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Own website without tracking |Network & Internet |Forum |Mactechnews.de

rmayergfx07.06.2117: 19

Eigene Website ohne Tracking | Netzwerk & Internet | Forum | MacTechNews.de

@Jens-Ulrichdie Approaches are quite good, but not all of them coherent.For the purpose of GDPR you can read here:

If you incorporate forms, then only the email address may be a compulsory field, everything else is only optionally permitted.

Not correct.Is not written anywhere.It would be true that in general only the name and email address are required and for each further question that should be mandatory, a good reason for why you can collect this data!If that would be true, one could no longer fill out a single form at an authority, there are a number of data collected, so that only the person also fills out the form that concerns!to be handled via SSL!.Better look for a service provider who has long enough on the market and is also familiar with the legal questions.Unfortunately there are far too many warningers who are just waiting for something to be forgotten on the homepage or is not formulated neatly.A copied graphic without rights on the picture or a link that carries out a tracking and you already have u.U.unwanted mail.You can insert so much text on the website that you should contact you beforehand if you have any problems.How did you imagine the care of the homepage?Do you have so much time to take care of any updates that nobody uses your web space for other things or even used as a spam slingshot? I just looked at Sparkle and had to think of Macaw immediately.The design is almost identical.A good homepage also includes a responsive web design and a comprehensive test so that the page also works on the most common browsers and operating systems.This has been busy with a person for some time, as the head of my own company, I see a challenge that is to be solved.I don't know a boss who takes the time for his own homepage.He commissioned what should be changed and then blesses it.

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