MacOS device, you should fall back on a paid virus scanner for your Mac.Especially when you have a MacBook and are on the go - because paid antivirus software for your MacBook guarantees you secure connections using VPN.You can find out more about VPNs here.Even if you have a Windows computer and a Mac at home, the paid variant is always worthwhile.Free virus scanners are usually not cross -platform or only intended for one device.

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Our test - virus scanner for Mac on the test bench

In our test we viewed and tested paid and free virus scanners for macOS.We paid attention to security, reliability and features to protect privacy.

The top 3 of the best virus scanners for Mac

We tested the best virus scanners for your Mac for you and have found a clear test winner: Totalav.If you want to know more about Totalav, then you should read our detailed rating for this antivirus program.Android, iOS and Windows user can also benefit from Totalav, since this program is across platforms.

1st place: Totalav

Totalav is excellent antivirus protection for your MacOS device.This app not only offers a virus scan, but, as the name suggests, a total protection of your security.Totalav offers excellent features in particular for your Mac:

Complete internet protection totalav offers your MacOS device complete protection against all threats from the Internet.Whether this is adware or malware that can harm your Mac significantly.Thanks to this protection, your Mac is safe.

Reliable virus scanner dank of the virus scanner is checked your entire system for malware, adware, trojan, spyware and ransomware.If a virus is on your Mac, it will be put under quarantine immediately.

Firewalltotalav also offers a very good firewall that makes it practically impossible to attack your home network or your Mac.You can also set this according to your own rules.

Security and privacy Although you write on social networks, buy something new, or use your finance - thanks to the included VPN you will remain safe and anonymous.This means that neither your ISP nor other websites or cybercriminals can access your data.

Furthermore, Totalav offers these great functions:

System Tune-Utalav not only offers a virus scanner.With this software you can easily delete junk files, find errors, uninstall programs and delete useless files.This allows you to clean up your memory and RAM.So your Mac will be faster and more functional again.

Cross-platform duh not only have a Mac, but also a Windows PC?Or an Android smartphone or an iPhone?No problem, because with just one license you can protect up to 6 devices at the same time - although which operating system.

Price: Totalav offers three products.

Antivirus Pro for € 19

Internet security € 39

Total security € 59 With Total Security you can protect up to 6 devices at the same time, get the in-house VPN, an ad blocker and a password manager.

Virenscanner für Mac: Die besten Anbieter 2021 im Vergleich

Bonus: Totalav offers all its customers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Conclusion: Not only the virus scanner for Mac was able to convince us at Totalav.Also the fact that up to 6 devices - regardless of which operating system - can be protected with just one license.We tested Totalav on Windows, iOS and Android and were thrilled.This is a big plus.In addition, the price-performance ratio is absolutely right here.

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2nd place: Intego

Intego AV is a solid virus scanner that is mainly intended for MacOS and has protected your Mac from viruses since 1997.So if you only have a Mac at home, this software is clearly your test winner.The company has specialized in MacOS and thus launched the best virus scanner for Mac.But this is also their weak point, because this software is only suitable for Windows to a limited extent.In our test, which, however, specializes in macOS, was able to convince the Mac Premium Bundle X9 in full length.These features from Intego impress us:

Excellent virus scanner tetego offers an excellent virus scanner for Mac with real -time protection.This means that your device is protected all over-the clock.As soon as your Mac is infected, the infected file is placed under quarantine and isolated.So your device remains safe.

Constant update software is constantly updated so that your Mac is well equipped before the latest dangers from the Internet.

Intelligent firewall and network security in the bundle integrated software Nettbarrier ensures that your network and your Mac remain safe.Thanks to this Firewall, cybercriminals have no chance of reading your IP address or to join your network via open ports.You can create rules yourself, block websites and uncertain devices access to your network or.Prevent your Mac.

Mac Washing Machine What sounds very funny at first is very helpful.With the help of this function you can clean up your Mac device, clean and free from unwanted files.With just a few click you can make your Mac more powerful.Double photos?Unwanted programs?Down with it!In addition, you can also organize your desktop and your dock - just as it suits you.And so you can gain more memory, clean your memory and bring your MacOS device back to high performance.

Parental Control A big plus of this virus scanner is not only virus protection - but also control over what the children are doing on the Internet.With just a few clicks you can set up profiles, the access of which can be banned on certain, dangerous websites.So you can be calmed down as a parent.You not only protect your home network, your Mac, but also your children.Thanks to the Parental Control, certain profiles cannot access game or pornography pages that often bring adware.Furthermore, you can also set up a time limit for your children and monitor chatlogs.

Automatic backup and synchronization of Mac Device Dine -Ego Personal Backup makes it easy to create a backup.You can clone your macOS so that you can keep all your data in the event of loss or damage.If you have several Macs, you can simply synchronize them with just a few steps.

Protection of the iPhones or iPads If you connect your iOS device to your Mac, you can scan this via intego on viruses.Any malware on the iPhone or iPad is also found, placed under quarantine and isolated.Thus, the mobile devices are also protected.

Price: Intego offers 3 price models, depending on how many devices you want to protect it.In any case, we advise the Mac Premium bundle X9, which includes all the features that you can only want.With a Mac device, the price comes to € 59.99.

Bonus: Intego offers a free trial.If you are not sure, you can try the software before you buy it.

Conclusion: Intego is actually the best virus scanner for Mac.If you only have macOS and iOS devices at home, you should definitely try this software.You can also protect Windows with Intego - but only limited.But when it comes to macOS, you are in the best hands with Intego.

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3rd place: Avira Antivirus

Avira is one of the best known antivirus programs on the market.A big advantage of Avira is that this virus scanner is also free of charge.But if you want to have good virus protection for your Mac, you should definitely choose the paid variant.The free version only contains the virus scanner.The Premium version scores with the following features:

Virus scanner for Mac Avira blocks dubious websites and prevents you from downloading infected files.In addition, files are automatically repaired, these should be incorrect.

Privacy protection Thanks to Avira, you can surf the Internet safely and anonymously, do your purchases and check your social networks - without annoying advertising.Adware is blocked by Avira.

Security thanks to VPNavira comes with its own VPN.So you can surf in public Wlans.Your data traffic, your IP address and other sensitive data (account number, credit card number, etc..) remain hidden for third parties.

Avira across platforms can be installed and used on all common operating systems.So you can protect your Windows, Android, iOS, or MacOS device at the same time.

Further features of the Premium version you will also receive VIP support, access to Premium apps (for your smartphone), a system cleaning tool, and much more.

Price: Avira can already be used as a free version.As already mentioned, this version can only be scanned on viruses.If you want to protect your Mac all around and want to make use of the many additional features, you should use the paid version.They are available in two variants: Avira Internet Security from € 49.95 (for a device) and Avira Prime for € 99.95 (up to 5 devices and all features).

Conclusion: All in all a solid virus scanner for your Mac.Unfortunately, the free variant is almost unusable when it comes to the safety of your device.If you want to protect more than two devices, you should use Avira Prime.In comparison to our other virus scanner, however, this is set in terms of price.

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In our test, Totalav convinced us as all -round protection for your Mac or MacBook.Furthermore, you can also protect other operating systems with Totalav - and with just one license.Totalav is also clear test winner in terms of price-performance ratio.If you are a pure Apple fan and only have Apple products, you can restart on Intego.This antivirus protection was specially developed for MacOS.Depending on what protection you choose - it is important that you are sure in advance which properties an antivirus should bring with it.If you want to do without system adjustment tools, you can also try Avira - this protection is also available in a free (slimmed down) variant.

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Do I really need additional protection for my Mac?

Yes!Even if MacOS is not as vulnerable as other operating systems, no computer is immune to malware, viruses, trojans, etc..Also phishing websites are not blocked from the house from Apple.Similar to Windows, you should definitely have virus protection on your Mac.

What can I do if I have a Trojan on my Mac?

First of all, it is important that you have suitable antivirus protection on your Mac.If you fear that the MacOS device is infected, you first take a virus scan through.In our test, our test winners could easily see viruses.The infected files are then placed under quarantine, isolated and deleted.

How do I notice that my Mac is infected?

As with Windows PCs, you usually quickly notice whether you have caught a virus.The system becomes slower, certain files cannot be opened, the internet breaks off again and again, there are delayed boot times, or you can constantly get annoying advertising in the form of pop-ups.Malware can be noticeable in many ways.That is precisely why you should get a virus protection that helps you remove infected files and protect the entire system.

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