Review: moonlight YK2302 RGB lamp in the test

Review: moonlight YK2302 RGB lamp in the test

Properties of the moonlight YK2302

 Review: Mondlicht YK2302 RGB Lampe im Test

The moonlight YK2302 itself has a diameter of 15 cm and made of white plastic.RGB lighting is installed inside that illuminates this moon lamp.The surface of the ball is uneven, like that of the moon itself. So it looks amazingly similar to the earth's drabant.For this purpose, data from the NASA satellites were used to create the realistic image possible.

On the underside of the ball is a small, non -lit area in which the electronics and the 1000 mAh battery as well as the loading connection can be found.The loading connection is designed for a conventional pencil tanker and not a microUSB plug, although the moon light can be charged at any USB connection.A small loading LED can be found near it, which shines green when the battery is full and lights up red during the charging process.The loading time is almost 3.5 hours and the battery is enough for a good 6 hours with maximum brightness setting.If you take the moon down, up to 16 hours of term are also possible.

The lamp can also be operated via the charging via the loading connection.Seven basic color positions are changed and the lighting is switched off again.With the remote control, on the other hand, 16 colors can be selected directly by pressing a button.Among them are pure white and also warm white.Furthermore, the brightness in 16 steps can be regulated by pressing a button on the light foil remote disease, and the lamp can be switched on and off.In addition, there are four color change modes: jump through seven basic colors, slowly switch between red, green and blue, change between 16 colors slowly and jump through three colors.In color change mode, the bright/darker keys are used to control the speed of the moon light YK2302.