How do I create a website?

How do I create a website?

How do I create a website?

With everyone can create their own dream website

Websites or homepages are crucial for every small company or start-up these days.Current and future customers expect websites and are entitled to look good and are quick and intuitive.In this guide you will learn how to create a website from the start - a website that you will be proud of.

Are you ready to create your brand new and stunning website immediately?Simply select a website package that meets your requirements and you will bring your idea online in no time.

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How do I create my own website?

What does it cost to create a website?

What is important when creating a website?

How do I create my own website?

A website can be created in different ways.However, you need a domain and hosting for each option.

Program a website

You can create a website by programming it yourself.This has the advantage that you can set up your website exactly as you want and that there are no restrictions in development.Programming a website takes a lot of time and requires a lot of technical knowledge of what makes the option not very attractive for most people.

Create a website "free of charge"

On the Internet you will find some options with which you can create a website "for free".With these offers, however, you will always encounter certain difficulties.For example, you will not have your website on your own domain or advertising will be switched to your website.In the end, you will still pay for the homepage you wanted.Creating a professional website "free" is therefore not recommended.

Domains and hosting

A website cannot exist without a domain or without hosting.The domain is the address of your website and is necessary to bring visitors to your page.Always choose a name for the domain that fits your company or brand.

Webhosting describes the uploading of your website to a server.It is the storage space where your website and all your content are kept.The server is operated by the hosting provider and ensures that your website stays online and runs smoothly.

Create a website with a CMS

How do I create a website?

A CMS is a content management system and a tool to create and manage your website.The best and best known CMS is WordPress.Creating a website with WordPress can mean a steep learning curve for beginners, but due to its endless possibilities it is generally regarded as the best tool for building a website.At One.Com you can create a WordPress website and get started immediately thanks to our 1-click installation.WordPress is also the best option to create your own blog.

Create a website with a homepage kit

The simplest and fastest way of creating a website is with a homepage kit.Our homepage kit is a user-friendly tool that enables you to set up your own website at lightning speed.You can choose from over 140 templates to start.The homepage kit is the best option for people who want to create a simple website without spending a lot of time with it.

What does it cost to create a website?

You now know that you need a domain, a hosting package and a processing program to create a website.So the costs are the next logical question.It is not always clear what causes the creation of a website for costs and prices may differ.This is mainly due to the fact that hosting providers usually offer many different packages, which makes it difficult to make the right choice.

Email and websites

A new website can be ideally combined with a professional email address.The domain you choose for your website can also serve as your email address.All hosting packages from One.Com contained email hosting so that you can get in touch with your customers at any time professionally.Find out more about email hosting here.

The cost of creating a website depends, among other things, on the size of the website as well as on the desired functions and the tool that you use.A large website with many pages has higher technical requirements than a small website and therefore requires powerful hosting to work well.Personal websites usually have lower requirements and can therefore be set up cheaper.

Creating a website with a CMS or a homepage kit is not only the simplest type of website facility-it is also very cheap.It is often more practical to buy a domain, hosting and a homepage kit from a provider.Not all offer this option.To make it as easy as possible for you, one offers you with complete and cheap hosting packages everything you need to create a website.It doesn't have to cost more than a cup of coffee every month.

After you have created your website, there may be further costs for you, for example for online marketing.These costs are optional, but they could be worthwhile to direct more traffic onto their website.

What is important when creating a website?

Having a well -functioning website is very important for your company.Nowadays it is easy to create a website yourself.However, there are several things to consider in order to make your website a success.

Take into account the following aspects and you can start creating your own website immediately:

Create a visually appealing website.The design of your website is the first impression that visitor gets from your brand.A visually appealing website attracts visitors and is expected to be more successful than a badly developed website.

Simply design navigation on your website.Navigation on a website is important.Visitors who cannot find that, according to which they are looking for, are frustrated and will leave their website.The website should therefore have an easy -to -use menu and internal links to make it easy for visitors to find the desired page.

Make sure your website is responsive.Nowadays more and more people are moving through the Internet with their cell phones.So it is important that your website also looks good on mobile devices.Conveniently, the templates and WordPress themes from One already responsive.Our homepage kit also has a mobile device editor to ensure that your website looks great on every device.

Secure your website.It is important to protect your website against digital threats.This gives visitors a safe feeling and drastically reduces the risk that their website will be hacked.At One.Com we know how important a secure website is.All plans from us therefore include a free SSL certificate.

Offer good and interesting content.This is a must to bring more traffic to your website.A visitor will leave your website and will not return if the content is not interested in him.You should therefore always create good and appealing content, such as informative texts, beautiful pictures or fascinating videos.

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