The latest on the corona crisis - "We support projects that promote apprenticeships"

The latest on the corona crisis - "We support projects that promote apprenticeships"

In der Schweiz ist erstmals ein Kind an den Folgen einer Coronavirus-Infektion gestorben. Der Säugling aus dem Kanton Aargau hatte sich im Ausland angesteckt. Das sagte Stefan Kuster, der neue Leiter Abteilung Übertragbare Krankheiten im BAG.The latest on the corona crisis - «Wir unterstützen Projekte, die Lehrstellen fördern»

Grill parties up to 30 people are allowed from tomorrow Saturday - but only spontaneously and in public space.

The “extraordinary situation” in Switzerland is 19.June ended and downgraded to the “special location”.

According to the BAG, there are 30,828 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.That is 32 more than the day before.According to the BAG, 1657 people died in connection with Covid-19 (as of Friday).

In our graphics on the number of cases you will find the sometimes higher and more recent numbers of the statistical office of the canton of Zurich.

With a short delay, the live media conferences are also available as a subtitled video at the "Tagesschau Special" website or in the SRF Play app under "Tagesschau Special".

You can find everything about the international situation here.

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The latest on the corona crisis

Viel los an PfingstenThe latest on the corona crisis - «Wir unterstützen Projekte, die Lehrstellen fördern»


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EU confirms compromise on Lufthansa Rescue

The EU Commission has confirmed an agreement with the German government of state aid for state aid to Lufthansa.The commitments proposed by Germany to secure the competition are taken into account, a spokeswoman said early Saturday morning in Brussels.These contained Lufthansa obligations to provide certain starting and landing rights and assets at the Frankfurt and Munich airports as soon as these airports are fully utilized again.

It is also agreed to make the entry or expansion of activities of other airlines possible at these airports, in favor of consumers and an effective competition, it said.Now Brussels expects a formal notification of the rescue package.Then you will check all elements before making a formal decision, the spokeswoman continued.Like all Corona aid measures in the EU countries, Germany's application will be processed with priority.


"Lufthansa participation would be a business for the state"

05:13 min, from SRF 4 News Current from 22.05.2020.

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Parmelin: BUND supports apprentices

Wenn Firmen wegen der Coronakrise in wirtschaftliche Schwierigkeiten geraten, drohen Lehrlinge ihre Stelle zu verlieren. Laut Wirtschaftsminister Guy Parmelin hat der Bund eine neue Regelung erlassen, um Lehrlingen in solchen Fällen die Stelle zu sichern.The latest on the corona crisis - «Wir unterstützen Projekte, die Lehrstellen fördern»

Short-time companies should usually not hire additional staff, Parmelin told Tamedia Media.However, the federal government has now decided for teachers an exception to this setting stop.The apprentices could continue to be employed in their apprenticeship for one year.This innovation comes into force at the beginning of June.

The situation on the apprenticeship market is currently calm, Parmelin continues.In German -speaking Switzerland, almost the same number of teaching contracts were concluded at the end of April as at the same time of the previous year.There are problems in Latin Switzerland.In the Arc Lémanique, around 40 percent of the contracts are only under roof compared to the previous year.However, these differences would also have to do with the fact that teaching contracts in German -speaking Switzerland were concluded earlier and had already been signed before the corona crisis.For young people who could not find an apprenticeship, the state is using funds.«Although this does not directly subsidize apprenticeships.However, we support projects of cantons and business organizations that promote apprenticeships, »said Parmelin.For example using coaching and mentoring.That works.


The difficult start to professional life

04:41 min, from rendez vous from 11.05.2020.

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US group begins new vaccine test phase

In the fight against the Coronavirus, the US group Moderna continues its vaccine tests.According to its own statements, the company has started with the next, medium phase of clinical research.600 patients take part in this.Moderna has been testing its vaccine candidates to people since March and wants to start extensive studies in a late stage until the beginning of summer.

Recently, Moderna had reported encouraging intermediate results in clinical studies for his vaccine candidate and thus fueled hope for an early way out of the corona crisis.

Announcement of Moderna


Merkel reist nicht zu G7-Gipfel in die USAThe latest on the corona crisis - «Wir unterstützen Projekte, die Lehrstellen fördern»

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel does not want to fly to the United States for the G7 summit.Because of the pandemic, she cannot promise her personal appearance in Washington, the magazine “Politico” quotes government spokesman Steffen Seibert.

US President Donald Trump considers a meeting in Washington to be a great sign of overcoming the Corona-related standstill.Merkel has previously stated to take part in the G7 meeting under the US chairmanship, but left the form open and referred to video conferences.

Merkel squeezes Trump's invitation


Despite Corona crisis: Putin orders military parade

For the celebrations for 75.The anniversary of the victory of the Soviet Union over Adolf Hitler has Kreml boss Vladimir Putin the 24.June officially declared a holiday in Russia by decree.On that day there should be military parades in Moscow and other Russian cities, it says in the decree of Friday evening.Putin had instructed this week on 9.May because of the Corona crisis postponed parade on 24.June to catch up.Now he set the day as free of wages by decree and also indicated parades in other cities and a large fireworks in Moscow.A flight show is also planned.

The gun show with soldiers, tanks and rockets on the red square and international guests in Moscow was originally planned as the most important political event for Putin.The fact that she will now be made up for in just under four weeks triggers frightening.With 232 cases in Russia, the number of Corona deaths reached a new maximum value on Friday.The country has most of the infections in Europe and Asia - more than 8,000 new cases are added every day.

Therefore, experts fear that the epidemic could further tighten the mass events.There were also many Corona cases in the military.Critics also require to save the million costs for the major event and to leave the money of veterans and other needy in the most serious economic crisis in the country since the 1990s.Putin, on the other hand, wants to demonstrate the strength of the most largest nuclear power after the United States.

Kazachstan: President accepts Putin's invitation


Brazil: Meanwhile more Corona-dead than Spain

In Brazil, 1124 other patients have died in connection with the lung disease Covid-19.This increased the number of Corona victims in the largest country of Latin America to 27,878, explained the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Gemäss der John-Hopkins-Universität in den USA überholte Brasilien damit Spanien und rückt auf Platz fünf der Länder mit den meisten Corona-Toten. Insgesamt haben sich in Brasilien bislang 465'166 Menschen nachweislich mit dem neuartigen Coronavirus infiziert.The latest on the corona crisis - «Wir unterstützen Projekte, die Lehrstellen fördern»


Poland: restart of the football league

With a draw between Slask Breslau and Rakow Tschenstochau, Poland's top football league started the game again after an 80-day Corona break.The two clubs separated 1-1 on Friday evening in ghost game 1: 1.Before the restart, professionals and club employees - a total of around 800 people - had to undergo a special isolation protocol and were subjected to mandatory coronavirus tests.

The season in Poland was interrupted in Poland at the beginning of March because of pandemic;The master should now be determined by mid -July at the latest.However, part of the fans can soon return to the stadiums.This will be made from the 19.Enabled June, the government said on Friday.The spectator capacity of the stadiums may only be used to ensure a quarter to ensure sufficient distances.


Bulgaria raises quarantine for several EU countries

To 1.June, Bulgaria raises the mandatory quarantine for entry-travelers from Germany and other EU countries.Due to the still high Coronavirus infection figures, the quarantine requirement for entry-person from Sweden, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Malta and Italy will remain in force, the Ministry of Health said.It will be from 1.Also no longer any quarantine obligation.

Bulgaria is one of the countries that are relatively low in the coronavirus pandemic: So far, 2485 COVID-19 diseases and 136 dead have been registered as a result of the infection.


Further outcome over the weekend in Turkey

Since midnight local time, despite the relaxation of many Corona restrictions in 15 Turkish cities and provinces.The Interior Ministry in Ankara announced it late Thursday evening.The government has been imposed on such outbound bans since mid -April.

This time again cities such as Istanbul and the capital Ankara are affected.There are still a few shops on Saturday.Bakeries, clinics and other service providers classified as important can continue to work throughout the weekend.After the end of the output lock, numerous Corona restrictions are to be lifted on Monday.

22:13The latest on the corona crisis - «Wir unterstützen Projekte, die Lehrstellen fördern»

Super League continues

In the Super League and the Challenge League, from 20.Continued in June.This was decided by the representatives of the Swiss Football League on Friday.On the other hand, the concern for increasing the Super League on 12 teams was not accepted.Industry insider Thomas Grimm expresses himself to the background.

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Super League continues

"Everyone tries to get the best for themselves"


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Balance of the half-class solution

From the 8.The restriction of 15 students per class falls into the cantons of Zurich and ST.Bale.The half-class solution was particularly criticized by the parents-but the schools draw a positive conclusion.


Lob und Tadel für Halbklassen-Lösung in ZürichThe latest on the corona crisis - «Wir unterstützen Projekte, die Lehrstellen fördern»

From Switzerland currently from 29.05.2020.



New York wants Corona restrictions from 8.Slowly loosen June

In the corona crisis, the metropolis of New York could begin with initial loosening of the restrictions in the second week of June.All conditions for this would probably be fulfilled in the coming week, said Andrew Cuomo, Governor of the State of New York, at his daily press conference.

In order to enter the first of four phases of the loosening process, the regions of New York have to meet seven conditions - for example, sufficient free hospital beds, sufficient tests and declining numbers of new infections.All nine other regions of the state already meet these conditions and have started with loosening.


USA end cooperation with WHO

US President Donald Trump has announced an end to the US Cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO).The funds provided by the USA of the WHO would go to other global health purposes, said Trump at a short -term press conference.

Trump accused the WHO again under the control of the government in Beijing, although the United States paid a multiple of China's contributions.The UN special organization had closed necessary reforms.

The US President had already preliminary hiring the US payments to the WHO last month and thus attracting international criticism.He co -responsible for the organization for the high number of deaths in the corona crisis.

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All -round against China

Donald Trump announces at the end of the collaboration with WHO


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South America is developing into the epicenter

Brazil has almost 440,000 confirmed Corona cases and against 27,000 fatalities.Despite these alarming numbers, many Brazilians still don't really believe in the danger of the virus.A report from Manaus.


Cases in Brazil are increasing

From Tagesschau from 29.05.2020.



Das Velo boomt in der KriseThe latest on the corona crisis - «Wir unterstützen Projekte, die Lehrstellen fördern»

At the moment, as many people swing in the saddle than ever, the bike has received a lot of momentum in the corona crisis.The Swiss drove up to 140 percent longer distances.How the thrust affects the bike industry can be seen here:


Due to Corona is trendy because of Corona

From Tagesschau from 29.05.2020.



Israel is considering reintroduction of restrictions

After an unusually strong increase in corona infections, Israel is considering reintroduction of restrictions.If the trend in the new infections is particularly in schools, such a measure is conceivable, the Ministry of Health announced.

The number of positive tests rose to 101 on Friday from four last Saturday.Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to meet with ministers and representatives of the health system on Saturday to advise on a possible closure of certain school classes.There had been some relaxation in the country recently.In mid -May, Israel had started opening the schools.

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Coronavirus worldwide

Die internationale Lage in der ÜbersichtThe latest on the corona crisis - «Wir unterstützen Projekte, die Lehrstellen fördern»


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Sommaruga and Merkel exchange ideas

Germany takes over the EU Presidency at the beginning of July.That could be an opportunity for relationships between Switzerland and the EU, Federal President Simonetta Sommaruga hopes.She spoke to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel for an hour by video circuit today by video circuit.It was also about cooperation in the corona crisis.

Federal President Sommaruga speaks to Angela Merkel

From Tagesschau on the eve of 29.05.2020.


Criticism of the protection concept for signature collections

The State Political Commission of the National Council (SPK) is unhappy with the federal government's standard protection concept for signature collections.There is doubt as to whether this is practical.

The protective concept, for example, provides that collectors and other people keep two meters away from each other and regularly clean their hands.Signature lists should be put on or fixed in such a way that they do not have to be taken in hand when filling out.


Can you organize grill parties again?

On the extended Pentecost weekend, groups of people with over five people can meet for the first time.They are considered gatherings because they come from spontaneously.At the same time, however, events remain prohibited for another week and are only from 6.June approved.Are organized birthday parties or barbecues in public places with over five people still banned?Yes and no is the answer.

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Confusion about grill parties

This is forbidden on the weekend - that is allowed


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