Mike Pompeo undermined America's democracy in a press conference

Mike Pompeo undermined America's democracy in a press conference

Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo only needed two answers to undermine America's democratic example during a press conference on Tuesday.

The leading diplomat of the country informed reporters about some of the new initiatives of his agency, but he had to know that he had to issue questions about the refusal of President Donald Trump to give the 2020 elections, and to refuse his government, to initiate the transitional process in order to take power on theTo hand over the elected President Joe Biden.

In fact, a journalist asked whether a delay would damage the transitional efforts of the Foreign Ministry of National Security. Pompeo took the opportunity to answer the opportunity to undermine the election result.

"There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration," he said, apparently indicated that he would expect his boss to assert himself, even though he had already lost the race, then he chips what he was indicatedMaybe joked. (I contacted the Foreign Ministry to clarify it, but did not receive an answer immediately.)

But joke or not, the president of the United States and his allies, who actively undermine the peaceful, democratic handover of power, is no thing to laugh, and the foreign minister should not take a light shoulder.

Biden has won the race, with a clear lead. Trump's legal game to reject "illegal" voices does not work - in fact, judges have caused cases across the country - and they are probably not robust enough to change something.Have already called global leaders like the Canadian Justin Trudeau and German Angela Merkel Biden to congratulate him on his victory.

To indicate something else, even joking, is extremely inappropriate for the Foreign Minister, whose task is to stand up for democracy worldwide.

Mike Pompeo hat Amerikas Demokratie in einer Pressekonferenz untergraben

Pompeo's consequences were a bit more measured. "The world observed what happens here. We will count all voices.World should have complete confidence that the transition that is necessary to ensure that the Foreign Ministry is now functional, successful and successful today, with a president who is in office on January 20, one minute after noonwill be."

But when another reporter asked whether Trump's refusal, the Ministry of Ministry of Foreign Affairs violated other nations that elections were to be carried out free, fairly and democratically and completed, Pompeo broke out.

"This is ridiculous, and they know that it is ridiculous and they asked it because it is ridiculous," he said. "You asked a ridiculous question."

"The department attaches great importance to the fact that elections all over the world take place safely and safely, freely and fairly, and my officers risk their lives when that happens," he continued.

Except the question was not ridiculous.

Pompeo and his agency often criticize the democratic failure of other countries-take, for example, Pompeo's recent messages to Tanzania and Belarus-and observe how the US President does the same at home.Actions actually.

That looks bad for America. Trump's behavior and Pompeo's obvious support make it difficult for the United States to ask other countries to adhere to democratic norms. If the United States does not follow these norms, why should others do it?

What all of this says about the state is extremely worrying: the President and Foreign Minister is not much better than the undemocratic leader who insult them.

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