Less than 1000 euros: cheapest electric car in the world ordered, unpacked & quot; filmed

Less than 1000 euros: cheapest electric car in the world ordered, unpacked & quot; filmed

Unter 1000 Euro: Billigstes Elektroauto der Welt bestellt, ausgepackt & gefilmtUnter 1000 Euro: Billigstes Elektroauto der Welt bestellt, ausgepackt & gefilmt

by Franziska Albrecht on June 8th, 2020

Source: YouTube/Jalopnikjason Torchinsky and his achievement

If you don't bother yourself for long delivery time, many curious bargain offers will open up in the colorful world of the Asian online trade.This category definitely also includes a functional electric car for less than 1,000 euros.Auto blogger Jason Torchinsky dared the experiment and had the Chinese cheap electricity delivered home.

Cheaper and better than a golf mobile

It rains as if the electric car enthusiast unpacks its battery -operated new car.It's a good thing that the mini-stromer easily fits under the pavilion in the garden of Jason Torchinsky.As this explains Jalopnik on the YouTube channel, he acquired the electric car for the equivalent of 824 euros on the Chinese trading platform Alibaba.The shipping costs and other fees were more expensive than the vehicle itself, which added up to the equivalent of 1,800 euros."It is still the cheapest new car you can get," says Jason, starting to tear down the packaging.What comes out there is a bit of an Indian tuk-tuk.The auto blogger is impressed: “It is even metal and not plastic, as I had assumed.[...] Much better than expected! "

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To his surprise, even a spare wheel, an electric air pump, side mirror, a small tool bag, roof luggage rack, bumper and charging cable were included.“There is nothing about the car that looks totally terrible.It even sounds good when you close the doors, ”says Jason, and takes a seat behind the steering wheel, which sits in the middle of the dashboard."It's pretty spacious," he says."If you really wanted it, two people could even sit in the back seat."

However, the Youtuber has his doubts about traffic suitability: "I don't see any seat belts here."

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Despite the damaged fender and missing seat belts, Jason's conclusion is extremely positive: “This far exceeds my expectations.[...] If you compare it to most golf mobile, it costs less than half and is still much better. ”In a follow-up video, the auto blogger even takes a small test drive with the cheap current.Although both pace and pace display, leave a lot to be desired, but at least Jason achieves a goal without complications (not far away)."At least I don't have the feeling that he will fall apart right away," he then concludes.