The best Chromebooks 2021

The best Chromebooks 2021

Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga: Classic with a new substructure

Acer Chromebook CB315: Bedility in the best sense

Asus Chromebook Flip C436: The superlative

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook: Sertion

HP Chromebase AIO: Finally desktop!

HP Chromebook X2 11: Competition for the Surface

Asus Chromebook Detail CZ1: Ideal for students

Lenovo S345: It could hardly be cheaper

Chromebook imports

You can buy many of the Chromebooks presented here in Germany, others are only available via the import.If the chrome calculators continue to establish themselves, we can expect a start of Germany for a large number of these exotic ones.

Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga: Classic with a new substructure

At first glance, the ThinkPad C13 Yoga could be a Windows notebook.With the shining I on the outside and the fire-red mouse coat in the keyboard, it has the characteristic style elements of the laptop classic.

The red mouse coat reveals: clearly a ThinkPad!As a convertible, the C13 yoga cuts a good figure.

The convertible chromebook with 360-degree hinge keeps the strengths of its ancestors.Above all, the backlit keyboard, the gently concave buttons have excellent lifting and pressure points.The fatigue -free letter is a pleasure and the C13 yoga is therefore recommended if you tap a lot and persistent.Fully folded, it convinces as a creative tablet, which also supports USI pens.

The contemporary Lenovo Chromebook invites you to work, play, watch films or listen to music with the compact dimensions and low weight of 1.5 kg for mobile work.While the battery life of up to 8 hours is good in mixed fashion, the strongly reflective FullHD touch display is a damper.

Acer Chromebook CB315: Bedility in the best sense

A chromebook without real weakness, but even without really large highlights, the CB315 from Acer is.If you are looking for a mobile and cheap companion who reliably and persistently do your work, the CB315 is quickly in the closer selection.

The keyboard offers precise attacks, a reasonable layout including number block and a large mouse touchpad.However, backlight is missing.The acer model hangs a little behind its Lenovo competitor when it comes to writing, but offers a anti-anti-anti-fullhd touch display with a 15.6 inch diagonal for work even in difficult lighting conditions.

Duration, computing power, memory equipment and processing are at a good level - but without standing out especially from other models and manufacturers.That is the sterility that benefits the productivity

Asus Chromebook Flip C436: The superlative

Asus convertibles of the flip family are considered mobile all-rounders with a lot of strength under the hood.So let's drive it to the top with the top model Asus Chromebook Flip C436.14-inch LED display with FullHD resolution, up to 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of flash memory, plus the selection of three 10th generation Intel Core processors with a clock of up to 4.9 GHz and integrated graphics unit Intel UHD620.

This is how the C436 masters everyday tasks and computing tasks, including video and photo editing.It is also suitable for games.Motorsport Manager 3 slips as a matter of course on the screen as the Dreamcast emulator Redream or classic GTA: San Andreas.

Modern connectivity, sufficient connections for external storage media, mouse and headphones, a backlit Qwertz keyboard (without a number block) and the 360-degree hinge round off the strong overall package.However, it is not entirely without criticism: the display reflects strong.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook: Sertion

A envious look over the big pond gen America.Because smartphone giant sells his Galaxy Chromebook there.You are the counterpart to the potent and pretty Galaxy Book Pro 360 with Windows 10.

What escapes us is quickly summarized: a 360 convertible with a huge memory, sufficient RAM, high-resolution 4K display and a lot of intel calculation under the hood.The Galaxy star lesson nobs the fact that this device is available in a bright red.The alternative in the gray tone is a little more subtle.

Either way, the Galaxy Chromebook is a Will-Bed device first quality.As highlights, we would like to put out the Galaxy-Pen, which is sunk in the housing, the color-loyal 4K panel and the seamless integration of the Microsoft-Office Suite and other Galaxy devices.However, there are some smaller disruptive factors.So the term is a bit short with 8 hours and the display is not reflective.Do not startle yourself, you should take a closer look at the import device.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is available from $ 530 plus taxes and import taxes.

HP Chromebase AIO: Finally desktop!

Huch, how could the HP Chromebase Aio slide into this list?Quite simply: Hewlett-Packard has a real desktop calculator with Chrome OS in the contingent with this device.The idea is not new, some competitors offer a similar PC solution.But the HP engineers take the concept to the extreme.

The Chromebase AIO is an all-in-one solution (hence the AIO in the product name) and combines Chromebook PC, screen and mouse keyboard duo in one package.

This is no longer reminiscent of Apple's successful MAC desktops, but differs greatly from the apple model in terms of design, performance and operating system.

Die besten Chromebooks 2021

The centerpiece is an Intel processor unit, optionally the Pentium Gold 6405u or the Core i3-10110U entry-level model with 4 to 16 GB of RAM and optionally 64 GB as an EMMC memory or 128 to 256 GB in the brisk NVME format.On the back of the foot you will find four USB ports, a 3.5 mm jack connection and the power button.

Everything in a case

At the upper end of the conical base, the touch screen, which can be rotated 90 degrees, is attached.The full HD resolution is still okay for the large 21.5-inch diagonal, a 4K display might have overloaded the hardware. Im Panel eingelassen sind eine 5-MP-Webcam und zwei von Bang & Olufsen zertifizierte 5-Watt-Lautsprecher.

The scope of delivery includes wireless mouse and keyboard.With its design, the latter is based on the Keyboard of the Raspberry Pi 400.The overall package is great and at 699 euros quite inexpensive.In this country, the Chromebase AIO is expected to appear in October 2021.

HP Chromebook X2 11: Competition for the Surface

A second HP model with Chrome OS is also dewy.The X2 11 is an extremely compact tablet with a infection.Lenovo Ideapad Chromebook Duet and Microsoft Surface GO SELLOW.

What does the competition have ahead?A high -contrast display, which with 2.160 by 1.440 pixels dissolved.This is ideal for creative work that is comfortable thanks to USI-Pen support.In addition to graphics, the X2 11 also recognizes manuscripts.If the scribbling is too tedious for you, you click on the keyboard and just write about it.The fact that everything runs smoothly ensures the powerful and energy -efficient Snapdragon 7C1.

Form factor, performance and accessories speak for the X2 11 - only with the memory equipment HP could have offered an alternative.With 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of flash memory, the space for your own media and apps is scarce.But it is enough for quick use in the office or for school.

HP also relies on a chromebook tablet with infection keyboard.(Photos: HP)

In September the HP X2 11 from 499 euros is available.

ASUS CZ1: Ideal for students

Media display, tablet or notebook?Why not everything in a case?Asus goes exactly this path with the CZ1 and grabs modern technology into a compact shell.With 10.1 inches in the diagonal, the screen is similar to a Microsoft Surface Go 2 and loosens with 1.920 times 1.200 pixels.The Mediatek Companio 500 works under the display.

This processor has four fast ARM-A73 cores and just as many economical A53 computing units.4 GB RAM and optionally 64 GB or 128 GB of internal flash memory round off the good mid-range package.

People in a way

Asus positions the CZ1 as a robust student laptop, for which a number of hardware features speak for.So there is a blue filter built into the display that protects the eyes.A rubberization on the corners protects the device when falling.

The CZ1 is variable.Tablet, media center or notebook?Here is everything at once.(Photos: Asus)

The back is dirt -repellent thanks to the special texture.As a small candy, a USI-Epen is included with which the kids can draw and write on the touchscreen.So that this does not get lost, it can be sunk in the housing.The infectious keyboard is not included.

The manufacturer did not name a price for the ASUS Chromebook Detail CZ1.It should appear in 2021.

Lenovo S345: It could hardly be cheaper

With the S345, Lenovo offers a chromebook that scratches regularly on the 200 euro mark.There is definitely no high -tech at a bargain price.But Lenovo puts solid hardware for the office and school in the housing.FullHD display with 14-inch, valuable Qwertz keyboard, many USB connections, 4 GB RAM and a decent AMD dual core processor and the persistent battery are among the PRO arguments.

The dusty design and the moderate flash memory equipment are on the contra side.You can counteract the latter because the S345 has a Microsdxc reader.

The Lenovo S345 is recommended to everyone who does not want to spend more than necessary for a current Chromebook.

(Aufmacher: Pixabay / Roonz-NL)

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