Spyzie espionage app in the test - experience report 2021

Spyzie espionage app in the test - experience report 2021

The Spyzie Spye app is currently considered one of the best espionage apps.In our WhatsApp Spy App Test you land in second place, right behind Mspy.But what can the cell phone monitoring software do?We have tested them in detail for this experience report.


The best alternative:

MSPY is a Spy app with more extensive functions.

The basic tariff is already available from € 8.33 per month and includes an extensive range of functions!

Especially to protect the children or for reliable surveillance, you should consider whether it is not worth digging a little deeper into your pocket, but you can have contact with the child's smartphone at any time and from anywhere.

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What is Spyzie?

According to the official Spyzie homepage, the Spyzie app is a software that is perfectly tailored to you to monitor your children, colleagues, employees or partners.

The app is installed on a cell phone and allows complete monitoring of all messages, browser courses, media files and much more.According to customer reviews, it is used most frequently to monitor her own children and protect against dangers.Sexting texting, contacts with questionable people and cyberbullying are called the most common reasons for the installation of Spyzie.

With the Spyzie Dashboard, parents have the opportunity to pursue children's sex texting and intervene in good time.Permanent monitoring of the child's location is also possible via the app.So Spyzie is a good tool for most users to protect children.

How does Spyzie work?

On Android devices, only an APK file has to be installed on the target device, which then runs automatically in the background and undiscovered.With iOS, the whole thing is sometimes even easier.Everything that is needed are ICLOUD's cancellation information to access the target device.

Spyzie therefore works for both iOS and Android devices.You need only a premium account and access to the target device, or to run Spyzie Alo.the iCloud account.On the Spyzie website you can get to the dashboard to use all important functions.The target device must be switched on and connected to the Internet, otherwise Spyzie cannot transmit data.

Which devices are supported by Spyzie?

The Spyzie website offers a wonderful compatibility list on which you can check whether Spyzie works for your device.In general, at least iOS 8 for iOS is.0 or newer provided.For Android, at least Android 4.0 or newer to be installed.

According to Spyzie's statistics, the Spyzie Spye app on Samsung devices is most frequently used.This may be due to the fact that the Spyzie app for Android is less extensive than for iOS.

What can the Spyzie espionage app

The Spyzie app has a huge amount of functions and features, which, depending on the tariff and operating system selected, differ slightly.A few of the most important functions are:

View the entire call course.With time, date, contact name, telephone number, duration of the call and call type (starting, detailed, accepted or rejected).

Browse all sent and received messages.Including all information such as name and time when the message was sent.If the target device is an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, searching for imessage is also possible.If the messages contain multimedia files, you can also view and download them.

Location tracking of the target device.You can get detailed information on the real -time location of the Android or iOS device at any time.In addition, it is possible to display a route course.

Read whatsapp chats, including the entire chat course.Multimedia files via WhatsApp are also possible to reply or receive multimedia files.

Have videos, photos and all multimedia files displayed on the cell phone.This included, received, but also created photos, videos and voice messages.

Display the complete contact book.Including the name and telephone number of the respective contact.It is also possible to download the contact book of the target device.

Browse the browser course, including all bookmarks.

The complete monitoring of all installed apps.This includes all common social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Tinder.

Social media monitoring

In fact, monitoring social media platforms is one of the best qualities of the Spyzie Spye app.The app offers monitoring of all known social media platforms.The list includes: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder, Skype, Telegram, and much more.

No other espionage software provider allows as many social media platforms to spy on as Spyzie.Spyzie shows you all the news on these apps.

Border monitoring

Another really great feature of the Spyzie Spy app is the option of switching on a so -called geofencing.This means that you can define a virtual limit and receive a message immediately if it is exceeded by the target device.This is particularly useful for parents who want to ensure that their children do not move too far from home.

Restore deleted files

In addition to all other functions listed, the most exciting, the possibility of displaying deleted messages and call protocols of the target device.So you can view all deleted files including time stamps via the so -called "Clue" function.

How good is Spyzie dashboard

To access the information of the target device, you just have to log in to the Spyzie website.From there you will get access to a very clear dashboard.

This is shown by the model of the target device and offers access to the most important, different functions via a menu.The spyzie dashboard is very modern and minimalistically structured and easy to understand.On calls, contacts, messages and places can be accessed directly by clicking.

Spyzie Spionage App im Test – Erfahrungsbericht 2021

Another menu item are social apps that contain, for example, Tinder, Instagram and Snapchat.

How often are the dashboard information updated?

You automatically receive new data and information every 4 hours.In addition, the app automatically synchronizes when you log in to ensure that you can access the latest information.In the dashboard you will also find a small synchronization symbol that you can click at any time to obtain new information.

It is important to note that this can take a few minutes depending on the Internet connection.

Is the Spyzie app easy to discover?

Another important property of a espionage app is that it is as well hidden as possible and cannot be found.The Spyzie Spye app shows a temporary icon when setting up the app, which disappears after completing the installation process and is no longer visible.The app provider calls this "stealth mode".

Other signs that a spy app is installed on the cell phone are the faster unloading of the battery and that telephone runs more slowly than usual.Even strange noises can arise from not well -optimized spy software, for example if the application downloads data from the target device.However, none of these characteristics in the Spyzie Spy app noticed really strong.

Can I delete spyzie espionage app by remote control?

One of the most required features of spy apps is to delete the application by remote control without having physical access to the target device.Unfortunately, this is not possible with the Spyzie espionage app.In fact, relatively few providers offer such a decided feature.However, if this is important to you, we advise you on the MSPY Spying app, which you can delete by remote control.

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Is Spyzie legal?

For the Spyzie Spyer app, the same rules and placed as for other espionage apps also apply.The use of smartphone spy spy is apps to supervise children without their knowledge.The monitoring of adults, without the knowledge of the cell phone owner, is illegal.If you want to use the Spyzie Spy app to monitor your life partner or employee, you have to inform them beforehand and obtain your consent beforehand.If you don't do this, you make yourself punishable.In Germany, the illegal monitoring of mobile phones threatens imprisonment of up to 2 years.


Depending on the operating system, Spyzie offers different payment plans.The Spyzie espionage is one of the cheapest spy apps we tested.

Android prices of Spyzie

For Android there is a "premium" and a "ultimate" license to choose from.The premium license is available for 1 month (€ 29.99), 3 months (€ 39.99) or 12 months (€ 89.99).Alternatively, the Ultimate license is also available for 1 month (€ 39.99), 3 months (€ 49.99) or 12 months (€ 99.99).Unfortunately, the functions of the premium license are relatively severely restricted.

IOS prices of Spyzie

In contrast to the Android app, there is only one payment plan for iOS.This is particularly due to the fact that the iOS app is less extensive.Spyzie's iOS app costs € 39.99 per month and does not require a jailbreak.

Conclusion on the Spyzie espionage app

Spyzie offers cheap espionage software that works on iOS and Android.Overall, we are satisfied with the range of functions of the spy app.The biggest shortcoming is that the Spyzie app cannot be uninstalled by remote control.Spyzie is particularly suitable for monitoring social media platforms and is particularly aimed at parents who want to protect their children.The Spyzie app comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee, which we like very much.

Alternatives to the Spyzie espionage app

The Spyzie app deliberately positions itself as a budget Spy app.Some functions are missing or are only available for Android.Other providers sometimes offer incredibly professional functions such as the remote release of cell phone camera or the activation of the microphone to listen to conversations.All of this is missing in the Spyzie Spy app unfortunately.If you are ready to spend a little more money, but to receive a variety of great extra features, we advise MSPY - our test winner in the spy app comparison.

MSPY is a Spy app with more extensive functions wie Spyzie.

The basic tariff is already available from € 8.33 per month.

Especially to protect the children or for reliable surveillance, you should consider whether it is not worth digging a little deeper into your pocket, but you can have contact with the child's smartphone at any time and from anywhere.

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Frequent questions about the spyzie espionage app

Which espionage app is the best?

In our comparison of the best espionage apps, Mspy is ahead.The app scores in reliability, functions and customer service.A good alternative is Spyzie.

How much does the Spyzie espionage app cost?

The prices of the Spyzie app differ depending on the operating system, payment plan and duration of the contract.The cheapest price starts from less than 10 euros per month for the Premium Edition in the 12 month contract.For the Ultimate Edition costs 39 in the most expensive variant.99 euros per month.

Is a spy app installed on my cell phone?

If you suspect that someone has installed a spy app without your knowledge, you can check this with a few tricks.First you should google the name of the best -known spy apps.These most common are FlexiSpy, Mspy, Phonesherrif, XNSPY, etc..Check whether an application with this name is executed on your cell phone.To check this there are some helpful apps in the AppStore.Another step can be the installation of an anti-virus app or an anti-espionage app.

Is the Spyzie Spy app legal?

The Spyzie Spy app is legal for parents who want to install the app on the cell phone of their children without their knowledge.Installing the Spyzie Spy app on the adult cell phone is only legal if you inform the user of the cell phone beforehand and get your consent declaration.For the illegal, secret installation of a SPY app, there is a risk of up to 2 years of prison in Germany.

Are there free spy apps?

Yes.However, we strongly advise against the use of free spy apps.The free providers are often not trustworthy.Either infect the target device with tons of malware and are therefore easy toura, or in the worst case you even steal private information.So use a provider like Spyzie or Mspy.

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