Minecraft: Microsoft account from 2021 mandatory

Minecraft: Microsoft account from 2021 mandatory

Die Java-Edition des Klötzchenspiels "Minecraft" erfordert in Zukunft ein Microsoft-Account.Minecraft: Microsoft-Account ab 2021 Pflicht

From 2021 the "Minecraft Java Edition" requires a Microsoft account.If you don't change your account, you can no longer log in and consequently no longer play, it says in a blog post.There should be no disadvantages by moving.On the contrary: players who switch from their old Mojang account to Microsoft account receive a special cape.Mods and skins can continue to be created and used - of course you keep all existing game items.

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Why does the change come?

Microsoft justifies the change with increased account security.From now on you offer a two-factor authentication, improved youth protection options and the possibility of blocking chat and invitations.Another advantage: All PC Minecraft games are linked to the same account-currently "Minecraft" and "Minecraft Dungeons", but the developers in the blog post indicate further titles.

When is the Microsoft account in Minecraft mandatory?

For existing accounts, the move takes place gradually from the beginning of 2021.Users receive an email from Mojang with details on the procedure.If you already have questions about the change in advance, you will find questions often asked on the Minecraft website (FAQ).New users who get the Java edition will register with a Microsoft account from autumn 2020.

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