Playgrounds: The most beautiful of Eastern Switzerland

Playgrounds: The most beautiful of Eastern Switzerland

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It gets warmer again, people spend more time outdoors.So that the children can let off steam again, we recommend ten special playgrounds.Here you can linger with your children, grandchildren or god:

The big one: Kellen playground, Gold

The Kellen meeting place is one of the largest playgrounds in Eastern Switzerland.It is located at the sports facility in Tübach, but is located on the Gold municipal area.The ten game islands are connected.All entrances and the network of paths are open to obstacle and can be reached with strollers or walking aids.

The playground on the trowels consists of several game islands: there is, among other things, a rocket tower, climbing nets, a barefoot path, a clay court and trampolines.

Pictures: Jolanda Riedener (Tübach, April 14, 2021)

You can also connect this playground to a hike.The tip leads from Gold train station via Horchental and Kellen.The round tour can also take place with start and finish at the Kellen playground.

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There are parking spaces on site.There are also several picnic bankli-some covered-and barbecues.In summer it can be quite hot here, and numerous trees then donate shadows.The sports field has a restaurant.As a rule, it is open during football games of FC Gold-Rorschach 17 and on training days.

The urban: St.Gallen City Park

Urban, central and with a mixed audience: This playground is a meeting point.On the colorful concrete snake of the playground in the St.Gallen city park, many of the parents are already turned around who are coming to play with their offspring today: the colorful fabulous animal has been in this place since 1999.

The playground has slides, climbing networks, swings and floor trampolines.There are also some Bänkli.Another plus point of this playground is its central location: it is well developed by public transport.There is also plenty of space in the city park and trees that donate shade.

The bird volière is only a few meters away: a visit is worth it for small and large.Access is free.

The neighborhood playground: Achslenweg St.Gallen

In contrast to the playground in the city park, this urban playground is located in the district, below the Halden school building, on Achsweg 11. The natural design is noticeable: bushes and large stones complement the hilly terrain.There is a willow house, a climbing rope tower, a balance beam path and a slide.The crawl tubes and the intercom is particularly fun.

Seating is available here.The athletics system is also nearby.The playground can be reached by bus, in the 30s zone there are parking spaces in the blue zone.

The lakes: Schlosswiese Arbon and play ship Steinach

The children want to play, the adults prefer to represent their feet: both are combined along the Lake Constance between Arbon and Steinach within a short time.The Arbon playground offers a few special attractions, for example a steam roller and a tractor.But also a sandpit with a water pump, rotating ducks, a carousel as well as a balance ring or a bird nest swing are part of the equipment.

The playground on the castle meadow is located in the best location on the lake.Here it has plenty of space around the play equipment.Picnic benches are also available.In summer you can buy coffee or glace at the promenade.The Saurer Museum is very nearby.It is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Sunday.

From the playground on the castle meadow you get to the game ship in Steinach in 30 minutes: a flat, cozy walk along the lake.If you still want to take a break, you can do this at the small playground.

These three playgrounds can be visited on foot within 30 minutes:

The game ship can be reached at the port of Steinach.It has climbing networks, slides and ladders.This playground is also nicely located: it is located on a meadow right on the lake and near the pedestrian bridge over the Steinach River.There are numerous Bänkli and some parking spaces on site.

There are also toilets on site.The Hafen-Treff restaurant offers drinks and snacks to take away.

The adventurous: Crosslings playground

There is nothing here that does not exist.This bank system extends over a length of 2.5 kilometers.It captivates with old tree stands, natural areas, an animal park, gardens and meals.

Young and old linger here: In the Crosslings Seeburg Park there is an adventure playground with numerous attractions.

Pictures: Andra Stalder/Reto Martin

The large adventure playground is particularly popular with younger visitors.In addition to a pirate ship, there are various play equipment such as swings or slides and a barefoot path.The attractions also include a giant chess or ping pong tables.

The zoo is fun across generations.Older, endangered pet breeds live here, for example the Appenzeller Barthuhn or the boots.But also for a game of mini golf or a round with the pedalo on the lake are young and old.

The Greens: Stälibuck, Frauenfeld

Here you can let off steam in the green: the playground in the reservoir Stälibuck is the most remote of all.It is located on the edge of the forest, but offers a beautiful view.The simple play equipment on the gravel square are surrounded by trees: children of all ages can not only let off steam on the devices, but also discover new things in the forest.

There are several picnic benches with tables and a water pump.The parking spaces are limited.The playground can be reached well by bus from the Dingenhart Dorf stop.Or you come on foot: The 2.83 km long forest educational trail Mühletobel leads from Salomonshölzli in Frauenfeld via Egg to Stälibuck.On the route, the children get to know the residents of the forest.Information boards also indicate the prevailing forest species, trees and shrubs.

The Stälibuckurm is very close.This inspection is something for vertigo -free: the lookout tower is 27 meters high.The 148 levels upwards are rewarded with an impressive foresight.

If you get hungry after playing and exploring, you can do this in the nearby Stälibuck restaurant: here with Globi-Maccaroni, Peter Hörnli and Papa Moll Schnitzel with fries fries are also a good selection of children's menus.

The colorful: Guarantee playground

This place is located directly on the river: The Thur children's playground was created in 1982 by the playground group and the Guarantee fire brigade association.There are colorful tractors, old steam rollers, even gondolas and a wooden ship:

The children can let off steam at numerous attractions such as climbing scaffolding, swings or in the sandpit.There is also a barbecue and a toilet here.

There are only a few parking spaces.Guarantee station is close to this.There it also has a kiosk.

The obstacle-free Thur-Uferweg leads past the playground: the 2.5-hour hike starts in Weinfelden and goes to Kradolf.The playground can also be easily reached with the bike: for example, the signposted Thurroute or the eastern Swiss wine route leads past here.

The sporty: Mountain wood playground, Wil

The Mountain wood pirate playground in Wil is aimed at children from around four to ten years.There is a castle, a stranded pirate ship, a secret tunnel, a cable car, a carousel and a bird's test swing.

Children, parents and residents were involved in planning the playground.It is located next to the football field.It also has a bouldering system and a skate park on the sports field site, both for free use.A bouldering system is a climbing wall that is used without a climbing belt and extends to the jump height.As in the skate park, a helmet protection obligation applies.

This playground is easily accessible with a large parking lot and the Mountain wood bus stop.

The fairytale: forest playground Rapunzel, Steinegg

If it is at noon and the weather is good, you smell the grilled cervelats and sausages from a distance.The Rapunzel forest playground is located between Steinegg and Weissbad.

There is a large climbing tower, toddler play equipment, a cable car, a network swing and a willow house.There are also two barbecue areas and a barefoot path, as well as a climbing wall.

There is also a toilet house with a changing table.It has a few parking spaces on Weissbadstrasse.Otherwise you get to the Steinegg train station with the Appenzeller trains, from here the playground can be reached on foot in five minutes.

Sporty people also get their money's worth here: a vitarian course leads here.The start and finish of the 14 stations is the Schaies sports facility.If you like it more comfortably, you can connect the trip on the playground with the “Rondom Stenegg” hike: For the 3.8 kilometers you need about an hour.The start and finish of the signposted walk is the Steinegg train station.

The popular: Kreckel, Herisau

The generational place Kreckel is located between the Heinrichsbad retirement home and the Herisau sports center.The crane is operated by the Spiel Island association and is popular beyond the municipal boundary.

The game islands should invite you to hide and explore with a loose hilly landscape.The generous playground is under the motto of Appenzellerland.The concept was developed in joint collaboration with a playground maker from the region, it says on the website of the association.The play equipment is numerous: climbing towers, slides, trampolines and wood animals are just a few of the attractions.

The journey by public transport is recommended: Regio bus lines 172 and 158 serve the Heinrichsbad stop.The sports field is located on the Kasernenstrasse, here it has paid parking spaces.Toilets are located in the Heinrichsbad retirement home or at the sports center.Seating is ideal for a picnic.

Spielplätze: Die schönsten der Ostschweiz

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