iPhone 12 functions: You should activate these functions immediately!

iPhone 12 functions: You should activate these functions immediately!

Regardless of which iPhone 12 Model of Apple you get in your hands - you may be wondering which unusual new functions the iPhone 12 offers?These iPhone 12 tips will help you to discover the most important new functions of your iPhone 12.Even long -standing iPhone users may find some of the additions and improvements in the iPhone 12 useful.To help you get the best out of your new cell phone, you will find the iPhone 12 functions that you should check first, as well as the necessary measures to activate you.

iPhone 12 functions: activate 5G

The most important feature on the iPhone 12 is the support of 5G.You have probably already heard that 5G enables you to speed faster speeds and also streaming in higher quality.However, there are also a few things to consider before switching to 5G full -time.So the additional speed can affect the battery life of your cell phone.

Activate iPhone 12 - 5G

Simply open the settings on your iPhone

Go to the "Mobile Data" section and tap on "Mobile Data" there again.

There you can choose between three options: 5G by default or 5G if a compatible network can be found or 5G car, which is a smart data mode that only uses the faster speeds if it offers a real advantage.

iPhone 12 functions: Face ID

The iPhone 12 may be your first cell phone with Face ID.If you are not yet particularly familiar with the biometric authentication system, you could possibly encounter some challenges.For example, you may not yet know that certain sunglasses can affect the infrared cameras with which your face is recognized to unlock the phone and to check the mobile payment.

Activate iPhone 12 - Face ID

Go to settings

Face ID and Passcode

Deactivate "attention for facial ID"

In the future, the Face ID system no longer has to recognize your eyes to scan your face.Yes, that makes Face ID slightly less secure, but at least it saves you to lose your sunglasses constantly.

iPhone 12 functions: Image in picture videos

Fortunately, BILD in BILD Video function is one of the most manageable new features of iOS 14.If you know how to use image in picture videos, you can return to the start screen or another app when displaying videos in a supported app in a supported app.The video is displayed as a popup window in the corner of your screen.So it continues, even if you take care of other things.

iPhone 12: Use of iOS 14 image in picture

In most cases you can manually call image in image mode from a full screen video.However, in order to set the image in BILD as a standard, proceed as follows:

Start the settings

Go to the "General" section

And then to picture in the picture.

From there, activate the image in image automatically.

iPhone 12 functions: Apple Proraw

iPhone 12 Funktionen: Diese Funktionen sollten Sie sofort aktivieren!

The following only applies to iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max owner.The latest iOS update from Apple brings a new format for the iPhones of the Pro model.Apple RAW gives you more control over your photos with a new function called Apple Proraw.Apple allows you with Apple Proraw, more flexibility for processing exposure, color and white balance of photos.At the same time, the quality of the RAW format is retained.Remember that this function is really intended for those photographers who want to improve their pictures afterwards.Proraw pictures show about 10 to 12 times as much storage space as conventional JPEG images.Unfortunately, Apple Proraw is not available if you take in portrait mode, with live photos or as a video.

iPhone 12 functions for activating Apple Proraw

Aktivieren Sie das Format unter Einstellungen > Kamera

Activate the switch marked with "Apple Proraw" there.

Now you can activate the Proraw mode in the camera app by simply tapping the RAW key.

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