SEOKomm 2021: The return of the optimization specialists after the Corona break

SEOKomm 2021: The return of the optimization specialists after the Corona break

Google here, Google Da: If you want to be found on the Internet with your website, you have to optimize your content for search engines - mentioned in specialist circles SEO.

In order to exchange ideas about the complex topic, online experts, content strategists and online marketing professionals meet at the 2021 in Salzburg-after one year of Corona break.

It is back: the Seokomm, the SEO conference with passion for passion.Because of the corona pandemic and the second wave, the organizers had to cancel the 2020 event.This year, however, there is again the exchange between SEO specialists, online marketing professionals or content producers.

The German-language SEO scene in Salzburg meets for the eleventh time.And for the eleventh time they win about 1.000 experts on two days distributed new insights around the world of daily search engine optimization.

SEOKomm 2021: These speakers have been determined

The event takes place on 19.November 2021 takes place in the Brandboxx in Salzburg.Numerous speakers will also be there this year and give exciting lectures on their subject area.In addition to a review of the Google updates from the summer of 2021, this also includes topics such as "Content Wildwuchs" or "Serp Features in times of Zero Clicks".Here you can see all the speakers and their topics

Izzi Smith from Ryte: "On-Serp SEO in Turbulent Times"

Kevin Indig by Shopify: "Serp Features in times of Zero Clicks"

Bastian Grimm from Peak Ace AG: "Action Replay: Everything at the beginning?"

Sebastian Erlhofer from Mindshape: "Data whisper: 40 SEO measures that you can derive from data"

Antigone Dyckhoff from Xpose360: "What's new since the last Seokomm?"

Martin Höllinger by Searchteam Consulting: "Content Wildwuchen VS.Information architecture "

Stephan Czysch von SMC Internet: "Screaming Frog für Fortgeschrittene: Tipps & Anwendungsfälle für die Praxis"

Nora Taubert von Seokratie: "GSC WoW - Use Google Search Console properly"

Paavo Spieker from Diva-E: "How do I win an Enterprise SEO Pitch 2022?"

Leonard Becker from Kununu: "SEO experiments correctly"

Prof.Dr.Mario Fischer from Website Boosting: "Core Vital Speed Performance Score Crux Lab-Field Experience Data- Light or Darkhouse?"

Stefan Fischerländer from SEO and digital strategy advice: "This is how you use the Google Search Console API like a professional-without programming."

Darius Erdt from Dept and Jan-Peter Ruhso from CrawlopTimizer: "Google Index Management Extreme"

SEOkomm 2021: Die Rückkehr der Optimierungs-Spezialisten nach der Corona-Pause

Maximilian Schirmer from tariffs.AT: "Core Web Vital - Beyond the Basics"

Sebastian Christ of Producto AG/Test "20 years of test reports.DE: With a test portal through Panda, Product Reviews and Co (Re) "

Niels Dahnke von Content Fleet: "Unterschätzte Erfolgsfaktoren im SEO: Alerting, Monitoring & Reporting"

Natascha Schindler from Waldhirsch Marketing: "How to Train Your SEO"

Anke Probst from Verivox: "Attention, this is about your life! Sustainable success through E-A-T"

Hannes Richter from Clicks Digital: "SEO starts in data management"

Nico Erpel from Projectter: "Yes, We Local! The story behind Sportschecks 600% Local SEO Boost"

Björn Darko von Visual Meta: "The SEO Canvas - What SEOS can learn from product management"

Mandy Fröhlke from Digit.LY: "High Quality VS.Fuck-up: What distinguishes a good SEO audit? "

Markus Hövener from Bloofusion Germany: "SEO Patterns: Typical website problems and their solution"

Sophie Baumbach from Web-Netz: "The successful content audit: individual tips for different website types"

Johan von Hülsen von Wingmen Marketing: "You have never seen it this way: Internal link analysis like a pro"

Viola Eva von Flow SEO: "SEO for startups - learning from 1.592 startups and strategies for SEO and content marketing "

Already the day before, 18.November 2021, the marketing specialists are at work at OMX.Also at these events, experts in online marketing are together to discuss the latest developments and get each other up to date. Unter anderem sprechen Robert Seeger (Seeger Markting GmbH), Ingrid Brodnig (Journalistin und Autorin), Philipp Klöckner (Angel Investor & Advisor), Maximilan Schirmer ( and Felix Beilharz (author and lecturer).

The Seokomm and the associated OMX are part of the online expert Days - the event series when it comes to the topic of online marketing.Oliver and Uschi Hauser organize the expert days.

Seokomm and Corona: Tickets remain in the event of cancellation

If it occurs due to official measures that the SEOMomm must be canceled in 2021, the tickets that have already been purchased can be rewritten to 2022.The Online Expert Days are a pure live event and will therefore neither take place hybrid nor online.

In any case, the organizers work out a hygiene concept, so that every participant feels safe.In addition to distance, this includes the 3G rule applicable in Austria: recovered, tested and vaccinated.If you can prove one of the three GS, you can easily take part in the SEOMMM and OMX.

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The organizer provided us with an accreditation for our 2021 reporting.