Manage notes on the iPhone and iPad, restore, scan

Manage notes on the iPhone and iPad, restore, scan

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If you are not an elephant with a proverbial good memory, you will certainly always have something to note - whether these are the weekly shopping list, flash of inspiration or diary notes. The iPhone or iPad as well as the notes app.

enlarge new notes are particularly practical for this. The Mac is one of the most used applications. The numerous options that she offers are not always to be discovered at first glance. In addition, the app is continuously developed. Also at the upcoming update to iOS 15 and IPADOS 15, the notes app will certainly get some new functions again. In the following we will show you what you can do with a notes app under iOS 14/iPados 14. > Create and delete new notes via the control center. Create lists and shopping lists

Add photos and videos

Copy more objects into a note

Scan with the notes app

notes or Share and edit folder together


notes hide and lock

Find and find


< P> Create handwritten notes and drawings

keep your notes up to date

Your notes can be so important if you do not always have it ready. Therefore, if not happened, you should configure Mac, iPhone and iPad so that they are synchronized and available on all of your devices via iCloud. This requires that you are registered with the same Apple ID on all of your devices. If this is the case, check whether your notes are compared via iCloud:

on the Mac Open the system settings and the settings of the "Apple ID".

Activate under "Apps on this Mac that use iCloud" the entry "Notes".

to iPhone and iPad open the settings and tap your name with the Apple ID and then on "iCloud".

Insect the "Notes" entry, your notes are also provided on the iPad or iPhone. All changes made are compared with the Mac and other devices.

enlarge via iCloud, own notes are synchronized on all devices.

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And delete

Notes can be created directly in the notes app or from other apps, such as Safari (see below):

Open the notes apps. Tap the "New Note" symbol.

Enter the heading. This should be meaningful that you can immediately see in the list of notes which note it is.

Enter the text of the note and tap "Finished" at the top right.

< P> To delete a note, wipe on the selected note from right to left and tap the wastebasket icon on the selected note. Deleted notes are recently deleted for a further thirty days in the folder. P>

Notes via the control center. To make this possible, you must first set up the control center accordingly.

Open the settings of your iPhone or iPad. Select the entry "Control Center"

There, Under "Further controls" for the control center, find the entry "Notes".

Add the control to the control center In addition.

this is done

you can create a note by wiping on the top of the screen at the top right to display the control center. There you tap the symbol of the notes app and create the new note.

enlarging even faster, the control center

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Notes Create an app

notes can also be created from some apps if necessary, for example you can add a PDF file or website to your notes. Use Safari as an example:

Start Safari with a finger tip and open a website, such as "".

Search A contribution or article. Tap the part symbol. The iPhone is on the bottom of the toolbar.

Search the notes app in the second row. Select an existing note or create a "new note". Save the note via a finger tip.

enlarge A note can also be created with a link from Safari

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TIP: Setapp-Test the best Mac apps now 7 days free of charge


You have created a new note in the way you can format the text of the note. To do this, proceed as described here:

Create the new note, tap the two letters "AA". Until "non -proportional" and enter the text. If necessary, select the drawing format, list format and indentations via the lower symbols. There you format the text after a finger tip on the "Biu" entry.

For several iOS versions, notes can be formated quite well. P> to-do lists and shopping lists

Since you will certainly use the notes app for using tasks and shopping lists, we will show you how to design lists with the list of notes app: < /P>

Create a new note and tap the small hook below. The first entry of the list is created.

To create further entries, press the input button and tap the further entries.

Every entry that has been done or each article , which you have in the shopping basket, simply check off.

The notes app is so "smart" that the tasks or purchased items are automatically moved to the end of the list. This way you always stay up to date.

Enlarging Shopping lists in notes are also possible. "Alt =" Manage notes on the iPhone and iPad, restore "Title =" Manage notes on the iPhone and iPad " /P>

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Add photos and videos

Your notes add photos and videos if necessary. Depending on whether you have already taken the photo or have to shoot it first, proceed in different ways:

To add photos and videos, create a new note if necessary and tap the camera below -Symbol.

Tap the entries "Select photo or video" or "Take a photo or video."

Select this in the photo app You have one with the camera.

Tap "Add" to take it into the note. There you can look at, reduce, share or delete it. To do this, tap the photo a little longer until its context menu appears. Here you will find the available functions.

enlarge to the notes can be added directly. Copy other objects, such as PDF files, websites and others, add directly from the corresponding app. For a PDF file, for example, proceed as follows:

Open the files app and select a PDF file in the download or documents folder.

Open This with a finger tip. Now tap on the parts field.

In the second row, select the "Notes app". a new note is to be created or the file of an existing one is added.

from High Sierra: Notes with tables

Scan with the notes app

that are not yet available in digital form, scan with the notes and camera app of the iPhone or iPad. /P>

Tap the "Scan documents" entry. Position the iPhone or iPad accordingly and take a photo.

Pull up the frame so that the document or the text is fully recorded.

Tap on "Scan keep it "and then" secure ". The scanned file is added to the notes app.

Enlarge The notes app is also a free iOS scanner.

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Notes Share and edit together

If you would like to share notes with others or edit together, then this is also possible. It is particularly easy to implement if the other people also have an Mac, iPhone or iPad with the current version of iOS or iPados and have an Apple ID. Under Windows or Android you can edit them via a web browser and

Start the notes app and select the desired note or folder. Tap the circle with the three small points.

Select the entry "Share note" or "Share" Order "and decide how the other person should be notified.

Under release options, indicate whether the or that can only view or edit the note.

enlarge your own notes can be shared for family members or colleagues.

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notes arrange

If you use the notes app regularly and more intensively, of course, numerous notes collect there over time and easily lose track. In this case, you can also put the notes in folders and sort. For example, you can create folders for private or business notes, for shopping or to-do lists and much more:

Start the notes app. Tap the "Folder" entry in the top left to choose the folder view.

Create a new folder via the folder icon and give it a name, such as "Shopping lists". Tap "Create".

Switch to the "All iCloud" or "All notes" folder and wipe on the note from right to left.

Tap the folder -Symbol and select the folder in which the note is to be moved.

Alternatively, tap the circle with the three points at the top right and select the entry "Select notes".

Mark the desired notes and "move" them in the intended folder.

To sort the notes - in the folders - select the folder and tap the circle with the three small points. Under "Sort notes" Select the corresponding entry, such as "Title", "Creation Date" or another.

You can "pin up" important notes in the list. To do this, wipe on the entry in the list of notes from left to right and tap on the pin symbol.

Enlarging Notes can be organized on the iPhone and iPad in folder.

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Notes hide and block

If you have created private notes that are not intended for other eyes, you can hide and lock them.

Select desired Note and tap them a little longer. Note this password well!

You can also move the note to the "private" folder. To do this, wipe on the note from right to left and select the folder via a finger tip on the folder icon.

Please note: locked notes is preceded > Enlarge from curious eyes can be hidden notes.

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Use and search for secure notes on the iPhone and iPad


Also, if you have sorted and ordered your notes, it is necessary to carry out a targeted search for search terms or categories from time to time. P>

Tap the search field. If you want to find all notes of a specific category, select the category such as "Notes with checklists".

Other - Already when entering the search term. The corresponding sites are marked yellow.

The deleted notes are "last deleted" for around 30 days in the folder. After 30 days, iCloud deletes the entries permanently, but this can still take up to 40 days.

Enlarge notes and find

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Gallery view

You can display your notes in the normal list view or in the gallery view, which is very practical, for example, in images, drawings or handwritten notes. Tap on the top of the circle with the three small points at the top right and select the “Show as a gallery”.

Handwritten notes and drawings. Handwritten notes also need. Of course, this is more comfortable and faster on the iPad with the Apple Pencil than on the iPhone, on which you have to write with your finger or a simple input stick with rubber tip. The procedure in the notes app itself is the same.

Start the notes app and create a new note. Tap the pencil icon below.

Alternatively, tap the Apple Pencil on the screen and the notes app twice with the current versions of the iPad Pro and iPad Air and you can get started or you can get started or The typing in the control center on the control for the notes app (see the tip of the same name above).

After selecting the writing or drawing tool and, if necessary, the note or drawing.

You have completed the note or drawing, tap on "Finished".

enlarge Handwritten notes

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