Tesla with a range of 151 kilometers: Special model 3 for Canada now officially ordered

Tesla with a range of 151 kilometers: Special model 3 for Canada now officially ordered

Mit unterschiedlichen Programmen subventionieren Regierungen weltweit den Kauf von Elektroautos, und damit das viele Steuergeld dafür nicht an Menschen geht, die es gar nicht brauchen, sehen die meisten eine Obergrenze für den Kaufpreis vor. Mit die großzügigste Elektroauto-Prämie bietet mit bis zu 6000 Euro vom Staat Deutschland, und Tesla hat darauf reagiert, indem der Netto-Basispreis für das kleinste Model 3 unter 40.000 Euro gesenkt wurde, damit alle Varianten davon profitieren können. Ähnlich senkte Tesla auch in China den Start-Preis für das Model 3 unter die dort geltenden 300.000 Yuan (rund 38.500 Euro). Und in Kanada geht das Unternehmen jetzt einen besonderen Weg, damit Käufer seiner Elektroautos die dortige Förderung nutzen können.Tesla mit 151 Kilometern Reichweite: Spezielles Model 3 für Kanada jetzt offiziell bestellbar

Special version Model 3 initially hidden

The model Y with the smaller battery as in the base of the Model 3 (Standard Range Plus) Tesla, after it was briefly available in the USA at the beginning of the year, quickly removed from the program - according to CEO Elon Musk, it filled it with its EPARange of 244 miles not your own "excellence standard".This should then apply even more to the version of the Model 3, which has been offered in the Canadian configurator since this week: Without the plus additive, it is only 151 kilometers.

The background for this is similar to Germany.In spring 2019, Canada introduced an electric car purchase bonus of $ 5000 Canadian dollars (a good $ 3300).But this only applies to vehicles whose base model is available for less than $ 45,000-in this case, more expensive variants with up to $ 55,000 canadian dollar list price are also funded.Tesla reacted quickly by taking the circumcised model 3 to its offer.

But Tesla really did not want to sell the Model 3 Standard Range with an initially 150 kilometer range.Because it was only available "off the menu", i.e. at a special request and not on the website.In short, there was hope that this model could be bought and later receives more range from the battery limited by means of software, but when it smashed it, it was hardly in demand: According to the blog Drive Tesla Canada, it was only from May 2019 to March 2020Sold 126 times, the regular model 3 SR+, on the other hand, a good 12,000 times.

Tesla with absurd low range

The circumcised and hidden Tesla has apparently achieved his goal, namely to promote the next higher variant.But at least the fact that you have to ask for it specifically does not seem to have been well received somewhere in Canadian authorities.In any case, the blog noticed this week that it can now also be found in the Tesla configurator: Under the model 3 SR+ with a range of 423 kilometersThe price at 46,389 Canadian dollars including fees or 44,999 Canadian dollars without, i.e. around 30,000 euros.

With the regular range, the Tesla Model 3 SR+ 52,990 Canadian dollars with the fees-and consumers can deduct $ 5000 Canadian dollars from it thanks to the premium qualification.As long as the funding rules in the country stay that way, there should be a Tesla with a low-range low range for a while-but nobody wants to sell or buy properly.

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