Stubborn computer giant Apple lets its customers hang with dangerous laptop batteries

Stubborn computer giant Apple lets its customers hang with dangerous laptop batteries

Für Maschinenbau-IngenieurPatrick S. ist sein Laptop eine wichtige Allzweckwaffe. Zum Surfen, Videos schauen und – gerade jetzt in Coronazeiten – für die Arbeit im Homeoffice. Dafür braucht er ein leistungsstarkes Gerät. Sein MacBook Pro von Apple kostete über 2500 Franken.Sturer Computer-Gigant - Apple lässt seine Kunden mit gefährlichen Laptop-Akkus hängen

A well -known and dangerous problem

The device ran flawlessly for three and a half years.ThenPatrick S represents.firm that something is wrong with the laptop: «Suddenly the device wiggled while tapping.When I looked closer, I found that the back had a bump.»His internet research show that it could be a bloated battery.The inflation indicates a potentially dangerous defect inside the battery.A well -known problem that can occur with modern batteries.


Empa attempt: In the worst, rare case, this could happen.Here simulates that the battery is set under strong tension.

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Manufacturer Apple knew thatPatrick S's MacBook model.The worm is in.The company starts an official recall campaign - for security reasons.An official Apple service partner replaced the battery withPatrick S.for free.

What to do with bloated batteries

Fold the box of flap box

No longer charge or use the device.

Do not have the battery recycled in the waste, but properly!

Beschädigte oder geblähte Akkus zusätzlich in separatem Plastiksack verpacken und beim Händler oder bei einer bedienten Sammelstelle der Gemeinde abgeben. Dabei ist es wichtig, das Personal auf den geblähten Akku hinzuweisen.Sturer Computer-Gigant - Apple lässt seine Kunden mit gefährlichen Laptop-Akkus hängen

At the second Bläh-Akku, Apple is stubborn

But after a little more than a year a bad déjà-vu: the same problem reappears, even worse than last time.Patrick S.Reports again with the Apple service partner.This time he has no listening to the music: the recall is only valid once. Der zweite aufgeblähte Akku werde nicht mehrfor free ersetzt.

Patrick upset: «This is cheeky, especially for a group like Apple, where you also pay the service with the price.In addition, Apple should also replace this battery for security reasons.»

Apple: "After a repair, only 90 days guarantee"

As early as 2013, “Kassensturz” reported bloated batteries for Apple laptops.At that time, an attempt in the Empa laboratory showed what defective batteries can do: they can get on fire.Apple also explicitly pointed out in his recall that the batteries can have a fire risk. An der Situation vonPatrick S.Doesn't change that.Apple writes briefly and scarce at “Kassensturz”, after a repair or exchange, the repair agency of 90 days applies.

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What to do if the battery suddenly catches fire

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Patrick very bothered by it: «Apple pokes on security when the recall, and if the new battery blows again, the security of the customers is obviously irrelevant.» Wohl oder übel musstePatrick S.Now replace the battery at your own expense.Because otherwise the device works perfectly and he wants to use it as long as possible.