Swiss school project - only 18 - and already responsible for a company

Swiss school project - only 18 - and already responsible for a company

For several years now, an unusual subject has been on Swiss timetables: foundation of the company.Pupils between the ages of 16 and 20 should lead a mini company during a year.They are supervised by a teacher and an “business sponsor”, an entrepreneurial consultant.

200 mini companies last year

The idea of the so -called “Company Program” comes from the “Young Enterprise Switzerland” association ”.The goal is that young people discover their entrepreneurial potential.Last year alone, 200 mini companies were founded at Swiss schools.

Young Enterprise Switzerland (Yes)

Fold the box of box

The independent Non-Profit Organization YES has set itself the goal of moving students to responsible economic action.

The association accompanies 200 mini companies every year as part of the “Company Program” that will be created as part of a school project.Among the mini companies, a jury selects the best once a year.

The winners of 2020/2021 were on 28.April announced (see TOP 22).The company "Schoggiläge" described in the article did not make it into this closest selection.

Schweizer Schulprojekt - Erst 18 – und bereits für eine Firma verantwortlich

"A big responsibility"

A current example is the company “Schoggiläge”.Seven students from the Wohlen cantonal school founded a label last October that produces and sold vegan chocolate.

A big challenge, says Sarah Noman, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the mini company is: «We are all still high school students, all around 18 years old-and have to start a real startup.»The team would have to take care of the orders on an ongoing basis, ensure that everything can also be produced and at the same time will be present on social media."This is a great responsibility," says Sarah Noman.

Practice instead of theory

That is exactly why it goes, says Johanna Lauber, spokeswoman for "Young Enterprise Switzerland".Through experience, students should learn what it means to conduct a company.

Johanna Lauber himself took part in the “Company Program” ten years ago and founded a company with school colleagues that produces candy I red-bull taste.As a result, she learned independence, initiative and teamwork.Experiences for life: «No matter where you work later, whether in a large group, in a startup or in a self -founded company: you can always use entrepreneurial spirit.»

Starting point for business careers

In some cases, the school projects lead to successful business careers.Around three of the 200 mini companies that are founded annually in Swiss schools live on.Many graduates later found new companies later.

Like Nicholas Hänny.In an entrepreneur podcast, he tells of his experiences: «It was a chance to really stamp a company out of the ground.To see what is part of it: sales, marketing, bookkeeping, HR.“He himself was HR himself.Not a particularly big task in a mini company.But: «That gave me the kick, made the desire for more.“Nicholas Hänny founded the successful company Nikin with colleagues.A sustainable clothing label based in Lenzburg, which plants a tree for each product sold.

First step into the economy

And where does Sarah Noman, CMO of the vegan chocolate label "Schoggiläge" after the Matura, see himself in five years?«I will definitely study.I don't know what exactly yet.It could be law, but it could also be something in the direction of the economy.If I could bring these two things together, that would of course be cool too.»