Salary Salary What does a web developer do?

Salary Salary What does a web developer do?










Not all developers are the same: Web developers have numerous tasks to do with the design and delivery of Internet and intranet pages.

Web Development - Definition

Web development or web development is the development of web applications, web services or web pages. These pages and applications are designed by web developers or web designers.

Web developers (also called web developers or web designers) develop, design and maintain websites and pages for a company's internal network (intranet). You are responsible for the creative design as well as the style of the pages and the technical framework. The page should be filled with navigation options and hierarchies as well as with images and videos.

As a rule, web designers mean the creative minds and web developers mean the programmers behind the website, but today these terms are used almost synonymously. Prospective professionals should have sufficient skills in both areas. As a freelancer, web developers mostly work on customer orders. In software development, a distinction is also made between backend and frontend developers. You can find the software developer job profile here.

Web Developer - Getting Started & Training

The professional field of web developer is an excellent place to gain a foothold as a career changer. The professional title is not protected, which means that in principle anyone can call themselves a web developer. Specialists who have completed training in media design can specialize in web development. The dual training can be completed in the following areas:

Consulting and planning,

Conception and visualization as well

Salary Salary What does a web developer do?

Design and technology

The skills of web design, image processing, typography and desktop publishing (DTP), the computer-aided typesetting of documents, are learned during the training. The courses (Bachelor of Science) "Computer Science", "Digital Media", "Media Informatics" or "Engineering Sciences" also offer a suitable entry point.

Web Developer Skills

The hierarchy of a website should primarily ensure an optimal user experience. Web developers must also understand a company's values ​​in order to reflect them on the website. They should integrate the corporate design, the corporate image, into the internet presence. As the interface between man and machine, they are responsible for an optimal interface design (interface design). Web developers must coordinate reliably between the provider and the web solution.

As in many other professions, soft skills are also required here: communication skills, creativity and a willingness to learn are desirable qualities. Web developers should have a feeling for the requirements of the website and thus meet the wishes of the customer. Competent handling of web technologies (TypeScript, Java Script, HTML, PHP or CSS) are important skills. Practical experience with databases (SQL) and development tools (GIT, PHPStorm) is also important. Fluent handling of graphics programs (Photoshop, Illustrator) is an important prerequisite for the creative design of the website. A thorough understanding of the English language is also important.

Web Development - Salary Prospects

According to the current salary analysis by on behalf of COMPUTERWOCHE, a web developer can earn EUR 48,700 a year.

1st place: security experts Experts in IT security can count on an annual salary of 74,300 euros.

2nd place: AI architects AI architects earn an average of 69,500 euros a year.

3rd place: DevOps EngineersDevOps Engineers take third place in the salary ranking: 66,200 euros per year.

4th place: data scientistsThe popular job of data scientists can promise 65,500 euros a year.

5th place: Data EngineersData Engineers set up databases and receive an annual salary of 59,300 euros for this.

6th place: backend and frontend developer Fullstack developers in the backend and frontend can count on 57,000 euros per year.

7th place: Web Developer Web developers develop internal networks and can earn up to 48,700 euros for this.

8th place: IT specialists for data and process analysis IT specialists for data and process analysis earn an average of 47,400 euros.

Ninth place: digitization management clerks The new job title "digitization management clerks" refers to the job profile of an IT clerk and, at EUR 45,750, is the worst performer in the ranking of the most popular IT professions.

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