iOS 14.7 Update: These changes will be available for iPhone users

iOS 14.7 Update: These changes will be available for iPhone users



What is the current version of the operating systems for iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple devices?Here we inform about the latest updates, announcements and error loans in Germany.

All current Apple software updates at a glance:

iOS 14.7

Ipados 14.6

MacOS 11.4

Watchos 7.6

TVOS 14.7


Detailed information about the Apple Security Updates is available on the corresponding support website.

iOS 14.7: Overview of the changes

Apple has on 19.July 2021 The update for iOS version 14.7 provided for iPhone users for download.Before the next major jump toiOS 15 in autumn, Apple will deliver the last update foriOS 14.But what innovations and security updates holdiOS 14.7 ready?

This will be on iOS underiOS 14.7 Change


Support of the Magsafe Battery - applies to the following iPhone models after update toiOS 14.7: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

The HomePod timer can now be controlled with the home app from the iPhone.

The "Weather" and "Cards" apps will support information on air quality, but only in the following countries: Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea and Spain

New function in the Podcast app media library: In the future, between all podcasts or podcasts that you follow can be switched to.

Apple Music Troubleshoot: Missing option for sharing playlists, as well as a possible stopping the reproduction of Apple Music and Dolby Atmos.

Error disposal for iPhone-11 models: Change of battery change should now be reliably displayed again.

In addition, an error in the interplay of Apple Mail and Braille keyboards was removed.

iOS 14.5 und MacOS 11.3 Available soon: An overview of the changes


On 20.April 2021 there will be an Apple keynote in Apple Park in Cupertino, where new products and software versions are presented.The date happened by Siri, where the next Apple Special event was asked by voice input.In the context of this event, the exact release date will probably be announced by the two new software updates for iPhone and Mac.Both updates are initially available as beta versions for testers.

This will be on iOS underiOS 14.5 change

das iPhone kann nun durch eine Apple Watch mit Watchos 7.4 to be unlocked

Lied texts can be shared with third parties via the music app

Security updates can be installed separately from iOS updates

Battery evaluation with reduced battery performance

In addition, you can now choose between a male and female siri votes

There is now a horizontal boat screen on the iPad

Das sind die Änderungen beim neuen Betriebssystem MacOS 11.3

New sorting and print options in the memory app

Support for Xbox and PlayStation controller

Autoplay in Apple Music

iOS 14.3: What changes does the current update bring?


Since 14.December is the last version ofiOS 14.3 und Ipados 14.3 available for download.The new update affects Apple's Airpods Max, among other things, that only after installingiOS 14 after installingiOS 14.3 can be used in full.Here is a selection of further innovations, changes and error fixes:

Extended support for Airpods Max

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max now allow photos in the "Apple Proraw" format

Weather and Siri provide health recommendations for certain air quality values

Health app allows cyclical training and other entries such as use of contraceptives or breastfeeding times

Data protection information on product pages in the App Store

Troubleshooting with MMS messages, messages, app folders, wireless charging via Magsafe Duo

iOS 14: green dot, orange point - what do they mean?

A small but fine feature ofiOS 14 has already confused many users.Because the installation ofiOS 14 or iPad OS 14 two small, inconspicuous dots were inserted.They appear at certain times in the top right corner of the display.However, the reason behind it is simple and also helpful:

If a green dot appears, an active app uses the camera (and the microphone) at this time).

If an orange point appears, an active app uses the microphone at this time.






Users complain about battery problems withiOS 14: Apple recommends this

iOS 14: The current update at a glance

Since the last Apple Keynote from 15.September is the updateiOS 14 available for Apple users.According to your own statements, it should be one of the biggest adjustments in the history of the iOS operating system.

Homescreen, InfoCenter, app media library, more order for the apps, a translation app and a more subtle siri-we checked this and other highlights for your suitability in the following post.





IOS 14-Apple's new iPhone system software in the practical test

iOS 13.7: Download is now available

The latest update 13 is now.7 available for Apple users.With the current version, iOS gets an important feature in times of the Corona crisis: Because Apple and Google have further improved the interface, where the German Corona Warn app.This is particularly practical, since numerous countries do not yet have their own corona app.With the new update, contact tracking is now possible without a corona warning app.A similar function is available for Android devices.At the same time, the latest Update Ipados 13.7 Published for the iPad.

Away bringsiOS 13.7 with some other innovations, including:

Covering of smaller weaknesses and updating the security patch

New memoji stickers

iCloud drive folder can be shared using the “Files” app






Corona-Warn app will soon be unnecessary?Apple and Google install function

iOS 13.6: New Apple version is now available-this is new

Apple has the so-called “Golden Master” versions foriOS 13.6, ipados 13.6, TVOS 13.4.8 and Watchos 6.2.8 Released, developers and beta testers were able to test and use the final versions last week extensively.The official publication followed a little later and is now available for all other users.

With the update there are some new functions, including a “health diary” for the Health app or a reading function for news content.The Apple Carkey is also included-it makes the smartphone a digital car key, if only for selected automobiles (the beginning makes BMW).

The Corona Warn app was also partially fixed by the new update.ByiOS 13.6, for example, should be fixed the error around “region for contact reports”.

Apart from the new features, Apple also ensures the elimination of errors and problems.For example, the Corona interface is improved, and bugs in the Apple Music app are also remedied.Before the brand newiOS 14, the upcomingiOS 13.6 also the last larger update.

This is how the update works: IOS 13.6 zu installieren, steuern Sie über das Menü “Einstellungen / Allgemein” auf die Funktion “softwareupdate”.If the device is connected to the WLAN, the update can also be loaded automatically - then the automatic installation takes place overnight.

AppleiOS 14 und Ipados 14: Zweite Public Beta verfügbar

Nach der dritten Entwickler-Beta hat Apple nun die zweite Public Beta für iOS und Ipados 14 veröffentlicht.The new beta offers a few adjustments for users, for example on the icons and widgets.

If you want to participate in the beta program, you can register for a suitable device via the Apple website.This applies here: Since it is a beta, this is expected to contain errors - an installation on your main device takes place at your own risk.

Click here for Apple's beta registration.

iOS 14 and iPad OS14: Official announcement of the new update on the keynote

As part of the last keynote on the 2020 WWDC, Apple has introduced the upcomingiOS 14.The next operating system generation for the iPhone will initially be available for developers, but in July the first public beta should follow.The final release is planned for autumn.

During the keynote, Apple has already revealed plenty of details and new features, including:

Home screen with app library for quick finding apps

Widgets can be better integrated and used

Apps can be easily discovered in the app store

Small improvements: for example for the call display, for Siri, picture in pictures or a new translate function

Apple apps receive new functions, including the news app, Safari or Apple cards

Against tracking: permissions are stored in the app store

IOS 14 should be available for all iPhones from the iPhone 6s. Parallel soll auch das Ipados 14 veröffentlicht werden.

iOS 13.5.1: Important Apple update against Jailbreak UNC0ver 5

Apple has the update 13 relatively surprisingly.5.1 published for the iPhone.There are also corresponding updates for iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

According to the patch-notes, this is an important security update that refers in particular to the Jailbreak UNC0ver 5.This security gap is closed with the update.

Watchos 6.2.5 - New update available for Apple Watch

The last update in front of Watch OS 7 was launched by Apple.Watchos 6 contains new functions.2.5, however, rather, rather, it is a maintenance update that brings error corrections and performance improvements.

Who Watchos 6.2.5 has been updated, can also access new Apple watch diales.However, access is only possible if on the associated iPhoneiOS installed as a golden master.

IOS 13.5: public beta available, first insight into the new Apple update

The upcoming Apple update 13.5 is currently in the beta, so that some of the new functions are already known.IOS 13 is presented.5 expected in the coming weeks, presumably as part of the WWDC 2020.These are the most important features and extensions:

Bugfix through 13.5: Close the vulnerability in the Apple email app.

Expansion of health functions: SOS call, setting up an emergency passport.

COVID-19 warning as a new feature: "Covid-19 Exposure Notification" for tracing apps-authorities and other operators of corona apps should have the opportunity to inform users afterwards if they came into contact with infected personsare.

Support for breathing masks: If you wear a mask, you cannot currently unlock your iOS device by face-ID.The new beta version ofiOS 13.5 has integrated a function with which the user is immediately forwarded to PIN when identifying a mask through the camera.

IOS 13.4 and iPados 13.4: All innovations at an overview

iOS 13.4: iCloud-folder sharing

iOS 13.4 and iPados 13.4: Universal-Purchase function

Ipados 13.4: Mouse and trackpad support and keyboard shortcuts for the iPad

New memoji stickers, Anpassung von Standortdiensten und weitere Bugfixes

IOS 13.4: iCloud-folder sharing

The feature "iCloud-Folder-Sharing" originally intended foriOS 13 is now with theiOS 13.4 update delivered after.On the one hand, folders within the files app for other people can be released and managed.

On the other hand, rights can also be assigned.So you can decide who can make changes, who can upload, download files or only get it displayed.

iOS 13.4 and iPados 13.4: Universal-Purchase function

With the newiOS 13.4 update It will be possible to buy an app for mobile and desktop.Apple calls this possibility "universal-squeezing option".So far, customers had to visit two different app stores when buying and the same app.So is now over.

In addition, arcade games should now be able to be continued across devices.For example, if you have started a game on the Mac, you can continue playing on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV via arcade tab seamlessly.

Ipados 13.4: Mouse and trackpad support and keyboard shortcuts for the iPad

Ab sofort können iPads dank des Ipados 13.4 updates via mouse and trackpad can be operated.System navigation with multi-touch gestures with the appropriate periphery, such as the Magic Keyboard or the Magic Trackpad 2, should enable more precision.In addition, the cursor design was revised.Buttons such as app icons and elements in apps are now being emphasized more clearly.

New shortcuts also promise improved usability.The new key combinations allow a faster change between tabs and simplify the search for photos and the creation of photo albums.In addition, it is now possible to delete, duplicate and edit photos via shortcut in full screen mode.In addition, the short command app "Shazam IT" should also be created by your own shortcuts.

New memoji stickers, Anpassung von Standortdiensten und weitere Bugfixes

TheiOS 13 update has submitted,iOS 13.4 puts on: The memoji stickers are supplemented by nine new faces."Nine new Memoji stickers, including 'smiling face with heart', 'pressed together hands' and 'party face'" it says in the patch notes for the newiOS 13.4 update.

iOS 13.4 also seems to make adjustments to the location services.As soon as an app asks about the permission for the permanent use of the location location, the iPhone and iPad indicate the corresponding authorization request.Apple has been holding back halfway since the last update.The change in the location services introduced withiOS 13 still denied permanent access to the location and probably annoyed some developers.

According to Apple, there has been a mistake in the photo app so far, so that it took an unreasonable amount of storage space.This and other numerous mistakes were made with theiOS 13.4 update behoben.

You can also use all innovations and error fixes in the official Apple Patchnotees foriOS 13.4 update nachlesen.

Apple Watch Update: Watchos 6.1.3 is ready for download

The new Watchos 6.1.3 was published and should fix some critical mistakes.This also includes a particularly important adaptation for users in Iceland - notifications about irregular cardiac arrhythms were not sent to them.This partly vital function is now with Watchos 6.1.3 provided again.

Watchos 6.1.3: Apple gives the following statement to the update

iOS 14.7 Update: Diese Änderungen wird es für iPhone-Nutzer geben

“This update contains improvements and error deposits.Among other things, a problem was resolved in which communications with irregular heart rhythm for Apple Watch owners in Iceland did not work as expected.

Some functions may not be available in all countries or regions.You can find more information at: https: // availability/

Weitere Informationen zu den Sicherheitsaspekten von Apple-softwareupdates findest du unter: ”

The update Watch OS 5 was also published.3.5 that is intended for users who are currently still usingiOS 12 on their iPhone.

IOS 13.3.1: New Apple update is now available for registered developers

WithiOS 13.3.1 has been the ninth update since the release ofiOS 13 in the starting blocks.The Developer Beta is already available for registered developers download.The update is likely to be smaller overall, but will probably take care of known and still current mistakes, such as problems related to the mail app or the Bluetooth compatibility.

In parallel to the iOS beta for the iPhone, test versions of iPad OS 13 were also.3.1, Watchos 6.1.2, TVOS 13.3.1 and Mac OS Catalina 10.15.3 provided for developers.

IOS 13.3: This changes through the new iOS update

AtiOS 13.3 is a relatively small update that should close known security gaps in particular and eliminate errors.There are also adjustments to the child security settings.These are an overview of the changes:

Screen time: new child safety settings with other communication limits, for example for Facetime, "News" or for the phone itself.There is also a contact list for children with which legal guardians can manage the contacts displayed.

Several smaller error fixes and improvements.

Here you can do all changes foriOS 13.3 Read.

IOS 13.2.3: New update for iOS and iPad OS

Apple has released another update for the in -house operating systemiOS 13.Version 13.2.3 should mainly fix mistakes, such as problems with apps in the background.According to Apple, there are also some improvements that make the system search and search in the apps of mail, files and notes available again.The update should also display attachments such as links and photos.

You can find all changes in the official Patch Notes of Apple.

A new update for iPados is also available. Auch hier handelt es sich umVersion 13.2.3.According to Apple, it is the same correction instructions that also apply to iOS.

IOS update 13.2: Deep Fusion, new emojis and problems with HomePod

Owners of an iPhone 11 can look forward to massive emojis these days.With the new updateiOS 13.2 come almost 400 new ones, or.Updated emojis for Apple's youngest generation.New symbols in the areas of food, activities, animals, service aids as well as gender-neutral emojis and selectable skin colors for emoji couples are included.

Another innovation is the deep fusion function, which promises better image quality.More textures and details when taking pictures should be recorded.Likewise, there should be fewer image errors in poorer lighting conditions.Possible

Does that have the so -called neuronal engine.The camera takes up several images with different exposure at the same time and combines the highest quality image areas.In addition, the 13.2 Update The somewhat clumsy change of the video resolution.Where a detour via the setting had to be taken so far, this can be selected directly in the camera app after updating.

In addition,iOS 13.2 The HomePod will be able to distinguish several users based on their voice.The music reproduction of an Apple device should also be continued on the HomePod.However, there were occasional problems.Who has already withiOS 13.2 lets running, should avoid reset it.The smart loudspeaker can become unusable and may have to be sent to Apple.

In addition to the iPhone 11, as mentioned above, the updates also refer to the iPhone Pro and the iPhone Pro Max.

IOS 12.4.3: Update for old iPhones

Apple has the update toiOS 12.4.3 together withiOS 13.2 Published for current iPhone models.The former updates the older generations of Apple devices.More specifically, the update for the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the first iPad Air and for the iPad mini 2 and 3 as well as for the iPod (sixth generation).It should close some security gaps, so Apple recommends a corresponding update.

Old iPhones up to 5.11.2019 update: iPhone 5 and Co.Are affected

Der Apple-Support vermeldet, dass die software auf älteren Modellen des iPhones oder iPads aktualisiert werden muss, um Probleme bei Standorten zu vermeiden.Accordingly, it will be from the 3.November 2019 on some iPhone and iPad models from 2012 and older, it is imperative to install an important firmware update that corrects an error in the GPS functions.This is the only way after the 3.November 2019, all location functions are still usable.

The update for the iPhone 5 model is particularly important: otherwise there is a risk of failure of the internet functions with this device, which makes a later update even more difficult.

These devices are affected:

iPhone 5

iPhone 4S

iPad mini (1.Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + cellular (only CDMA models)

iPad (3.Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular

iPad (4.Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular

To be on the safe side, you should check your version number after the update.This should be with the iPhone 5 and iPad (4.Generation) WiFi + CellulariOS 10.2.4 loud.For all other devices of the above list, version number 9 must.3.6.mean.

Ipod touch devices or iPad models that only use WLAN are not affected by the problem.Even newer iOS devices than those listed above are not affected in their functions.

Attention:iOS 12.4 enables jailbreak

Apple recently presented the current updateiOS 12.4 ready for download.According to the iOS developer Ahmed Aldab.3 should be closed.The error makes it possible, among other things, to a jailbreak withiOS 12.4 to carry out.Only devices that have an Apple A12 chip are excluded, which applies, for example, to current devices such as the iPhone XS or XR.

The jailbreak community should be happy about the new mistake, but for other users the security gap can also be problematic.Because in combination with other tools and errors, it would also be possible to take advantage of the gap from a distance.It can therefore be assumed that Apple will soon be an iOS patch 12.4.1 will be available for download.

IOS 12.4 from now on: urgent updating against security gaps recommended

Apple has the current updateiOS 12.4 released.On the one hand, the patch is supposed to solve some serious problems, on the other hand, new functions are returning: including the migration assistant, with which data can be transferred directly and while configuration from one iPhone.So far, this was only possible through the online memory iCloud and a backup on it.

It is also available withiOS 12.4 An important security update related to the Walkie-Talkie app.The app apparently made it possible to have the iPhone acted as a kind of bug - Apple then switched off the service as a precaution, withiOS 12.4 The app now returns.

The new iOS update 12.4 is also highly recommended because Google's own hackers of the "Project Zero" recently discovered six heavy security gaps in the service.Natalie Silvanovich from Google has described the weak points here in more detail.

IOS 13 and iPados: first public betas published

Apple has released the first public beta versions ofiOS 13 and iPados.So far, the operating systems were only available for developers.If you have registered for the public test program at Apple, you will receive the update after the corresponding certificate has been installed.The final versions will be published together with new models in autumn 2019.

Important information for owners of older models:iOS 13 will only run on models from iPhone 6s or iPhone SE.There is also a limitation to newer models for iPados.Here the new operating system runs on the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, iPads of the fifth generation and iPad-Pro models in sizes 9.7, 10.5, 11 or 12.9 inches.

With the update of the operating systems, Apple primarily relies on a more stable and faster version ofiOS 12.These are innovations iniOS 13 and iPados:

Dark Mode: The darkening mode is available for the background and pre -installed apps.Apple provides an API for third -party apps that enables the Dark Mode to use.The Dark Mode should be more powerful and extend the battery life of the devices.

Photo app: Artificial intelligence should make photo management easier.Video processing has also been optimized and extended functions from the still image processing.

Download manager: For the first time, Apple is introducing its own download manager for the safari browser withiOS 13.The manager opens over a downward arrow that is located to the right of the address field.

NFC interface: The NFC interface is released for third-party providers.This can be used, for example, the online ID function, which has so far only been available for Android devices in Germany.So far, Apple had rejected approval for security reasons.

Audio sharing: In the future, music from an iPhone can also be played in parallel on another device-provided both users use airpods.

Camera app: The camera offers a more comprehensive portrait function for close-ups with depth elevation.There are also new lighting functions for black and white representations.

Health app: The Health app is to be extensively expanded.In addition, there is the function "listening health".In addition, the menstrual cycle should be better to track, for this, external apps such as Clue or Flo are integrated.

Remembrance app: The update introduces a new structure here: In the future, there will be four areas for tasks of the current day, all other, soon to give us particularly marked.

Card app: Frequently visited locations should be more likely to be specified.Places should also be added to a group.

Mail app: Individual conversations should be muted in the future.In addition, certain contacts should be blocked and the sorting of emails should be made easier.

Book app: A reward system is introduced that should encourage users to read more.

Home app: Control of the smart home should be improved.iOS 13 should enable security cameras to be integrated and displayed old recordings.

The "share" function should be improved.Users are made suitable suggestions, contacts with which data are often shared.

Mouse support for iPad: A corresponding mouse can be connected to the new iPad Pro via USB-C connection.

IOS 12.3.2: Only the iPhone 8 Plus is affected

On 10.June 2019 Apple has published an unscheduled update for the iPhone 8 Plus.It should remedy a mistake in the portrait mode: So far, the depth mode has not worked correctly, so that the foreground and background of the motif was not recognized and the background was not blurred. Das Update kann für betroffene iPhones in den Einstellungen unter Allgemein/software-Update gefunden werden.

IOS 13: Dark Mode could be shown on the WWDC

First pictures of the soon Dark Modes foriOS 13 have appeared.The Newsite 9to5mac published three examples of the dark mode, which it has received exclusively.The exact source is not known, so the pictures may still be met with skepticism.At Apple's WWDC 2019 developer conference, however, a first official view of the Dark Mode and the upcomingiOS 13 will be allowed to be thrown.

IOS 13: These older models are no longer supported

Supposedly somewhat older models should no longer be supported by the new iOS update 13.According to iPhonesoft.FR should no longer run on iPhone 5S, 6, 6 plus and se.On the other hand, the devices from iPhone 6S and 6S Plus should remain compatible.The iPad Mini 2 and the first generation iPad are also no longer supported.A specific statement by Apple itself is currently not yet available.

IOS 12.4: Apple Card is supported

IOS 12 was recently.3 Out to the users, now the first beta foriOS 12 is already.4 available.Among other things, this upcoming update should also prepare the introduction of the Apple Card.iOS 12.4 is available for all developers who participate in the development program.The beta version is currently not yet usable for public testers, but is expected to be available shortly.

IOS 13: The iPhone update is presented at the WWDC 2019

iOS 13 for iPhone and iPad is on 3.June 2019 presented at the WWDC.So far it has been the case that the function of the "Dark Mode" desired by users would be missing and would only be made available in a later update-after developer Max Weinbach, the XDA developmental scene is said to have decided on this, but the Apple Management should have decided to do soto make the function available from the start.The reason for this is supposedly the progress of the competition, in this case Samsung.The following tweet exists:

IOS update 12.2: New version is now ready

The latest version of the mobile operating software iOS for iPhones and iPads is now available.These are the most important new features:

• Playing I-Messages in higher quality.

• Support for Airpods 2: The update is absolutely necessary for use.

• Airplay: The integration of the AirPlay control for TV devices is improved in the control center and on the lock screen.

• The remaining guarantee of the device can now be viewed under Settings in the device information.

• New Animojis: iPhones and iPads with Face ID have four new Animojis (owl, wild boar, giraffe, shark).

• Screen time: The screen time on iOS devices has been further expanded.Users can now design their own plans for every day of the week and set individual app limits.

The new iOS update 12.2 is now available for download.It is almost 800 megabytes on the iPhone XR.

IOS 12.1.4: Group facetime continues to work correctly (update from 20.02.2019)

After the last security update, Google's VoIP service still doesn't work properly.Users report that the addition of other people to a group fails in part, since the corresponding button can no longer be used.Apple support has already reacted to the bug on Twitter, but it is not yet clear when the error will be fixed.

IOS subscriptions: subscription management on the iPhone from now easier (Update 16.02.2019)

So far, it has been relatively complex to access the management of the closed app subscriptions on the iPhone or iPad.Up to five clicks were necessary until the corresponding overview could be called up with termination option. DurchiOS 12.1.4 or. die Beta voniOS 12.2 There is now a separate menu item that makes the operation more intuitive and faster.To be found at: Appstore, click on "own icon", "Manage subscriptions".

IOS 12.1.4: New Apple update continues to cause problems (Update 08.02.2019)

Laut Futurezone soll das neuesteiOS 12.1.4 lead to some unsightly problems.Although it closes the critical FaceTime gap, it ensures: among other things for:

• Functional voice messages

• Photo errors

• E-mail problems

• Impaired performance in airpods and touchid

IOS 12.1.4.Available from now on (Update 7.2.2019)

In the evening of the 7.February 2019 has released Apple another update for iOS.The important security patch 12.1.4 is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac and eliminates a serious vulnerability in the VoIP service FaceTime. SobaldiOS 12.1.4 is installed, group calls are possible again via FaceTime. Außerdem berichtet Apple, dassiOS 12.1.4 Fixed another weak point in the live photo function of Facetime.

Apple'siOS 13 is planned for autumn (Update 4.2.2019)

While the last small update was only a few days ago, rumors about the next major updateiOS 13 are already loud.This is expected to be published in autumn 2019, even if the new iPhones of Apple are presented.It is believed that the upcomingiOS 13 could no longer be available for all iPhone devices.For example, the Israeli magazine "The Verifier" claims that the iPhone models iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone SE should no longer receive update and that Apple's support ends for these and all older devices.

How can you update iOS?

To update iOS on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, connect your device to a power source and connect it to the Internet via WLAN. Unter „Einstellungen“, „Allgemein“, „softwareupdate“ kann das neueste Update installiert werden.

The update is also possible via iTunes if you cannot update your device wirelessly.To do this, install the latest version of iTunes, connect your device to the computer and open iTunes.Under "Overview", "search for updates", "loading and updating" you are asked to enter your code and the update is installed.

What iOS version do I have?

The own iOS version can be looked up in the settings of the iPhone: "Settings", "General", "Info", "Version".

What is iOS?

iOS is the mobile operating system that is used on the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch.It was developed by Apple and was called iPhone OS on the iPhone or until 2010.Ipad OS on the iPad.After licensing the brand name from version 4, it was renamed iOS in June 2010.The two slightly different versions of iPad and iPhone were combined with it.The iOS operating system is also used for other Apple products with appropriate adjustments. So basiert zum Beispiel die Apple-TV-software darauf.

A special feature of iOS is that Apple uses the operating system exclusively on its own hardware - in contrast to competitions such as Android from Google.

All big iOS updates and versions at a glance

Since the very first publication ofiOS 1.1.0 In 2007 Apple made numerous updates available for the in-house operating system, including several so-called major updates.These expanded the range of functions, had an impact on the design or optimized the performance.All iOS major updates at a glance:

IOS 12 "Peace"

Im September 2018 folgte mitiOS 12 das bis dato aktuellste Major-Update.Apple focused on performance and stability, whereby older models also benefit from the patch.In the case of compatibility, all models were taken into account on whichiOS 11 also worked.A few new features have also been added, such as the screen time function, memojis, siri short commands or grouped messages.

IOS 11 "Tigris"

The updateiOS 11 had a primary impact on the iPad and was released in September 2017.In addition, the App Store was renewed, could play videos in the future and had new tabs for better navigation.Apps and games were now much easier to discover.A developer kit for Augmented Reality (AR) was also included in the scope of delivery.

IOS 10 "Whitetail"

In September 2016, Apple released one of the largest updates for the mobile operating system to date.WithiOS 10, not only numerous apps such as iMessage were improved and expanded, but also major changes to the photo app were made.This could now recognize faces and group sensibly.In addition, Siri was opened for third -party providers and developers, which was significantly effective on the range of functions.The portrait mode was added exclusively for the iPhone 7.

IOS 9 "Monarch"

IOS 9 did not deliver any major innovations and focused on small improvements.The highlights included the news app (not yet available in Germany) and night mode Night Shift.

IOS 8 "ocemo"

IOS 8 was published in September 2014 and, above all, brought smaller optimizations.Among other things, the Health app, the Quicktype keyboard and the TippS app were introduced.A little later Apple integrated the paid streaming service Apple Music.

IOS 7 "Innsbruck"

IOS 7 was particularly noticeable through a new look, which still serves as a standard to this day.Since then, minimalist app icons and a tidy design have been typical components of the iPhone look.The control center and airdrop were also new to rapid data transmission between people in the immediate vicinity.

IOS 6 "Sundance"

IOS 6 was released in September 2012 and partly provided many dissatisfied users.The reason for this was Apple's decision to replace the mature Google Maps with its own card app-however, it was still in its infancy and indicated numerous incorrect data.Otherwise, the update offered many minor improvements and also integrated the system app known as a wallet, with which a wide variety of tickets can be managed.

IOS 5 "Telluride"

With iOS 5, Apple delivered a big update in October 2011 that offered numerous new functions: for example the news service IMessage, the communication center, the newspaper kiosk or the voice assistant Siri.The connection to the iCloud was also a large milestone, with which documents, photos or backups could be saved in the cloud.

IOS 4 "apex"

IOS 4 introduced multitasking in June 2010: In the future.The video telephony using FaceTime was also new.To ensure more overview on the home screen, users were able to create folders for the first time.

IOS 3 "Kirkwood"

IOS 3 did it from the 3.June 2009 possible to copy or cut out texts.In the future, MMS and tethering were also supported (today known as a WLAN hotspot).Other important innovations were the first in-app purchases, the System search Spotlight and the recording of the iPhone using "Find My iPhone".

IOS 2 "Big Bear"

The first major update received the operating software from iOS 2.A crucial innovation was the introduction of the app store.The update iOS 2 published a few months later.2 The first emojis were introduced.

IOS 1.1.0 "Heavenly"

WithiOS 1.1.0 the iPhone started for the first time and appeared on 29.June 2007.iOS 1.1.0 added many of the standard functions such as messages, mail or calendar today.In addition, the iTunes Store was introduced - there was no app store like today.

IOS 1 "alpine"

IOS 1.0 is the first iOS version and was on 9.January 2007 completed.In fact, however, it was never published.

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