Remove the virus: step by step instructions and virus remover

Remove the virus: step by step instructions and virus remover

viruses 100% secure and without residue with total AV


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So it happened: you have caught a malware (virus, trojan, spyware, ransomware) on your computer.Annoying, but what now?

In this post you will learn how to remove a virus.

Rapid instructions for removing the most common computer viruses

Download and install the virus scanner: In the first step you should download and install a strong virus scanner such as Total AV.

Separate computers from the Internet: Then the computer must be separated from the Internet, either by deactivating the WLAN connection, pulling the cable or switching off the router.

Start the PC in safe mode: Run down the PC, restart and press immediately after Start F8.Then click on "Activate secured mode".

Carry out the virus scan: Now start totally AV and click on "System Scan".

Remove the virus: viruses and threats are displayed after the scan, select the “Delete” or “Quarantine” dropdowns to remove the viruses.

Then you can restart the computer in normal mode and connect again to the Internet.

Remove now with total AV viruses


Remove the virus on the PC: What you shouldn't do

When the PC has been infected by a virus, many PC users panic.This is understandable, but unfortunately not helpful - in any case you should avoid the following errors:

Delete individual files manually

Some PC users are tempted to simply delete one or more infested files in the Windows Explorer.Unfortunately, a virus cannot be removed so easily.Deleting an infected file not only does not solve the problem, you may be catching a file important for the PC that can affect Windows, certain software or support for hardware.

So the probability is high that you just make the problem worse.And because viruses usually nest in the system registry, you need effective virus scanners that are specifically looking for such entries and remove them cleanly.

Surfing the Internet with an infected PC

There is a different risk of ignoring a PC virus and simply surfing on the Internet until the possible solution.This is particularly dangerous - a PC infected by a virus is particularly susceptible to further safety risks from the network.It is possible that the existing malware:

transmitted sensitive data,

Attacks on other PCs,

Important files encrypted to blackmail the owner, or

you catch more viruses or malware

Therefore, best leave the PC, find out with articles such as this via smartphone or other PC devices and then remove the virus.

Do not panic to unreflected actions

If your own PC is infected by a virus, it can feel like a break -in into your own apartment.Important files, pictures and videos have been saved on the PC, suddenly someone received access here for unauthorized time.The panic is large, but carefulness is all the more important.

Certainly helps: practically every virus or malware can be removed from the PC.

viruses, malware and Co - safety hazards explained

There are new security hazards on the Internet every day.viruses are just a possible malware, there are also other safety risks that can cause you headache.Malware is a generic term for a variety of harmful software applications.Here is an overview of the best known threats:

virus adware trojaner spyware ransomware malware


Ein virus ist eine Art von Malware, deren Name daher rührt, dass er sich am betroffenen Computer selbst replizieren und verbreiten kann, etwa durch das Befallen von allen Dateien eines bestimmten Dateityps.


Adware is a plugin that usually nestles in your browser and causes undesirable advertising banners or other advertisements, perhaps defines a new start page and generally slows down your surfing experience.


Ein Trojan ist eine Software, die unerkannt über das Internet mit einem Server kommuniziert, um Daten von deinem PC zu übertragen.


Spyware is a type of malware that spies on your PC - for example with keylogger (recording of text input), or transferring browser history, cookies, etc..


The ransomware, in which sensitive files or even login are encrypted on your PC and you are blackmailed, is particularly stubborn to get your PC unlocked again by payment of a certain amount (often in Bitcoin) or otherwise risk the loss of your data.


Malware (Malicious software) is disruptive or harmful software that secretly accesses your device without your knowledge.Malware is often developed and used by IT criminals and provides a serious threat to your security.There are different types of malware. Die gängigsten sind Spyware, Adware, Phishing, Trojan, Viren, Rootkits und Viren.Some programs are more harmful than others. Hat man sich Malware oder einen virus eingefangen ist es wichtig herauszufinden ob es sich nur um einen kleinen, weniger schädlichen virus, wie zum Beispiel Adware handelt, oder einen großen, gefährlichen virus welcher deine persönlichen Daten gefährdet.In the past, malware was usually just destructive and very obvious.Nowadays this is different.Malware usually always has one goal: to generate profit for the criminals.Which is why many pests are more and more subtle and more difficult to discover in order to stay on your PC as long as possible.

virusentfernung: Wie du vorgehen solltest

Depending on what kind of malware you have caught and how stubborn it is, there are various ways of how you can proceed:

Möglichkeit 1: virus mit einem Virenscanner entfernen

Anyone who has already installed a virus scanner will probably be lucky. Wenn sich der PC noch hochfahren lässt, lässt sich in der Regel auch ein Scan und eine virus Entfernung durchführen.If the PC can no longer be raised, you should continue if possible 3.

If you don't have a virus scanner yet, but it is of the opinion that you are infected, we recommend totally AV.In our test, the scanner was able to recognize and remove 99.97% of all known viruses.

Im Menü Antivirus -> System Scan findet sich die Option, einen Scan durchzuführen.After the scan, the threats are displayed with the dropdown on the left (S.Screenshot) can now be decided what should be done with the threat (in quarantine, delete, ignore or whitelists).

For us the safest and most convenient variant to remove viruses.

Download now totally AV

Möglichkeit 2: virus entfernen mit Windows-Tools

Wie bereits angemerkt, ist ein virus wie andere Schadsoftware ein eigenes Programm, das sich womöglich auf deinem PC installiert hat.The easiest way is to manually remove them.Darum starte zunächst einen Blick in Systemeinstellungen –> Programme.

If you find something suspicious in this list of programs, the following applies: Unwinning new software uninstall.Select the program and click on "Uninstall".

You may have "only" captured adware-this can usually be removed free of charge and without problem with your own adware scanner.

Possibility 3: PC in secure mode

In safe mode, your PC only starts with minimal system resources and functions.This mode was set to fix possible problems with the system registry.This is how you get into the safe mode:

When your PC drives up (even before Windows is loaded), click on the "F8" button.

Here it is recommended that you use the virus scanners mentioned in step 1 again in order to scan in the system registry after possibly not initially not recorded files.Since they are not active now, they can be recognized and removed.

Possibility 4: Restore Windows

In bad cases (for ransomware, stubborn viruses or spyware), it may be necessary to have to restore Windows backup copy.This also shows the value of regular Windows backups.If you carry out a system recovery, your PC will be reset to the status of the day on which the backup was created.

This means that current errors in system registry and drivers or start settings can be resolved.There are your own programs for creating security copies, but Windows should be sufficient for this.

Klicke auf „Systemeinstellungen“ –> „Diesen PC zurücksetzen„.

Then click on the button "Let's go".

Folge danach den Anweisungen und stelle sicher, dass du ein Datum auswählst, zu dem dein PC noch nicht vom virus befallen war.

If in doubt when this was, you should choose an earlier date.If errors occur during recovery, try to perform them again in secure mode.

Possibility 5: Implement Windows reinstallation

This measure is to be carried out in the absolute worst case. In manchen Fällen kann ein aggressiver virus oder sonstige Schadsoftware dein System leider derart schädigen, dass die bestehende Windows-Installation nicht mehr ausgeführt werden kann.Then you only have the reinstallation of Windows.The system is completely newly set up, all data stored on the PC is deleted.

In any case, you first have to secure all the important data-on an external drive such as an external hard drive, flash-drive or USB stick!

In Windows 10 kannst du dies einfach machen, indem du auf „Systemeinstellungen“ -> „Diesen PC zurücksetzen“ klickst.

Then on "Let's go".Decide to delete all data and carry out a complete reinstallation.

Virus protection from the start - safe in the future

Angenommen, du hattest einen hartnäckigen virus auf deinem Computer und du musstest dein Windows neu installieren.You may not have had sufficient virus protection so far, or it was not up-to-date.It will be different now.We will show you how you will surely no longer get viruses on your newly installed Windows system in the future.

Follow the 6 lower steps to bring the PC back into the desired state after the Windows new installation:

Step 1: Install Windows updates

You have installed a fresh Windows version, but this is missing a lot of security updates that Microsoft continuously releases for its operating system.

Darum musst du sofort nach Neuinstallation den PC mit dem Internet verbinden und in der „Systemsteuerung“ –> „Windows-Update“ wählen.

Then click on "" looking for updates ".

If the tool is updated, they will be listed individually and you have the option to install them all equally.

Step 2: Virus protection software or.Install the virus scanner and update database

Nun kannst du eine professionelle Virenschutz-Software, wie Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, auf deinem PC installieren.Because new security gaps are continuously discovered in Windows and new viruses are constantly circulating on the Internet, your entire data traffic must be constantly monitored by the Internet.

After you have acquired your preferred program, you can download, install and install the software

virus entfernen: Schritt für Schritt Anleitung und Virenentferner

Switch on with the license key.Only with excellent virus protection can you make sure that you will no longer have virus infection in the future.

However, virus protection software must constantly update its virus database in order to be able to recognize the latest viruses and malware dangers.After the installation is complete, click on the option for updating your virus scanner immediately.

After the update, your PC is protected against current malware dangers and you can surf the Internet without worries.

To the bitdefender download

Step 3: Create Windows Backup and adjust personal settings

In this optimal state of your PC-a clean Windows installation with effective virus protection-you should create a backup of your system.It should no longer be necessary in the future, but prefer to be “on the safe side” and safe at this time.

Um ein Backup zu erstellen, gehe in die „Systemsteuerung“ –> „System und Sicherheit“ –> „Sichern und Wiederherstellen (Windows 7)“ –> „Sicherung einrichten“.

Now you should connect the external drive to be created on which the backup is to be created.Either an external hard drive or a USB stick-but you probably need an external hard drive to be able to create a complete system image.

Then select this directory in the dialog box and click on "Next"-run through the further security process and tolerate yourself for a good 1-2 hours, which it can take to create the backup.

Step 4: Set up user account without administrator rights

Even if only you use your computer, it can make sense to create a user account with limited user rights. Mit einem Administratorenkonto hast du Zugriff auf alle Systemfunktionen, was aber auch bedeutet, dass wenn du dir in diesem Modus einen virus einfängst, dieser all diese Berechtigungen ausnützen könnte.

Create a user account for the normal work on the PC, which only has limited permissions.

With this you can surf the Internet quite carefree - viruses can only do much less damage.If you have to install something, you can switch to the administrator account - for example for the following step 5.

Step 5: Update software programs

With the PC in the desired setup-Windows installed and up-to-date, effective virus protection active, all other required software programs can also be installed (again).

With every software you should pay attention to always installing the latest version.Otherwise you could expose your PC to new dangers.Adobe programs such as Adobe Acrobat Reader in particular, but Microsoft Office programs are also very vulnerable here.Certain viruses use PDF or DOC (X) files to carry out on the PC.The execution of macros must be deactivated.

Free freeware programs should also be downloaded from the manufacturer's official website to install the latest version.

Older versions can always have security gaps that use the circulating viruses.

Step 6: Copy secured files back to hard disk

Congratulations, most of the work is done!Now you can copy your files secured before the new installation from the external data carrier to your PC.

Whether you want to store the same folders again on the desktop, want to set your familiar background background again, etc..- Your PC is now protected and therefore your data should also be saved safely.

Effective virus protection: The best virus remover

The following tools have proven to be reliable in our tests as reliable options for virus removal:

Total Avbitdefenderintego Avaviraavastnorton

Total AV - our test winner

Total AV is a special kind of virus scanner.It is an expansion of Avast, which means that it uses the same technical basis.However, Total AV offers some other, meaningful additional functions that significantly increase the safety of your own PC.

The most important thing is of course the basic functionality of virus recognition and elimination.Totally AV can be absolutely convincing.An incredible 99.97% identification rate is extremely good.Total AV offers daily updates to ensure that the virus database is always kept up to date.So if you have malware on your PC, you can be convinced that Total AV finds it and removed.

In addition, Total AV offers some really good, additional features that we don't want to leave:

Password safe of the password safe allows you to encrypt all other passwords with a single password.You can use a complex, safe password for each account without having to remember the complicated string.

System tune updine PC is getting slower?This is not always due to malware or viruses.Unnecessary processes, registry entries, software and other things can slow down your PC.These can be easily removed with system tune-up.

Ad-blocking away to catch malware and viruses are pop-ups and advertising on the Internet.The built-in ad blocker from Total AV allows you to hide this annoying advertising on the Internet.

VPN In our comparison of the best VPN providers, we have explained in detail why we advise everyone to install a VPN.A VPN protects your anonymity on the Internet by forwarding you over a VPN server you chose instead of sending your data directly to the website.

The 24/7 support via phone, email or livechat also works excellently and convinces us!

Conclusion: test winner.Total AV has an incredibly high virus recognition rate and numerous additional features that convince us across the board.

To the Total AV homepage

It is, of course, best if you install effective virus protection on the PC, which recognizes viruses before an infection.A virus scanner is a special software that offers your PC extensive virus protection, but can also act as a virus remover.

We viewed the leading providers of virus scanners on the market and created detailed test reports.In this article we want to introduce you to the best virus scanners and virus remover compact.If you want to find out more, we have individual extensive test reports for you, to which every single program is linked.

Our preferred solution is Bitdefender Antivirus Plus - a great virus scanner with an excellent 100% identification rate of viruses.

All viruses on the PC are recognized and in most cases can be removed with the software in just a few mouse clicks.

To the bitdefender homepage

Intego AV - The best protection for your Mac

If you take it precisely, then Intego AV is a test winner.Namely, Intego AV is the best antivirus protection for macOS.It is particularly recommended because the program is only for Mac, and therefore can better respond to the special threats that affect Mac users.Intego convinces with a really good base virus protection with additional extra features.

Der Basisschutz von Intego AV nennt sich „virusBarrier“ und ist der Antivirus-Scanner von Intego.In our test, it was reliably tracked down and remove all viruses.The dashboard is user-friendly and offers all basic tools such as real-time protection, planned scans and malware removal.A manual search of only certain files or order is also possible.

We also find it particularly good that Intego enables you to select your level of protection.So you can choose between "minimum", "standard" and "maximum" to optimally personalize the virus program on yourself.

However, the best thing about Intego AV is the outstanding price-performance ratio.This is significantly better at Intego AV than with all other antivirus tools for MacOS.

Conclusion: Removing viruses and malware on the Mac is child's play.The best virus scanner for MacOS for us.

To the Intego AV homepage

Avira Antivirus Pro - strong performance

Avira Antivirus is probably particularly known as a free provider.The free antivirus - software from Avira is generally very good, but the premium variant was really convincing.Performance, discovering and removing malware and viruses was consistently satisfactory at Avira Antivirus Pro.

In this way, the software malware and viruses were reliably recognized and removed in various tests.In particular, we found the automatic real -time detection very good.If you suspect that malware has already crept into your computer, the Antivirus Tool also offers a very good manual scan that allows you to check certain areas carefully.

Avira is also suitable for older PCs.The virus scanner did not slow our PC in the test and it was hardly felt when it ran in the background.In the paid version, great additional services such as a built -in firewall continue to convince.We therefore advise you to use the paid variant, but probably the most convincing argument that the software in the basic version is completely free.

Avira also offers technical support by email and phone for the Premiun variant.

Conclusion: A very solid virus protection that achieves good results in the discovery and elimination of viruses.

To the Avira homepage

Avast Antivirus - The Best Free Protection

Even if Avast Antivirus did not make it onto the podium in our comparison, the Antivirus program convinces especially among the free systems.In fact, they know at least that Avast also offers a paid version.This is probably due to the AVAST already offers basic protection against spyware, malware, viruses and more as freeware.Even useful extras such as small useful extra such as a WLAN inspector and a smart scan function can be found in the free version of the antivirus provider.With the help of these functions, the software can search the computer for security gaps, which is particularly useful if you want to remove existing viruses and malware.Avast not only focuses on finding security gaps, but also about the general optimization of the computer system.The overall package also includes a pop-up blocker that makes surfing on the net much more pleasant.

If you already use the free service of Avast, the Pro version may be interesting for you.This costs 44.95 euros annual.

Conclusion: Avast Antivirus is the best free virus protection for us in comparison.It finds and removes malware reliably and also offers some great extra features.

To the Avast homepage

Norton by Symantec - promise virus protection

Norton is one of the oldest and largest providers of virus protection.This is also evident in its equipment, the virus protection from Norton has a lot to offer its customers.In addition to the basic protection against malware, spyware, ransomware and more, a firewall, a password manager and at least 10GB cloud memory are also part of the offer.

Auch das Finden und Entfernen von Viren & Malwaren gelingt Norton grundlegend gut, wenn auch nicht mit derselben Erfolgsquote, wie unser Testsieger.It is particularly positive for this that Norton Security 2020 can be uninstalled very single.This is very important for a virus program, since it is often not advisable to have two installed on the PC at the same time.There are also child locking, a Safecam option and some other useful features.

In terms of price, Norton is in midfield and costs 29.99 euros per year.What we like best by far and why Norton belongs to this list is the virus protection promise. Sollte man sich trotz des Einsatzes von Symantec Norton Security einen virus ins System holen, dann versucht ein Norton-Experte diesen per Fernzugriff aus dem System zu entfernen.If this Norton employee fails on this attempt, you get the purchase price of the antivirus software back.This is really top customer service.

Unfortunately, Norton has the same problem as Bitdefender.The virus protection requires a lot of memory while running in the background.Unfortunately, this is really disturbing, especially with older PCs.

Conclusion: good protection with many extras for an acceptable price.We particularly like the “virus protection”!

To the Norton homepage


Wenn ein PC von einem virus befallen wird, kann er in der Regel bereinigt werden.However, the effort is very high, a lot of time has to be invested. Umso wichtiger ist es von Anfang an einen effektiven Virenschutz zu installieren, damit man sich erst gar keinen virus einfängt.

With a professional virus scanner, data traffic and carried out files are monitored, data carriers and directories can be scanned according to viruses and recognized viruses removed.Perhaps further steps up to the reinstallation of Windows are required.

Keep the cool head best and rely on virus protection from the start.Our recommendation is clearly bitter at this point.

Der beste virusentferner - Viren sicher und rückstandslos entfernen

Remove viruses: Remove the residue and clean viruses and malware

Schutz vor Malware:Schutz vor erneuter Infektion mit Adware, Spyware & Co.

Real -time protection: 24/7 protection for your device

To totalav

Where does malware come from?

Die meisten Viren & Malware landen über das Internet und besonders deine E-Mail auf deinem Gerät.There are also numerous other ways to catch malware.Among them are the use of chopped websites, downloading Spieledemos, music files and toolbars.Sometimes malware can also hide in free subscriptions.As you can see, malware can lurk almost anywhere, so it is all the more important to protect yourself properly against them.

What damage do viruses do on my PC?

Dies unterscheidet sich sehr stark von virus zu virus.Some malware, such as so-called ransom software, is very banal, if necessary you even have a ransom request directly on the screen.Other malware, on the other hand, does their damage in the background and can be very difficult to discover.It shows itself through unusual pop-ups or spam and the frequent crashes from your PC.The most common sign that malware is on your computer is that it suddenly runs very slowly.

Remove viruses and malware - how do I best proceed?

Wenn du diesen Artikel liest, ist es wahrscheinlich bereits zu spät, und du hast dir einen virus oder Malware eingefangen, aber keine Sorge. Wir helfen beim Entfernen von Malware & Viren. Folge unseren Verhaltensregeln und entferne den virus danach mithilfe von einem Antivirus Anbieter wie Total AV.

Am I protected without antivirus software?

no.The times when you can safely surf through the net with an unprotected computer are unfortunately over.Without virus protection, it is better not to venture into the net these days.

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