Pirate party in Lower Saxony: receipt for chaos

Pirate party in Lower Saxony: receipt for chaos

So nothing has brought anything: the typical pirate posters on which the pirates with modified brand logos were used for voting.The core topics also dealt with questions such as nuclear policy.

The Lower Saxony did not want to have the pirates in the state parliament, only about two percent of the voters voted for the party, which last year virtually made the move into four country parliaments, which in the meantime reached double -digit values in nationwide surveys and evenThe Greens left behind.And now two percent in Lower Saxony - a result that suggests the bad for the Bundestag election.

Sure, some problems in Lower Saxony are country -specific.Only after endless back and forth did the pirates succeed in choosing a country list.Inner -party troublemakers had contested the elections several times and finally pleaded for the state election management not to allow the resulting list with top candidate Ramaswamy.

Piratenpartei in Niedersachsen: Quittung für das Chaos

Previously, the Lower Saxony pirates had already made headlines because the party, which was actually so transparent in this way, set up media-free zones at their state party conference and caught a complaint from the journalist association.

At the border with self -fleet

But even harder than the Lower Saxon Sperenzken weighs the bad picture that the pirates currently hand in at federal level.It borders on self -fleece, which the party has delivered in the past few months.Two board members resigned in autumn: assessor Julia Schramm after Harscher Inner -party criticism of her book publication, for which she is said to have received a high advance.Assessor Matthias Schrade because of the continuing tracing around the political managing director Johannes Ponader, who attracted the anger of many party friends because he combined the pirate Hartz IV criticism too much with his personal fate.

In addition, there are the failures that have almost been used to the pirates at regular intervals: a MP who connects the Holocaust to the Middle East conflict.The much criticized support of an application from the NPD in Schleswig-Holstein.A party congress on which some gaps could be closed in the program, but the pirates are also lost in the notorious endless debates.And repeatedly grueling discussions about the relationship between the base and board.

A week before the Lower Saxony election, it was a personal and shocking essay by the Spiegel online journalist Annett Meiritz, who made the pirates look bad.Meiritz describes under the heading "How I got to know the misogyny of the pirate party" that the party has been scattered from the party for months to sleep with a pirate member to get information.How colleagues were asked about their supposed relationship and how they finally insulted a pirate on Twitter as prostitutes.

Who is still surprised about falling survey values?Would be a federal election next week, the pirates understandably would not have a chance of moving into parliament.They bubble around in current surveys in two to four percent, nothing is left of the former double -digit approval values.