Lower Saxony - 80 percent loan votes for the FDP

Lower Saxony - 80 percent loan votes for the FDP

The liberals owe their good result in the state election in Lower Saxony the loan votes CDU-close voters.This is the result of the research group elections.The CDU remains the strongest party, but has suffered significant losses in favor of the FDP.For around 80 percent of the FDP voters on Sunday - 43 percent of which have only decided at short notice - the preferred party is actually called CDU.That is why the profits at the FDP are at their expense.It owes its top candidate and the popularity of Chancellor Angela Merkel that the CDU still remains the strongest strength..

The SPD, on the other hand, is a problem of its candidate for chancellor.44 percent of all respondents believe that Peer Steinbrück hurt his party in the election in Lower Saxony.The party can partially compensate for the Steinbrück effect with its work in Lower Saxony, where it is considerably better with staff and program today than in the 2008 election.At the same time, the SPD benefits from the Renaissance of the red-green coalition model, which today finds 46 percent of those surveyed well.The fact that red-green was able to wrest up so many voices for the government parties is primarily due to the weak opinion of the FDP as a ruling party.

Niedersachsen - 80 Prozent Leihstimmen für die FDP

At the same time, I think that Philipp Rösler has harmed the FDP in Lower Saxony.Although the party has moved into the state parliament, 54 percent expect that Rösler will soon be replaced as FDP Federal CEO.

While the CDU has a stable high reputation, the SPD and especially the green voices were able to gain.The reason is that the citizens are more satisfied with red-green today: the SPD of the CDU has expired in the top topic of education.36 percent of the respondents consider the Social Democrats to be competent, the CDU only comes to 28 percent.On the second most important topic, the labor market, the SPD has caught up with 32 percent considerably to the CDU (38 percent).

McAllister is considered the more likeable candidate

When it comes to credibility and expertise.McAllister is considered the more likeable candidate.Although it is also popular, it is ultimately clearly behind the incumbent that 50 percent would continue to want as a prime minister.

The older voters once again born the basis for the CDU election success: the CDU fetches 41 percent for the over 60-year-olds, but has unusually high losses with minus nine percentage points.The FDP creates 60 plus growth of three percentage points in the generation and is now well above its cut at 13 percent.In the 45- to 59-year-olds, the Greens increase strong.The CDU loses seven points here and slides with 30 percent just behind the SPD with 31 percent.In almost all other social groups, the left falls below the five percent mark.According to almost 80 percent, the pirates have their best time behind them.