MacOS Big Sur: How to use and find dynamic wallpaper on the Mac

MacOS Big Sur: How to use and find dynamic wallpaper on the Mac

In contrast to the iPhone, your Mac can not only switch between light and dark backgrounds, but also offers completely dynamic wallpapers that can change up to five times over the day and can thus signal the approximate time of day.Of course, Apple only offers a limited selection.However, you can also add your own wallpapers from the network.But in turn.

So you use dynamic wallpaper on the Mac

The Mac has always had various integrated background images.The latest versions of MacOS are also no exception, but wallpapers from older versions are lost with the updates.To use a dynamic wallpaper, click on the Apple icon in the menu bar and then select "System Settings". Öffne dann den Eintrag „Schreibtisch & Bildschirmschoner“.In the "desk" file rider, you will now receive an overview.Select "Dynamic" from the dropdown menu.You can now see all the dynamic wallpapers underneath.In MacOS Big Sur you can choose between eight motifs by default.Click one to determine it as a background.

Here you will find dynamic wallpaper for your Mac

Apple makes it easy for you to use dynamic wallpaper. Hast du eines heruntergeladen, dann kannst du es in „Systemeinstellungen > Schreibtisch & Bildschirmschoner“ über die Seitenleiste auswählen, wenn du es im Ordner „Downloads“ oder „Bilder“ abgelegt hast.Alternatively, you can set it in the Finder with a right click as a wallpaper.

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You can download dynamic wallpaper on the following websites:

Dynaper for Mac - this is not a website, but an app that offers you wallpapers without much effort.Free versions have watermarks that you can remove by buying in-app.You also have the opportunity to create your own wallpaper.

24 Hour Wallpaper - both as a website and app available.In the app, 24 Hour Wallpaper does not offer you free background pictures because it costs 10.99 euros.On the other hand, a small selection is available on the website.

Macos Big Sur: So nutzt und findest du dynamische Wallpaper am Mac

Dynamic Wallpaper Club - but if you are looking for an extensive media library with free backgrounds, then you are exactly right here.

In which team are you: dynamic or static wallpaper?Let us know in the comments.

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