iPhone 13 with LTPO technology and 120 Hz refresh frequency?

iPhone 13 with LTPO technology and 120 Hz refresh frequency?

According to the Korean website "The Elec", two out of four of the iPhone 13 models will be used next year (presumably the Pro models), OLED displays with LTPO technology with low power consumption, which the wayFor a refresh rate of 120 Hz ebnet.Does the iPhone 13 really come with LPTO technology and 120 Hz refresh frequency?

Samsung and LG continue to remain Apple's main suppliers

According to the report, Samsung and LG will remain on Apple's main suppliers of OLED displays that are expected to be used in the entire iPhone 13 product series.The Chinese manufacturer Boe also strives for some orders.The displays should be "more technologically demanding" in production than those used in the iPhone 12 models.

The LTPO technology would lead to a more energy-efficient rear wall board, which is responsible for switching on and off individual pixels on the display.This could in turn enable a refresh rate of 120 Hz for more fluid scrolling and gentler movements without affecting the battery life too much.Similar to the latest Apple Watch models, LTPO could also enable iPhone 13 models to constantly switch on display and contribute to a longer battery life.

While some rumors pointed out that iPhone 12 Pro models would support a refresh rate of 120 Hz, the analyst of the display industry, Ross Young, claimed exactly the opposite and found that the function in 2021 is added next to LTPO.IPAD PRO models have been supporting an update rate of up to 120 Hz by a function called promotion since 2017, which automatically adjusts the update rate depending on the content.A large number of Android smartphones also have 120 Hz displays.

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Always on display for iPhone?

The supply chain report from last month has increased the possibility that the flagship iPhones of next year could come with an always on display similar to the Apple Watch.A follow-up report suggests that the same screen technology could also enable promotion and 120 Hz.

Both reports indicate that LG offers the iPhone the same type of OLED panels that are currently being used in the Apple Watch Series 5.The last month's report explained that LG will produce LTPO screens for the pro-iPhone models of the next year.LG Display will increase the production rate of its OLED panel work lines (Organic Light Emitting Diode) for Apple.Theelec has learned that [...] Planting LG display to use thin -layer transistors (TFT) for polycrystalline low -temperature oxide (LPTO) [...].

Apple is probably planning to apply LTPO TFT to the Pro iPhone models that will come onto the market next year.So far, the TFT process has been used for polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) at low temperature.An Oxid TFT process is added to produce LPTO-TFT.LTPO panels enable variable update rates.If you reduce the refresh frequency to an extremely low rate, much less electricity is consumed.This enables the constant display of the Apple Watch Series 5.At the other end of the scale, the refresh frequency for ultra -reactive and liquid graphics could be increased to 120 Hz.An iPhone 13 with LTPO technology could offer many advantages over the iPhone 12 display!

iPhone 13 mit LTPO Technologie und 120 Hz Bildwiederholfrequenz?

A few warnings.First, this is not the first time that we hear rumors about a promotion display in the iPhone-the same rumors circulated via the iPhone 12 Pro, and of course they turned out to be wrong.Second: While an LPTO display opens the possibility of a constantly active display, this does not mean that Apple will also use this function.The Apple Watch Series 4 also has an LTPO screen, but the company had decided at the time not to donate it to it constantly on display.

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