The most popular Darknet pages: You have already urged number 1

The most popular Darknet pages: You have already urged number 1

Gate founders are concerned about the call from Tor

Die beliebtesten Darknet-Seiten: Die Nummer 1 haben Sie auch schon angesurft

The Darknet recently made headlines when marketplaces such as the "Wall Street Market", on which drugs and illegal services were offered, were concluded by the investigative authorities.

Roger Dingledine, the developer and co -founder of the anonymization service Tor, the prerequisite for access to the Darknet.At the Def Con 25 Hacker Conference in Las Vegas in July 2017, he clearly commented against the poor reputation of the Tor project and presented figures for the first time that show a different picture of Tor.

So Tor is used by around two million people every day.The greatest majority only uses the proxy network to surf anonymously on known websites and to be spared by state censorship, for example.Only 1-3 percent of goal users surf pages in the onion network (the Darknet in the actual sense).

And there are not only dodgy sides there: the most popular page is the onion version of Facebook, around 1 million users should drop by regularly there.Accordingly, neither the download of the Tor Browser nor a detour to the Darknet are illegal - only from dubious links and shops should be better left.