Openaai: Codex-Ki transforms language into code

Openaai: Codex-Ki transforms language into code



Openaai: Codex-KI verwandelt Sprache in Code


Matthias Bastian

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Openaai erweitert die Programmier-KI Codex um die Fähigkeit, gesprochene Sprache in Code zu verwandeln.This is supposed to facilitate amateurs and professionals to develop.

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Openaais aktuelles Codex-Update deutet in weiter Ferne eine Revolution der Software-Entwicklung an: Eine KI kann natürliche, also einfach gesprochene Sprache in Programmiercode und damit in Software umwandeln.So even complete code layers could create complex computer programs.

Was sich bei GPT-3 schon in Ansätzen zeigte, nämlich dass die Sprach-KI aus zugerufenen Anweisungen einfachen Programmiercode generieren konnte – obwohl sie für diesen Zweck gar nicht trainiert wurde – macht Openaai bei Codex jetzt zum Feature.


Programming on the call for professionals and lay people

Codex ist Openaais KI-Modell für Programmiersprache.The AI is intended to make it easier for developers through code auto-completion.So far, Codex has only been embedded in Githubs software copilot.

Jetzt stellt Openaai den Zugang zu Codex per API als Beta zur Verfügung. Der Zugang zur Beta ist kostenlos, den Zugang zur fertigen Version wird Openaai verkaufen.

In addition, the organization announces an improvement for Codex, which generates computer code from pure language instructions: For instruction such as "Create a website with Hello World on it", Codex generates the appropriate code.

Even simple computer games can create Codex purely on the basis of spoken instructions, even if, that shows the demonstration, a lot of attempt and error is necessary. Einige weitere Demos etwa für Datenwissenschaften sind in Openaais YouTube-Kanal verfügbar.

Since Codex speaks several programming languages, the AI can also create code instructions within other programs.A demo shows how Codex acts as a voice control in Microsoft Word: The AI turns the spoken instructions in real time Word-compatible code, which then formates the text written in Word as desired. Openaais Geschäftspartner Microsoft untersucht laut Openaai bereits solche Codex-Anwendungsszenarien.

The language-to-code technology works because the basis of Codex is the GPT-3 AI model trained with many language data. Für Codex verfeinerte Openaai die Programmierfunktion durch entsprechendes Nachtraining mit im Internet frei verfügbaren Code-Beispielen.

Openaai: Codex-KI verwandelt Sprache in Code

In this context, the question of copyright is critically discussed, since the AI ultimately recycled code lines created by human programming.In tests, Codex even quoted entire code paragraphs from an old video game by John Carmack, as the complete code was part of the data record for AI training.

Openaai will es beweisen: Programmierwettbewerb startet mit Codex

The potential benefit of language-to-code technology for programming laymen is obvious and, if it reaches a high level of maturity, could change software development.The way there is still wide and ultimately the software development is much more than programming.

Laut Openaai sollen daher zunächst Profis von Codex‘ Sprachverständnis profitieren.You can mix instructions in natural language with code lines and give Codex precisely instructions for the programming code to be generated-as if you were asking a colleague to implement a function and rewriting them directly with specific examples. without advertising banners

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"Codex is a step in the direction of a new interface to computers - you can speak to your computer and do what you want," Brockman describes the central vision behind Codex.

In einem Programmierwettbewerb möchte Openaai herausfinden oder demonstrieren, wie viel schneller Programmierer in Zusammenarbeit mit Codex Aufgaben lösen können.Codex developers are supposed to solve five python tasks and can enter their best time on a high score list.

Eine ausführliche Sprache-zu-Code-Demo zeigen Openaai-Mitgründer Greg Brockman und Codex-Projektleiter Wojciech Zaremba im folgenden Video.

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Update: Reference to further demos, videos exchanged, copyright complemented

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