"Grüner Pass" to print out yourself

"Grüner Pass" to print out yourself

If you do not always want to carry your paper vaccination pass, for example out of concern to lose it, you can instead request the so-called "Green Pass" (officially: "EU Digital Covid Certificate") as proof of covid-19 immunization.This is an EU-wide standardized document that proves the covid vaccinations carried out.

The much discussed “green pass” is therefore just a PDF document.An official app for iOS and Android has also been available since the beginning of July, in which this Zertfikat can be stored digitally and carried on the cell phone.

Handys signature required

To get to the "Green Pass", you first call the website health.GV.at on.On the home page.To the right of the picture, the "Login" link to the ELGA portal can be found.A click on it leads to a new page on which you have to log in by cell phone signature.

If you don't have a cell phone signature yet, you will find out in the help.ORF.AT articles "step by step to the cell phone signature", what the cell phone signature is, what it can do, why you need it and how to register.Young people aged 14 and over can already apply for their own cell phone signature.

Entry into the Elga portal

When registering using a cell phone signature, mobile phone number (without international area code) and signature password are required.Then the process must be confirmed in the cell phone signature app.

On the welcome page of the health portal you are greeted by name and find a direct link "Here you will use the green pass".

Last step: download "green pass"

After clicking on this, you will be forwarded directly to the vaccination, recovery and test certificates, which are valid as part of the "Green Pass".Since 20.June can be downloaded here as a PDF document here.To do this, just click on the vaccination certificate and the download starts.

Valid in the whole EU

The EU vaccination certificate applies to travel in the EU and differs from the previous Austrian vaccination certificate PDF in three points: it is equipped with a QR code.There is a separate EU vaccination certificate for every partial vaccination for download.And the EU vaccine certificates are not only labeled in German, but also English for better EU-wide comprehensibility.

According to the Ministry of Health, 3G proof is sufficient to carry the certificate through the second vaccination.

Save the "green pass" in app

With the official “Grüner Pass” app of the BRZ GmbH (Federal Rechenzentrum), the “Green Pass” can now be easily loaded onto your smartphone.To do this, you download the app on the cell phone, then scan the QR code of the Green Pass document of the last partial vaccination and then also get its data and the Green Pass QR code displayed in the app.

It is also possible to enter several evidence of vaccination.Parents can load the “green passes” of the whole family into their app.So you have the "green pass" for admission to the inn and hairdresser and when traveling faster digitally at hand.

„Grüner Pass“ zum Selberausdrucken

Vaccination proof PDF only valid in Austria

Continued to be valid, but only in Austria, the previous vaccination proof.Although this lists all preserved covid vaccinations, there is no QR code here.

Expression available free of charge in pharmacies

If you don't have a cell phone signature to get into ELGA, you can have the two "green pass" certificates printed free of charge in the A4 format pharmacy in the pharmacy.

The documents are also printed out free.

Parents can print “green pass” for children

In this way it is easiest to get to the "green pass" for your children, who usually have no cell phone signature yet.Pharmacies print this free of charge.

Children from the age of 14 can also apply for their own cell phone signature and then download their EU vaccine certificates themselves.In younger children (under 14 years), parents with their Elga login can represent the certificates of the youngsters.Here the so -called "login in representation with representation module".Details on health.GV.at.

Code via website “QR.GV.at “read out

The QR code of the "green passport" can be scanned at the national borders within the EU, gastronomy and other service providers and thus enables a quick check of the validity of the document.

Austrians can also use the website “QR.GV.at “read out.If a green checker (and no red cross) appears after scanning, the 3G ID card works and can be used to present in the swimming pool, in the catering or when traveling.

Beate Macura, Help.ORF.at


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