IOS 15: how to use Safari & APOs; s new tabs on iPhone, iPad and Mac

IOS 15: how to use Safari & APOs; s new tabs on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Over the past few years, Apple has put several hands on the Safari browser and recently added a download manager so that you can back up content from pages in the file app or cloud storage. In IOS 15, IPadOS 15 and MacOS Monterey, Apple cares about usability, design and order. The latter manifests itself in the form of the new tab groups that you can create, name, delete, or even synchronize in order to have the same pages opened on all your Apple devices.

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Basically, Tab groups offers you closed areas that should help you with the organization. For example, create a tabgroup on a specific topic such as your winter holiday while you & APOs; re taking your summer vacation or your everyday surfing in another group. Or separate a profession from private life. There are sufficient possibilities for the Tab groups.

Safari in IOS 15: how to use Tab groups on iPhone and iPad

After updating to IOS 15 or IPadOS 15, open Safari on your device. Tap the tab icon next to the address bar. You now see all your tabs in a clear grid. Below, Safari shows you how many websites or tabs you have opened. Tap it. Here are the several options to select-you can switch between your tab groups, activate private mode, or also create a "new empty tab group" or a "new tabgroup from X tabs".

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Select & quot; New empty Tabgruppe & quot; and give it a name to briefly describe the content. You can also change it afterwards. To do this, press your finger on the tab group and select & quot; rename & quot;. You can also delete them in this view or navigate through all tabs.

You can also move individual tabs from one group to another. To do this, press a finger on a tab in the tab grid and then select the & quot; move to tab group & quot; option where you can select the new group. Once in this view, you can also sort your tabs from here. You are available to "order tabs by title" and "order tabs by website".

MacOS Monterey: how to use Safari Tab groups on Mac

In general, the tab groups on the Mac work similar to the iPhone and iPad. They help you organize your Internet habits. But you call her a little differently. First open Safari on Mac and open the sidebar. You & APOs; ll find the symbol at the top left. Again, you can see the various options to create a new empty group or a new group of opened tabs. Be sure to forgive suitable names so that you can see the approximate content. By right-clicking on the tab, you can change the name later. To move a tab to another group afterwards, right-click on the tab and select the group to which you want to move it. The tabs and groups are finally synchronized across all your devices.

What do you think of the grouped tabs in Safari? Let & APOs; s know in the comments.

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