Tikok and Shopify want to push growth of German companies

Tikok and Shopify want to push growth of German companies

Tikkok and Shopify enter into a partnership to promote the growth of German companies.After a global cooperation between the Trend Socia app and the e-commerce platform was announced in autumn 2020, the options are now presented that all Shopify retailers can be perceived in Germany from now on.Specifically, these advertising campaigns can create, manage and measure them without leaving the Shopify platform.In addition, companies can use TikK's active and steadily growing community to expand their newness: internal acquisition.

100 million active users in Europe on Tikkok: Many of them are interested in products

Thanks to the new partnership between Shopify and TikTok, companies in Germany now have the opportunity to create in-feed video ads directly on Shopify and you can present the more than 100 million monthly users: inside TikKOK in all of Europe.This emerges from the official press release from Shopify and Tiktok.

Accordingly, Tikkok is not just an app that makes a lot of active communities and great growth.Also very different consumers: interior demographies are covered there.That is why companies can drive their branding, but also their conversion optimization via Tikok.According to a cantar study, 67 percent of users are 25 years and older on Tiktok.83 percent of the consultants state that they have already been inspired by the content in the app for a purchase.

Since the global Shopify study on the future of trade also showed that 54 percent of younger consumers: inside who shop with independent retailers, find new brands on social media platforms, the relevance of social media such as tiklok for the e-Commerce even understand data -based.There are now various opportunities for companies.

explains Thomas Wlazik, Managing Director Global Business Solutions at Tiktok Germany.

TikTok und Shopify wollen Wachstum deutscher Unternehmen pushen

The core functions of integration at Shopify

With the new Tikok integration, Shopify Retailer can access the core functions of the Tikok Ads Manager without having to leave the Shopify Dashboard.The highlights include:

New "1-click" pixel: Shopify dealer: Inside, install your Tikok pixel with one click or connect to the account.This simplifies and accelerated the tracking of conversions.

A one-stop shop for tictok campaigns: dealers: Inside, can create campaigns, address target groups and follow the results in one place.

Creativity made easy: Tikok integration enables shopify dealers: inside, creating your own native, divisible ads.The intuitive creative tools from TikKOK help dealers to transform product photos and videos into high -quality TikToks in a few minutes.

Extended matching function: The expansion of the Tikok pixels enables retailers from Shopify to address target groups more effectively in order to better compensate for tictok ads with website conversions and to further expand target groups for retargeting.

Roman Zenner, Technical Partner Manager at Shopify in Germany, says that cooperation like that of Shopify and Tikok can also offer advantages for companies in times of corona apandemy:

Different SMEs, but also large brands such as Fielmann, Volkswagen, Sennheiser and Lindt already use Shopify.In addition, the number of new shop openings at Shopify in Germany rose in 2020 compared to 2019 by 126 percent.According to their own statements, the beta phase of the Tikok and Shopify partnership has already led to the first success in various companies in Europe.You can also find more information about the possibilities that you can perceive as a retailer thanks to this cooperation.