Reptile zoo in the middle of Schalchen The python from the children's room

Reptile zoo in the middle of Schalchen
The python from the children's room

Snakes, lizards, frogs, spiders and a scorpion: Instead of cats and dogs, Raphael Luttinger from Schalchen keeps exotic animals in his reptile zoo.Among other things, he wants to take the fear of the rare creatures to visitors.

Schalchen (cat).How does the bearded dragon get your name?How big is a Boa Constrictor?And what actually happens to the bird spider man after the mating?The Schalchner reptile expert Raphael Luttinger has set up a show and teaching room in his garage, the "Reptiles for Education", where visitors can learn everything about animal exotics."I would also like the fear of snakes and co.take, "says Luttinger.

Don't be afraid of the exotic

In addition to lectures on fire brigades, he offers private tours in the zoo."If the circumstances allow it, I would also like to give lectures in schools and kindergartens to bring the animals closer," reports the reptile expert.In addition to the tours, you can also be "zookeepers for one day" in Schalchner Reptilezoo.

Reptilienzoo mitten in Schalchen
Die Python aus dem Kinderzimmer

All animals in his park are non -toxic.With his offer, the young zoo director also wants to address people who suffer from arachnophobia, i.e. the fear of spiders, or a fear of snakes.“With many visitors, it was actually the case that they didn't want to enter the zoo at first.After a while they had a small, harmless buttter in their arms and were very fascinated by the animal, "the expert is pleased.Registration for a tour at Luttinger is at 0677/6376 1145 or by email to possible.

From the trace reader to the zoo director

"When I told my girlfriend and my mother about the idea of a reptile zoo, they only said: If you do it, we will open up a tent in the garden and now live there," laughs the reptile expert.After a longer stay abroad in South Africa, the trained national parker and trace readers decided to bring his love for animals closer to the people at home and to take the fear of the exotic with special tours - which also worked for his partner and motherstill live in the house."In the meantime, my girlfriend also likes to feed the animals and take care of the exotic," says the zoo director happily.

Initially, the 30-year-old worked the former children's room to the animal room."Now we have rebuilt the garage," says Luttinger.In self -made terrariums corresponding to the regulations, he now holds 18 snakes, 16 lizards, five frogs, two spiders and a scorpion.“There are also five turtles in the garden that are cared for by Mama Christa.

Everything for animal welfare

The trade and animal welfare were examined closely by the district administration (BH) Braunau and the official veterinarian before commissioning."It is really important to me that my animals are doing well!" Emphasizes Luttinger.In addition to the exact regulation of the air humidity and the temperature in the terrariums, feed habits and peculiarities of the exotic, treatment and care are also on the program every day."One of the bearded dragons lived before she came to us under less good conditions.Since then she has not yet shed properly, which can lead to massive problems.That is why she now enjoys a water bath every day and I try to carefully solve the old skin, "says the ranger.

Chameleon "Friedensreich" also has his peculiarities: he finds pats stupid."For this reason, he is not taken to the lectures in schools.I don't want to expose my animals to unnecessary stress, "emphasizes Luttinger.In order to give the animals enough rest periods after the lectures, the ranger also browses himself."So no animal has to come to schools or other events more often in a row," said Schalchner.