Mac & amp; extra: 13 workshops on podcasts, investing money and more experience reports: data recovery from old media by professionals living as an IT freelancer: earning opportunities, demand situation and risks Instructions: charging electric car with solar power

Mac & amp; extra: 13 workshops on podcasts, investing money and more experience reports: data recovery from old media by professionals living as an IT freelancer: earning opportunities, demand situation and risks Instructions: charging electric car with solar power

Einen Tag vor dem Verkaufsstart im Handel gibt es Mac & i Extra 2021 im Heise Shop – wahlweise auf Papier oder als PDF. Es enthält wieder 13 spannende Workshops – von Profis geschrieben, für Laien nachvollziehbar. Sie können direkt loslegen.

Your own podcast and your own startup

Learn how to start your own podcast from podcaster and radio woman Larissa Vassilian, from name search, hardware and recording tips to hosting and success control.

Let startup connoisseur Manuel Hecker explain what matters if you want to start a company. He, too, starts with the idea, helps in the search for fellow fighters and an investor. In addition, he gives tips on how to make your startup known to grow economically.

Just invest money and bloggin

Financial expert Ümit Mericler shows that the entry into the stock exchange with equity funds succeeds uncomplicated. The time is ideal: interest rates are low, prices are rising. If you have 25 euros per month left, you should set up a deposit at the ETF (exchange traded Fund) and minimize the risk.

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You love your hobby and want to tell the world about it? Maybe in a blog? With WordPress, even beginners can quickly set up, and yet there are a few things to consider. Daniel Berger, WordPress expert and even operator of a blog, tells you which one.

Photographing and filming-for example with the drone

    Mac & i Extra: 13 Workshops zu Podcasten, Geld anlegen und mehr Erfahrungsberichte: Datenrettung von alten Medien durch Profis Leben als IT-Freelancer: Verdienstmöglichkeiten, Nachfragesituation und Risiken Anleitung: Elektroauto mit Solarstrom laden

Do you like to photograph? Whether you & APOs; re using your smartphone or SLR camera, let Markus Linden & APOs; s creative handling of format, light, perspective and motif help you make your images much better.

Photographing and filming with a drone once again exerts a very special appeal. YouTuber and multicopter specialist Tom David Frey describes what matters when buying a drone and how you capture brilliant scenes with it.

Also traditionally produced videos often need the decisive kick, which turns an amateur video into a professional film. The video professionals Philipp Mohaupt, Marius Di Noro and Joachim Sauer reveal how you enchant your viewers with Adobe after Effects.

Regulating the digital estate

It & APOs; s not just funny, loud and colorful in our workshops. Lawyer Brian Scheuch, for example, is dedicated to the last will. When someone dies nowadays, they leave not only material goods and bank accounts, but also password-protected devices and access to digital services, such as Apple, Google or Dropbox. In some cases, the data and media even have considerable values. What you should know if you want to take care of your heirs-or inherit them yourself.

3D CAD and scientific work

CAD programs Don & APOs; t have to be expensive: with the free FreeCAD, anyone can create parametric sketches from which 3D models will be created later. Using the example of a smartphone holder, Florian Stolz shows how to construct an object with a little introduction that can be printed out with the 3D printer.

If you have to write a scientific paper, it doesn & APOs; t always have to be word. Mac owners like to use the free pages because it is easy to use and offers good layout functions. It is also suitable for Bachelor & APOs; s or Master & APOs; s theses now, because Apple has supplemented the functions necessary for scientific papers, as Inge Schwabe shows. If you like, take the iPad or browser version.

HTML, JavaScript, SQL

Allow JavaScript: developer Golo Roden will teach you how to develop a web-based client server application using the example of a small quiz. It also covers the server page with Node.js.

If you want to create a simple website, you Don & APOs; t have to set up a complex CMS, deal with databases or scripts, buy expensive software or hire professionals. Web designer Vladimir Simović shows that HTML and CSS files created in any editor are still sufficient to implement respectable websites today. This brings with it numerous advantages, such as increased security or lower requirements for the server and your technical know-how.

CD collection, accounting, employee lists-all of this seems to be easy to manage with a spreadsheet. A relational database such as the free SQLite and the language SQL make much better. Christian Kirsch shows step by step how to create and manage a database.

Am 4. November kommt Mac & i extra Workshops 2021 in den gut sortierten Zeitschriftenhandel. Im Heise Shop lässt es sich bis 11. November versandkostenfrei bestellen. Wahlweise können Sie es aber auch im Browser lesen, als PDF oder aufbereitet für die Lektüre auf iPhone und iPad, Android-Geräten und Kindle Fire) in den Mac & i-Apps erwerben. Abonnenten halten es bereits in den Händen, und Plus-Abonnenten bekommen die Papier- und die digitale Ausgabe, die u. a. mit Bonusmaterial, interaktivem Lesemodus und Suchfunktion angereichert ist.(se)