Liberty against noise with two PVC floor collections

Liberty against noise with two PVC floor collections

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    To respond to the problem of noise pollution, the Liberty brand from Udirev is expanding its two floor collections with Rock 55 Acoustic and Original 55 Acoustic strips and tiles.

    Liberty contre le bruit avec deux collections de sol PVC

    Composed of recyclable and phthalate-free virgin PVC, these two ranges of PVC floors launched in 2018, one rigid clip-on, the other removable weighting, are enriched with new decors and formats.

    The Liberty Rock 55 Acoustic collection consists of rigid clip-on planks and tiles, with LVT facing and acoustic underlay (ΔLw: 18 dB). High density, water resistant, wear class 23/33, they have micro-bevels on the 4 sides and can be cut with a cutter. The installation is done without preparation of the support and the implementation by interlocking flat. The range is available in 27 references: 13 wood decors in 17 x 121 cm or 23 x 151 cm strips and 12 mineral decors (terrazzo, marble, concrete, etc.) in XXL 45 x 90 cm slabs.

    The second collection, Liberty Original 55 Acoustic, suitable for high traffic areas (use class 33/42), consists of removable slats and loose-filling tiles with an integrated acoustic underlay (ΔLw: 19 dB). It is now available in 13 references: 7 wood decors in 18 x 120 cm strips and 6 mineral decors in 50 x 50 cm slabs or in a new XXL format 91 x 91 cm. Increasing the feeling of space, this new dimension can reinforce, for example, the illusion of a waxed concrete floor. Among the strengths of the range, we note comfort when walking, quick installation and removal, dimensional stability and high puncture resistance.

    Liberty Rock 55 Acoustic XL Light Oak- © ©3DarcaStudio - stock.adobe.comClose Lightbox

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