IOS 15 soon final: how to install Public Beta 8

IOS 15 soon final: how to install Public Beta 8

Editor Macwelt, Jason Cross

The eighth beta of iOS 15 was published.How to install the beta and what you need to consider.

How to enlarge the iOS-15 beta

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Update from September 1st: iOS 15 Public Beta 8 - The last before the release candidate

We will tell you further below in the article how you can install the latest iOS-15-Beta.Click here to jump directly to the instructions.

The new operating system for the iPhone (and also for the iPad) is on the home straight: Apple published the eighth beta of iOS 15 last night, at the same time the versions for registered developers and that for the public beta test.It may already be the last preliminary version that Apple calls beta, the next could be the release candidate, which ultimately flows into the final version.Needs towards the seventh beta are therefore not to be expected.Apple had promised the publication of iOS 15 for autumn, in all likelihood the group will present new iPhones in a good two weeks.Before this - with iOS 15 - will be on the market towards the end of September, iOS 15 should be published for everyone.

Update from August 26: iOS 15 Public Beta 7 brings iCloud private relay

The now seventh beta is there, and with a look at the latest software version "19A5337A" we can find that we are on the right track that the release of the final version is imminent.

In the seventh beta, Apple focused primarily on bug fixes, and large innovations have not been added.The performance has been improved as well as the battery life, and you can now use VPN apps again in the seventh beta.

Although it is not an actual change in functionality, Apple now says that iCloud private relay "is published as a public beta version to collect additional feedback and improve website compatibility".Private relay hides your IP address and browsing activities in Safari and protects your unencrypted internet data traffic, so that nobody-not even Apple-can see who you are and which website you visit.

iOS 15 beta 6: old safari is back

Apple apparently heard the complaints from users and has put up with some innovations in Safari.The controversial address line, which was positioned in the previous versions and hovered in the activated state via the content of the website, had received its fixed position.The usual buttons such as "step back", "share", "bookmarks" etc. are positioned underneath.The address line can still be minimized when scrolling, but this behavior can be switched off in the settings.Apple also left two options for users: In the settings for Safari in the "Tabs" area, you can switch from "Tab Bar" to the "Single Tab".The address line is positioned in the top of the screen, as is the case under iOS 14.

Apple is now clocking its iOS updates weekly, which means that the development is slowly coming to the home stretch.Apple has also deleted the support of SharePlay from the current beta, the function is delivered with the later updates.

iOS 15 beta 5: slight design changes

Apple released the next IOS 15 beta on August 11th.The public beta can be expected in the coming days.The changes include minor revisions of some program surfaces:

Icon of the weather app has changed something

Apple has removed estate contacts from the settings, but promises to implement them again in the later versions.A "estate contact" is a person who can adopt the iOS device or data on it after the owner has died.

Info board "This is new in ...", which appears in photos, cards and in the home app.

Under the "Switching off" controller, the indication that the device even when switched off via "Where is?"remains to be found.

iOS 15 bald final: So geht die Installation von Public Beta 8

iOS 15 Beta 4 brings further innovations for Safari

The fourth beta was rolled out by Apple for developers on July 28, 2021, the public beta is expected to follow in the next few days.

Apple continues to work on the redesign of Safari, even if the tab/URL bar is still on the bottom.You can now find a share button and a reload button on the bar and you can display bookmarks by pressing the URL bar for a long time.Ipados 15 now has the same safari improvements as MacOS, with an option in the settings to place tabs in a separate bar.

The support for Magsafe battery packages was added in Beta 4, which means that the version with iOS 14.7.

Shortcuts have a new campaign available: back to the start screen.

You can now choose whether you want to share your focus status with individual people in news.

Report of July 2, 2021: For July, Apple had promised the public betas of iOS 15 and iPados - and kept word.The group even made an early start, because the first public pre -versions appeared yesterday evening of our time together with the third developer previews of the upcoming operating systems for iPhone and iPad.Functions that Apple had presented on the WWDC have already appeared in previous betas, such as SharePlay for iOS 15 and the portrait dials in Watchos 8.

Reading tip: iOS 15: All innovations at a glance

iOS 15 public beta download

Participation in the public beta program is free of charge, you can register for iOS 15 at registration, you can load a profile on your iPhone (or iPad) that gives you access to the betas.

However, it is not mature software, errors can happen.It is therefore advisable to install the betas on a second device that is not constantly dependent on.If you do not have this, you should definitely create a backup before the beta installation so that you can return to the last stable version in the event of the case.

IOS-15-Beta load and install

Open the linked page with the beta program on the desired device

Register with your Apple ID

Accept the agreement between Apple and the volunteer tester

The "Start" section on the page that appears on it is available, where you click on the link "Register your iOS device"

In step 2 on the new website there is now the option of downloading the beta profile, either click on the "Load profile" button or call the link on:

Leave the download

Switch to the Settings app and install the downloaded profile, which appears right under your own Apple ID account in the "Profile loaded" tab.

Confirm the installation with the device's pass code.

The device is now restarting.

Then you can switch to the "Software updates" settings and download and install current beta like a normal iOS.

Developers registered with Apple always have an easy lead for pre -versions.If a system is completely new, as is the case with the WWDC every summer, it can be one week and longer, developers generally have one day accessed to point updates.In rare cases, only developers get a new beta version.