The best apps for your new Android mobile phone in 2021

The best apps for your new Android mobile phone in 2021

If you have received a new cell phone for Christmas, you must first register with all accounts, such as email, Facebook, etc...How else should you ensure that you receive all important notifications and messages from your friends?After that, it is usually about installing your old apps.Here are our suggestions which new apps you should start with setting up an Android phone.These are our best apps for your new Android cell phone:

Microsoft Edge for Android

Yes, whether you believe it or not-Microsoft Edge is the best cell phone brower for me in 2021 and has made it to this list of the best apps for your new Android cell phone.Especially how easy you can switch between tabs is unbeaten!With Google Chrome you have to move your hand into the top corner of the screen if you want to switch to another tab.In general, Microsoft Edge is an all-round solid browser with integrated tracking blocking options and other useful functions such as reading a page and searching for text on a website.


Okay, I'm honest. Zurzeit ist Justwatch noch keine großartige App.It is very faulty and often slow.But it is a real necessity!The app is basically a TV guide for streaming services. Möchten Sie wissen, wo Sie einen bestimmten Film sehen können? Geben Sie den Film einfach bei Justwatch ein und die App teilt Ihnen mit, wo Sie ihn finden können.The app can also recommend shows and films that are currently available for the services that you can subscribe to.

Rain viewer

I am on the endless search for the best weather app and have certainly already tried countless. Meine aktuelle Lieblingsapp? Rain viewer.It reliably informs when the rain begins and shows a table that predicts how much the rain will be in the coming hour.


Clue offers you an easy way to pursue your menstrual cycle and predict when your next period will most likely be.With this app you can also track your energy level, your sexual activity and other details that can be connected to your cycle.It is even more important that the app contains clearer data protection guidelines, which is very important for an app with such personal data!The company states not to sell user data and that "only a few people" can access their information in the company.However, some data can be passed on to researchers anonymously.

Files by Google

Honestly, why is Files by Google not yet integrated directly in Android?If you want to see what storage space claims on your cell phone or looking for a PDF file that has been lost somewhere in your downloads, then "Files by Google" is the best option.It offers you a simplified file browser for your phone, which is divided into categories such as pictures, videos and documents.So you can easily find what you need and get rid of what you don't need.

Ticket ticket

Ticket ticket ist für mich die mit Abstand beste App für die tägliche Organisation. Bei Ticket ticket handelt es sich um eine kostenlose Aufgaben App, mit welcher Sie eine einfache Liste der geplanten Termine erstellen können.The app supports the entry of "events in natural language".This means, for example, simply enter “coffee meeting Monday at 8 a.m.” and automatically plan a memory for day and time.If you pay for the premium service, the app can also be synchronized with a calendar.


Of course, an email app on the list of the best apps for your new Android cell phone should not be missing.If you receive too many email notifications, Outlook may help you.The app has the best "focused" inbox, which tries to find out which e-mails are actually important to you.Outlook can be set in such a way that you only receive notifications for emails that the app holds important to you.The app is rather careful, so they may be notified for some emails that they do not interest.But I found that it is really helpful overall.I am still notified when important business emails are received, but my phone screen is not constantly filled with notifications of all spam email.

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