Klarna gets into the game and starts a multi -year cooperation with the Angel City Football Club

Klarna gets into the game and starts a multi -year cooperation with the Angel City Football Club

New York, November 2, 2021 / Prnewswire /- Klarna, the world's leading bank, payment and shopping service, announced today that it continues to take unexpected steps by with his teammate, the Angel City Football Club (ACFC) The nation works together women's football league (NWSL). Clarna is a fishing party as a founding partner.An innovative way to buy, pay and support their favorite teams offers.

Both Klarna and ACFC are known for exceeding the borders of their respective worlds, which is why it was a natural partnership. Clarna questions outdated traditional credit and payment industrial models that have lost sight of the developing consumer needs.90 million customers worldwide in 20 markets that choose Klarna as a better opportunity to shop and pay. At the same time, ACFC-an up-and-coming football franchise with a majority of women led by women and a front office-the traditional sports model with its historical leadership on the head.

"Klarna lives from making courageous decisions that exceed industries such as fashion, beauty, games, travel and now also sport," said David Sandstrom, CMO from Klarna. "We approach every new partnership with the same question: 'WhoAre our like -minded partners who share the same values and ambitions? 'Both are based on innovation and the future -oriented vision of this team is in accordance with clear nasive commitment to advance significant changes for consumers. "

Since both companies focus on innovation, Klarna and ACFC want to offer the ACFC fans the best experience through this collaboration and at the same time have a positive impact on the entire Los Angeles community.to initiate the community of Los Angeles.

As an expansion of your Give-Back programs, Klarna and ACFC will work together to support initiatives for planetary health by helping to create green spaces in areas in which this is currently missing. The disruptive partnership model of ACFC shows 10 % of all sponsorship fundsfor community programs, while Give One powered by Klarna 1 % of all financing rounds for Planet Health Initiatives with a focus on climate protection, biodiversity and human development.to enable consumers better information about their purchases.

"Angel City is looking for partners who want to meet our purpose and want to have higher expectations and have a positive influence," said Angel City FC founder and President Julie Uhrman. "Together with Klarna, we will work together as part of our Angel City Sponsorship model,,To create green areas throughout LA, which is a premiere for ACFC.In addition, we will offer Klarna as a payment option in our online shop, which is a more flexible way to make purchases and represent our team to our fans. "

Also as part of the partnership, Klarna and ACFC will work together on a limited capsule collection that will be published in 2022.The provider of payment solutions and shopping services will introduce a "Smoooth Pink Carpet" entrance for selected games, which gives fans the opportunity to strut their best matchday looks.of California stadium and in various social ACFC content.

About Klarna

Wir sorgen für einen reibungslosen Einkauf.Mit Klarna können Verbraucher jetzt kaufen und später bezahlen, damit sie heute das bekommen, was sie lieben.Das Angebot von Klarna für Verbraucher und Einzelhändler umfasst Zahlungen, Social Shopping und persönliche Finanzen.Über 250.000 Einzelhandelspartner, darunter H&M, IKEA, Expedia Group, Samsung, ASOS, Peloton, Abercrombie & Fitch, Nike und AliExpress, haben Klarnas innovatives Einkaufserlebnis online und im Geschäft ermöglicht.Klarna ist mit einer Bewertung von 45,6 Milliarden US-Dollar eines der am höchsten bewerteten privaten Fintechs weltweit.Klarna wurde 2005 gegründet, beschäftigt über 4.000 Mitarbeiter und ist in 17 Ländern aktiv.Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter klarna.com.

Via Angel City Football Club

Klarna steigt ins Spiel ein und startet eine mehrjährige Zusammenarbeit mit dem Angel City Football Club

The Angel City Football Club (ACFC), the eleventh member of the National Women's Soccer League, will enter the field in spring 2022 and the Banc of California Stadium in downtown Los Angeles will be called its home.Actress and activist Natalie Portman, the technology risk-related Kara Nortman, the media and gaming entrepreneur Julie Uhrman and the risk capital, 776 founder and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian founded.Leading women's national team, and Christians Press from LA is the first newcomer of the team. Experience more about ACFC at www.angelcity.com and follow the team on social media @weareangelCity.


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